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Moons Over Seattle
Episode Details

Written by: Bob Daily

Directed by: Sheldon Epps

Original US airdate: 21st May 2002

Original UK airdate: 24th May 2002

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Gertrude Moon .... Millicent Martin
Harry Moon .... Brian Cox
Guest Cast
Henri .... Jarion Monroe
Man In Bar .... Joseph Sikora
Barfly No.1 .... Christopher Shea
Barfly No.2 .... Ian Patrict Williams
Barfly No.3 .... Jamieson K. Price
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Niles is still in England trying to convince Mr Moon that he should come to Seattle with him and reconcile with his wife. Mr Moon responds again by throwing him out of the pub again, but when Niles introduces himself as Daphne's fiancee and says she is desperately unhappy that her father won't be at her wedding to give her away, he relents. When they arrive in Seattle, Niles introduces Mr Moon to his father and brother, but Niles also has a favour to ask Martin - he believes that Mr Moon may be more willing to get back with his wife if he thought someone else was interested in her. Martin refuses at first but agrees when Niles says that if they get back together, she'll be going back to England. So Martin makes out that he is interested in Mrs Moon, but Mr Moon doesn't seem too bothered by it.

Daphne and her mother arrive back from Hawaii, with Mrs Moon in as good a mood as ever. Both of them, however, are shocked when Mr Moon makes an appearance - Daphne is overjoyed, but her mother storms out saying she never wants to see him again. Daphne's mood soon changes though when Niles tells her how he got his father to Seattle, saying she would have never interfered, but Niles manages to convince Mr Moon to stay one more night in a hotel. The next day, Niles decides to take Mr and Mrs Moon to a restaurant in the vain hope of reconciling them - it seems to be going well, but when Niles pops out to get a bottle of champagne, he comes back to face Daphne's parents, at each other's throats and being restrained with their table on fire. As Mr Moon prepares to fly back to England, Daphne finally accepts her parents will never get back together, but her father tells her to hang on to Niles. So Daphne goes over to Niles' apartment and tells him she wants to marry him not in a few months but right this minute........ Meanwhile, Roz fills out a comment card rating Frasier's performance in bed that causes Frasier some consternation.

Episode Title Cards
  • 1:57 PM Manchester Time

Episode Highlights

- Niles is trying to convince Mr Moon to fly back to Seattle with him:
Mr Moon: I can't have you buy me a first class ticket all the way to Seattle!

- Roz has filled out a comment card rating Frasier in bed:
Roz: As you can see, I will recommend you to friends and family members.

- Frasier goes to get Mr Moon a beer:
Mr Moon: Get a man a beer, he drinks for five minutes - show him where they are, he drinks all day!

- Niles tries to convince Mr Moon to stay in Seattle another night:
Mr Moon: I can't let you buy me a suite in a five star hotel!

- Frasier explains he wants to improve his performance in bed, after Roz has given him 4 coffee cups out of 5:
Frasier: My committment to sexcellence, if you will.
Roz: You just lost a cup.

- Roz can recall that Sting was on Letterman that she overheard on the TV while she and Frasier were having sex:
Frasier: I'm glad that my woefully inadequate performance didn't distract you from your ecology lesson (!)

- Henri from 'Chez Henri' call Frasier after the Moons public brawl:
Frasier: Henri, you can't ban me from your bistro - it's my chez away from chez.

- Mr Moon liked the hotel Niles put him up in:
Mr Moon: The towels were so fluffy, I could barely close my suitcase!

Frasier Online Episode Review

The Season 9 finale and certainly an improvement on the previous episode which this one continues the story of. I thought that Brian Coz as Mr Moon was rather good - there were some great laughs from the way he tried to con and connive his way through everything, although Mrs Moon was as irritating as ever. The scene in the restaurant was also quite fun as Niles goes outside of the bistro for a moment and comes back in to a brawl between Mr and Mrs Moon, while using a comment card for Roz to rate Frasier in bed was rather inspired even if it only produced one great moment: when Roz can tell Frasier exactly what was happening on Letterman from the TV in Martin's room while they were having sex. This leaves us with another moderately enjoyable epiosde, and the ending where Daphne told Niles she wants to marry him right now was rather good and sets up a promising opener to Season 10 (10! Can you believe it!)

Only the whole though, while an improvement over Season 8, this Season still seemed some way off from 'Frasier' at it's peak, with a few too many deeply average episodes and some some boring and at times desperate plot lines (I'm thinking Roz's relationship with Roger, and having Frasier and Roz sleep together). Sadly, it was also the last season that Channel 4 broadcast in it's traditional Friday night at 10pm slot as the show would find itself shunted to Monday nights for Season 10 and Wednesday nights for Season 11 at ever later timeslots - a move that would see the shows audience diminish even further in the UK.


74 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 85.0%
Total Number of Reviews: 4

The elusive fifth cup, May 21, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Moons Over Seattle" is, like all "Frasier" season finales, heavier on plot than laughs and at this point, I'm torn about how I feel. A part of me dislikes the emphasis on the elder Moons' relationship. Given the decision NOT to send Gertrude back to England, why make her be the focus of the episode? No disrespect to Millicent Martin, who puts in a beautiful portrayal of the character this week, or to the divine Brian Cox who sadly and inexplicably was never invited back in his role as Daphne's drunken-but-doting father. Yet, I just felt that the episode's focus was pulled in too many directions.

However, that was my first impression. On rethinking it, I'm starting to come around. Moreso than any other season (although season 7 was the clear inspiration), the ninth "Frasier" outing chose to explore the characters over the course of a whole year. Martin got a new job, Frasier went statewide, Roz fell in love, and Daphne and Niles faced engagement but also the tyranny of Mrs. Moon. While not everything worked as it perhaps should have (it still feels like Daphne leaves at the Crane residence, and Roger could have appeared in one or two more episodes to really drive home the power of the relationship), it was an admirable attempt. The focus on the Moon family actually brings Daphne into sharp relief. I've been more impressed with the character this year than I remembered from previous viewings. Some of the writers clearly remember the quirky thing she used to be, and they've done a good job of shading in how she became who she is. Daphne's increasingly aggressive protestations to Niles make perfect sense as we come to know her parents... which makes it a neat structural twist when her father provides the revelation about how wonderful Niles is. Where last season's "cliffhanger" (Frasier pondering his feelings for two women) seemed both forced and accidentally anti-climactic, this one is born from character and gives further life to characters at that. Martin, Cox, Hyde Pierce and Leeves all deserve praise for their fiery performances.

Meanwhile, Frasier and Roz have a surprisingly light ending to the season after having held up the emotional foundations for the last few episodes. Still, the idea of marking one's sexual performance on a customer feedback card is very funny and a natural source for this show's penchant for double entendre. Frasier searching for the sexual "fifth cup" makes sense, as does the humbling revelation that Roz so specifically remembers what was playing on Letterman. A surprisingly low-key finish to a major character development, but this is probably for the best. It reminds us of how well Frasier and Roz sit as friends, and lets the season end with a quiet but dignified manner.

Rating: 82%


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