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Frasier Online - Viewer Episode Reviews and Ratings
Frasier Online: Viewer Episode Reviews and Ratings

Here at Frasier Online you now have the chance to make your voice heard as you have the opportunity to submit a review of every single 'Frasier' episode, and give it a rating too. This will enable us to build up a complete picture of the show from a fan and viewer perspective, and help to compile the list of what 'Frasier' fans consider to be their 'ultimate' episodes.

Click here to see the current breakdown of how viewers have rated 'Frasier' episodes

Follow these simple steps to add your own review:

Step 1

Find the episode you want to review - To do this use the Episode Guide to find the episode you want, and then click on the button which will take you to the page to write your review. Alternatively, click on the 'Write your own review' link at the bottom of any episode capsule in the 'Viewer Episode Reviews' section.

If you have no idea what the episode is called, and can't find it on the Episode Guide pages, then either ask politely for help on the forum or send me a message via the Contact page.

Step 2

Once you have found the episode and clicked on the button, you will be taken to the review page for that episode. Here you will find all the other reviews other viewers have written so far, and the overall average rating for the episode. Click on the 'Write an online review' link and you will be taken to the page where you actually write your review.

Step 3

Fill in all the required fields for submitting a review:
- Review Title
- Your review (up to 5000 characters)
- Your name (doesn't have to be your actual name, perhaps your online handle)
- Where abouts in the world you live (London, Manchester, Sydney, etc...)
- The percentage rating you want to give the episode, with 100% being the best

Then press the 'Preview your review' button to see how you review will look once submitted. Please read through it again and use the Edit button if notice any obvious spelling mistakes for example. Once you are happy with it, press the 'Save' button and your review will be submitted for approval, and once it has been approved will appear along side all the other submitted reviews.

Happy reviewing!