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Frasier Online Episode Guide - Season 9


Episode 9.01 - Don Juan In Hell

Mini Synopsis: A one hour special sees Frasier is still torn between Claire and Lana, and struggling with what to do, finds himself battling with his sub conscience over why he can't have a good relationship with a woman - which takes the form of Lilith, Diane, his mother and every woman he's dated.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 72.9% (9 Reviews)

Episode 9.02 - The First Temptation Of Daphne

Mini Synopsis: Daphne accidentally sees the notes of one of Niles' patients, and discovers she is infatuated with him. Niles plays down it's significance but Daphne decides to find more about this woman. Meanwhile, Frasier is being driven up the wall by a cricket leading he and Martin to try and catch it.

Avg. Viewer Review: 75.5% (8 Reviews)

Episode 9.03 - The Return Of Martin Crane

Mini Synopsis: Martin returns to work for the first time since he was shot with a job as a security guard, bringing back memories of his last day at work. Meanwhile, Frasier, Niles, Roz and Daphne all argue over who has to walk Eddie.

Avg. Viewer Review: 80.4% (5 Reviews)

Episode 9.04 - Love Stinks

Mini Synopsis: Roz finds it hard to reconcile her feelings for her new boyfriend with the fact that he is a garbage man. Also, Frasier finds grafitti on the men's room wall portraying him as a snob, so throws a party for the KACL staff to try and prove them wrong.

Avg. Viewer Review: 71.1% (8 Reviews)

Episode 9.05 - Room Full Of Heroes

Mini Synopsis: Frasier throws a Halloween party with a difference - everyone has to come dressed as their hero, so we get Frasier as Sigmund Freud, Daphne as Elton John, Roz as Wonder Woman, Martin as Joe DiMaggio and Niles as Martin! However, things take a nasty turn when, thanks to some alcohol, Niles speaks his mind a little too freely.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 85.0% (11 Reviews)

Episode 9.06 - Bla-Z-Boy

Mini Synopsis: Martin and Frasier celebrate the eight anniversary of Martin moving in, but tensions between them rise when Martin spills some oil on Frasier's carpet, followed by Martin's chair accidentally getting set on fire and pushed off the balcony. How will they heal the rift in their relationship....?

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.1% (11 Reviews)

Episode 9.07 - The Two Hundreth

Mini Synopsis: It's Frasier's 2000th radio show, and is graced by a special appearance from Seattle's other wunderkind - Bill Gates! However, Frasier discovers that his collection of all of his shows on tape has one missing, leading to an appeal on his show for an ardent fan who may have a copy. This leads to a meeting with big Frasier fan, Tom .......

Avg. Viewer Review: 70.0% (3 Reviews)

Episode 9.08 - Sharing Kirby

Mini Synopsis: After finding out Kirby is going out with a relative of a wine collector with a renowned wine cellar, Frasier and Niles try to arrange a trip to see it but after learning that only one of them can go, the two brothers start to bribe Kirby to get him to choose them. Meanwhile, Martin has been put on a low fat diet and is none too happy about it.

Avg. Viewer Review: 75.0% (3 Reviews)

Episode 9.09 - Junior Agent

Mini Synopsis: Frasier is being beaten in the ratings by a new radio doc who is far more explicit in what he discusses, but is unhappy about Kenny's refusal to promote his show. Going to see his agent Bebe Glazer, she informs him that she is passing the task of managing his career to her junior agent - her assistant turned agent Portia! Frasier refuses to let her be his agent but her persistence may change his mind....

Avg. Viewer Review: 70.8% (4 Reviews)

Episode 9.10 - Bully For Martin

Mini Synopsis: Frasier is shocked after he hears his father being berated by his new bully of a boss. Martin doesn't want any help, but Frasier decides to take things into his own hands and talk to the bully's son. Also, Roz just can't stop going on about her new love Roger.

Avg. Viewer Review: 73.4% (5 Reviews)

Episode 9.11 - Mother Load Part 1

Mini Synopsis: Just after Niles and Daphne agree to move in to gether, they have to postpone it as Daphne's parents are coming and her mum still thinks she's a virgin. Also, Frasier goes to war with his upstairs neighbour Cam Winston and gets more than he bargained for.

