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Frasier Online Episode Guide - Season 10


Episode 10.01 - The Ring Cycle

Mini Synopsis: Niles and Daphne get married by themselves in Reno but their joy evaporates when Frasier and Martin are desperate not to miss their wedding so they arrange to get married again, but Daphne's mother wants it to be in a church which means a third marriage ceremony is in the offing......

Avg. Viewer Review: 79.9% (7 Reviews)

Episode 10.02 - Enemy At The Gate

Mini Synopsis: Frasier is driving Niles into town and pulls in to a parking garage, but when he realises he has 15 minutes before his show starts he leaves immediately but the garage attendant says he still owes $2. Thus begins a standoff at the exit to the garage that will test Frasier's willingness to stand by his principles to the limit..... Meanwhile, Daphne prepares to leave Frasier's apartment for the last time.

Avg. Viewer Review: 79.3% (14 Reviews)

Episode 10.03 - Proxy Prexy

Mini Synopsis: Frasier persuades Martin to run for condo board president but using Frasier's ideas - a puppet candidate, in other words - in return for getting wider parking spaces. However, when Frasier re-negs on this agreement, Martin feels he can succeed without Frasier's help and decides to do things his own way - much to Frasier's annoyance......

Avg. Viewer Review: 78.7% (3 Reviews)

Episode 10.04 - Kissing Cousin

Mini Synopsis: Roz's cynical and opinionated younger cousin, Jen, arrives in town, and begins to drive Frasier up the wall with her opinions about everything. Roz is also forced to be a 20 year old again to keep up with her but it's Kenny upon which she has the most impact.

Avg. Viewer Review: 72.8% (8 Reviews)

Episode 10.05 - Tales From The Crypt

Mini Synopsis: Frasier vows revenge on Bulldog after he plays a prank on him, but both Martin and Roz think the very elaborate prank he comes up with will fail. Meanwhile, Mrs Moon wages a prank war with a kid who throws eggs at Niles' door for forgetting to buy Halloween candy.

Avg. Viewer Review: 84.2% (5 Reviews)

Episode 10.06 - Star Mitzvah

Mini Synopsis: Frasier wants to give Frederick's Bar Mitzvah blessing in Hebrew so Noel agrees to help in return for Frasier obtaining Scott Bakula's autograph at a Star Trek convention. However, Frasier fails and Noel takes his revenge by translating his blessing into Klingon....

Avg. Viewer Review: 90.9% (11 Reviews)

Episode 10.07 - Bristle While You Work (1)

Mini Synopsis: Frasier is persuaded to hire an unsuitable replacement housekeeper by Martin as she knows about sports but her appalling attitude to work means that Martin has to cover up for her by doing the work himself. Meanwhile, Niles has a lingering toothache that he believes is symptomatic of something more serious.

Avg. Viewer Review: 75.8% (5 Reviews)

Episode 10.08 - Rooms With A View (2)

Mini Synopsis: Niles undergoes heart surgery while Frasier tries to keep everyone calm by learning everything about the procedure. Roz tries to console a terrified Daphne while the whole family recalls their own memories of their time in hospital.

Avg. Viewer Review: 87.9% (17 Reviews)

Episode 10.09 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (3)

Mini Synopsis: Niles annoys everyone by constantly harping on about his near death experience, but even after the doctor gives him the OK he insists on sticking to his post operative diet and not having sex with Daphne. Frasier refuses to step in due to a pact he made with God just before his operation but thinks there's a way out after learning of a similar pact that Daphne made.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 77.7% (3 Reviews)

Episode 10.10 - We Two Kings

Mini Synopsis: Frasier and Niles argue over where to hold their Christmas celebrations, an argument that leads to Martin deciding to work on Christmas Day. This forces the Crane boys to come up with an alternative Christmas and decide to swicth the fake presents under the tree at Martin's place of work with the Crane's real presents to surprise him on Christmas Day - a plan that has unforseen consequences.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 76.8% (4 Reviews)

Episode 10.11 - Door Jam

Mini Synopsis: Frasier and Niles discover they have been left out of the loop about an exclusive new spa in Seattle, so head on down to try it out. Once they get past the receptionist, they are very happy until they discover there is an ultra exclusive gold level. Roz calls in a favour to get them into the gold level and they think it's heaven until they discover a platinum door.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 80.3% (10 Reviews)

Episode 10.12 - The Harassed

Mini Synopsis: KACL hires financial analyst Julia Wilcox to give stock market updates in the last 10 minutes of Frasier's show. She soon begins to annoy everyone but Kenny wants everyone to treat her with kid gloves as she sued her last station for wrongful termination. Frasier tries to reach out to her but during a heated argument Frasier thinks Julia is coming on to him causing Julia to run off in disgust. This leads to everyone having to attend a sexual harassment seminar.......

