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Frasier Online Episode Guide

The Frasier Online Episode Guide is made up of episode capsules for each individual episode.

All the episode capsules contain a title, writer(s), director, first US and UK screening dates, a synopsis of the plot together with a selection of the highlights of the episode, as well as a review and rating by the Frasier Online webmaster Stuart Lee.

Use the links below, or in the quick link column to the right, to visit the Season Guide pages which list each of the episodes in that season.

Season 2

Episodes include:
The Matchmaker
Roz In The Doghouse
Daphne's Room
The Innkeepers

Season 3

Episodes include:
She's The Boss
The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl
You Can Go Home Again

Season 4

Episodes include:
The Two Mrs Cranes
Mixed Doubles
Dad Loves Sherry, The Boys Just Whine
Are You Being Served?

Season 5

Episodes include:
Perspectives On Christmas
The Ski Lodge
First Date

Season 6

Episodes include:
Dial M For Martin
The Seal Who Came To Dinner
Three Valentines
Dinner Party

Season 7

Episodes include:
Father Of The Bride
Back Talk
Out With Dad
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue


Season 8

Episodes include:
And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon
Taking Liberties
Cranes Unplugged
Daphne Returns

Season 9

Episodes include:
The Proposal
Wheels Of Fortune
Cheerful Goodbyes


Season 10

Episodes include
The Ring Cycle
Star Mitzvah
Daphne Does Dinner
Fathers and Sons

Season 11

Episodes include:
The Doctor Is Out
High Holidays
Goodnight, Seattle