Avg. Viewer Review: 80.0% (3 Reviews)

Episode 9.12 - Mother Load Part 2

Mini Synopsis: After discovering Daphne's father has left her mum, she hopes her children will take care of her. However, Simon scarpers to California - leaving Daphne the thankless task of looking after her mother. But will she want to stay after Daphne finally stands up to her about her sex life ......

Avg. Viewer Review: 74.7% (3 Reviews)

Episode 9.13 - Juvenilia

Mini Synopsis: Frasier tries to increase his audience in the youth market by agreeing to appear on a teen oriented talk show. Despite being confident he can handle it, the tables are turned when they dredge up every event from his past - it seems that only Kirby can help him get out of this mess. Meanwhile, Niles tries to be more spontaneous in showing his love for Daphne and Martin tries to play down his affection for a female security guard.

Avg. Viewer Review: 76.0% (5 Reviews)

Episode 9.14 - The Proposal

Mini Synopsis: Niles is planning the perfect evening in which to asks Daphne to be his wife, and so after choosing the ring and composing the speech, he has to get Daphne's mom out of his apartment. So he asks his father to take her out on a date - and that's where it all starts to go wrong.

Avg. Viewer Review: 81.7% (7 Reviews)

Episode 9.15 - Wheels Of Fortune

Mini Synopsis: Frasier's brother-in-law, Blaine Sternin, arrives to the horror of Frasier who has suffered at the hands of his money-making scams just once too often. Blaine claims he is a changed man, but what will it take to convince Frasier ....?

Avg. Viewer Review: 80.1% (7 Reviews)

Episode 9.16 - Three Blind Dates

Mini Synopsis: Roz, Daphne, Niles and Martin take pity on Frasier's loveless situation, and so Daphne and Niles set him up with a book store owner, Roz with an artist, and Martin with a pretty young thing from the office he works at. Suffice to say, none of them go well but fate plays it's part when he finally meets someone he likes.

Avg. Viewer Review: 80.2% (4 Reviews)

Episode 9.17 - War Of The Words

Mini Synopsis: Frederick has made it through to the National Spelling Bee final, but when he is accused of cheating, spelling becomes the new boxing.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 68.9% (15 Reviews)

Episode 9.18 - Deathtrap

Mini Synopsis: The Crane's childhood home is on the market, and so Frasier and Niles go to have a look at it one last time. They remember they buried a box of mementos beneath the floorboards, but as well as this, they also dig up something far more sinister - a skull......

Avg. Viewer Review: 70.4% (5 Reviews)

Episode 9.19 - The Love You Fake

Mini Synopsis: Frasier and Cam Winston are still at each other's throats, so when Cam's mother and Martin meet they agree to pretend to be in love to get their son's to reconcile.

Avg. Viewer Review: 83.1% (10 Reviews)

Episode 9.20 - Cheerful Goodbyes

Mini Synopsis: Frasier, Niles, Daphne and Martin are in Boston to hear Frasier give a speech when he bumps onto Cliff Clavin at the airport, who invites everyone to his retirement party where they all get to meet Norm, Carla and some of the rest of the gang from 'Cheers'.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 84.4% (7 Reviews)

Episode 9.21 - Frasier Has Spokane

Mini Synopsis: Frasier is excited at a radio station in Spokane picking up his show - to the extent that he does his show from there. However, the local residents are none too pleased that someone has replaced a longtime Spokane radio institution, and don't make things easy for Frasier.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 76.4% (8 Reviews)

Episode 9.22 - The Guilt Trippers

Mini Synopsis: It's Daphne's birthday and Niles has given her a wonderful trip to Hawaii for he and Daphne. However, Daphne's sadness at not having her father to give her away spurs Niles on to look for her father in Britain while Daphne and her mother head for Hawaii. Also, Frasier's relationship with Roz takes a complicated and unexpected turn.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 76.0% (8 Reviews)

Episode 9.23 - Moons Over Seattle

Mini Synopsis: Niles succeeds in bringing Mr Moon to Seattle but doesn't seem to want to get back with Mrs Moon, so Niles decides to dangle Martin as a possible love rival in the hope he will change his mind.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 85.0% (4 Reviews)