Avg. Viewer Review: 79.5% (4 Reviews)

Episode 10.13 - Lilith Needs A Favor

Mini Synopsis: Lilith flies into Seattle to ask Frasier a favour - she wants to have another baby with Frasier! He is a little taken aback at first, but eventually agrees. However, down at the fertility clinic, he begins to have second thoughts as he realises their new child may inherit all their worst traits....

Avg. Viewer Review: 77.2% (4 Reviews)

Episode 10.14 - Daphne Does Dinner

Mini Synopsis: Niles wants to throw a party to celebrate the unveiling of a new painting he has just bought, but Daphne suggests she co-host the party instead of his brother. Being left out in the cold leaves Frasier extremely upset, but things start to go wrong when Alice draws on the painting. This is swiftly followed by Daphne burning the hens she's cooking, forcing her to call in Frasier's help - which he agrees to as long as Niles doesn't see him....

Avg. Viewer Review: 87.9% (9 Reviews)

Episode 10.15 - Trophy Girlfriend

Mini Synopsis: Niles dumps Frasier for someone else in their squash tournament, leading to Frasier teaming up with PE teacher Chelsea Gray in the mixed doubles. After winning the tournament, they begin dating but after seeing her berate one of the kids in her class, Frasier begins having flashbacks to his hated PE teacher Coach Fuller.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 66.6% (7 Reviews)

Episode 10.16 - Fraternal Schwinns

Mini Synopsis: KACL organises a bike-a-thon for AIDS research, but Frasier only wants to give a donation to it until Julia convinces him to take part. Daphne then suggests she and Niles should take part, but there's only one problem: Frasier and Niles never learnt how to ride a bike. When Daphne finds this out, she tries to help them learn but discovers it isn't easy.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 88.8% (6 Reviews)

Episode 10.17 - Kenny On The Couch

Mini Synopsis: Kenny is feeling depressed after his divorce is made final so Roz convinces Frasier to counsel their boss. Frasier enjoys seeing patients privately again, but Kenny decides to call off seeing Frasier after enjoying going to McGinty's with Martin much more - which leaves Frasier somewhat shocked and dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Niles discovers that Daphne is more limber at yoga that he is.

Avg. Viewer Review: 74.0% (3 Reviews)

Episode 10.18 - Roe To Perdition

Mini Synopsis: Frasier and Niles' social standing increase dramatically after they get their hands on some exquisite caviar at a knockdown price from a rather shady Russian supplier - and all their friends are willing to trade all number of gifts in exchange for some. Desperate to get some more, the Crane brothers head down to the ship where the supplier gets his from but US Customs are hot on the trail.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 91.0% (8 Reviews)

Episode 10.19 - Some Assembly Required

Mini Synopsis: Frasier helps the KACL team build a house for the charity 'Housing for Humanity' but seems to think he played a far more important role than he did, and that this involvement gives him the right to give the new residents his advice on how they should decorate it. Meanwhile, Mrs Moon gets a job at Cafe Nervosa, and Martin and Eddie are a hit giving a safety talk at a local school.

Avg. Viewer Review: 62.7% (3 Reviews)

Episode 10.20 - Farewell Nervosa

Mini Synopsis: Frasier and Niles are forced to seek a new coffee house after the cafe hires a loud and annoying folk singer to entertain customers. At one of their newly found haunts, Frasier discovers that Julia is having an affair with a married man - his accountant Avery!

Avg. Viewer Review: 73.2% (6 Reviews)

Episode 10.21 - The Devil And Dr Phil

Mini Synopsis: Frasier meets up with an old friend of his, Dr Phil - now a daytime chat show king - and is surprised to learn that his former agent, Bebe Glazer, has been Dr Phil's agent for the past year, and seriously considers returning to Bebe's clutches. She, however, doesn't just want to get him back - she wants to seduce him too......!

Avg. Viewer Review: 68.7% (6 Reviews)

Episode 10.22 - Fathers And Sons

Mini Synopsis: Frasier and Niles are paid a visit by their mother's former research assistant, Leland Barton, and Roz is surprised at the similarities between Leland and the Crane brothers - so much so that she wonders if Leland could be their father. She mentions this to Martin who begins to wonder the same thing too!

Avg. Viewer Review: 91.1% (8 Reviews)

Episode 10.23 - Analyzed Kiss

Mini Synopsis: A depressed Julia turns to Frasier for support after she and Avery break up but he is surprised when the pair of them end up kissing. Julia tries to avoid Frasier for the next few days but finally Frasier manages to make Julia see she is ready for a date. Meanwhile, Roz goes for a job interview as program director for a rival station......

Avg. Viewer Review: 67.0% (3 Reviews)

Episode 10.24 - A New Position For Roz

Mini Synopsis: Roz tries to train Noel as Frasier's producer as she prepares to leave KACL but she becomes increasingly concerned at how close Julia and Frasier are becoming leading Roz to confront Frasier and ask him to choose between her and Julia......

Avg. Viewer Review: 59.6% (5 Reviews)