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Frasier Online Episode Guide - Season 11


Episode 11.01 - No Sex Please, We're Skittish

Mini Synopsis: Roz makes a return to KACL, which somewhat surprises Frasier who believes she may still have feelings for him, while Niles makes a worrying discovery at the sperm bank he once left a deposit with, which could impact on his and Daphne's quest to have a child....

Avg. Viewer Review: 81.1% (7 Reviews)

Episode 11.02 - A Man, A Plan and A Gal: Julia

Mini Synopsis: Frasier resolves to make a go of his relationship with Julia by making a 'committment to committment', while Niles and Daphne plan the dinner at which they will reveal the good news about Daphne's pregnancy. Things don't go according to plan, however, when Julia has to be invited......

Avg. Viewer Review: 92.1% (11 Reviews)

Episode 11.03 - The Doctor Is Out

Mini Synopsis: Frasier is accidentally 'outed' by one of his listeners, and attracts the attention of the head of the Seattle Opera Guild Alistair Burke. Their friendship leads to Frasier being invited to all manner of parties but Frasier just can't see that Alistair wants them to be more than just friends.......

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.8% (20 Reviews)

Episode 11.04 - The Babysitter

Mini Synopsis: Frasier and Niles bump into their old babysitter Ronee Lawrence while out shopping, so Frasier invites her to his apartment to catch up, but it seems Frasier's hopes for romance are quoshed when she shows more interest in Martin....

Avg. Viewer Review: 81.1% (7 Reviews)

Episode 11.05 - The Placeholder

Mini Synopsis: Roz convinces Frasier, who is waiting for Miss Right to come along, to lower his standards and go out for dinner with her friend Ann - but he soon wishes he hadn't ......

Avg. Viewer Review: 77.2% (4 Reviews)

Episode 11.06 - I'm Listening

Mini Synopsis: Frasier overhears Ronee making a date with another man, but is accussed of eavesdropping when he tells his father about it. Ronee tells Martin she thought they weren't exclusive, causing Martin to hurridly invent his other girlfriend 'Sheila' which Roz is forced into playing. However, events conspire to lead Frasier to overhear more of Martin and Ronee's conversations.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 75.2% (6 Reviews)

Episode 11.07 - Maris Returns (1)

Mini Synopsis: Niles receives a call from Maris seeking his advice over her violent and philandering new lover but his decision not to tell Daphne about his meeting with Maris threatens their relationship. Meanwhile, Frasier returns to private practice for the first time in a long time but his first day is just one disaster after another......

Avg. Viewer Review: 92.0% (3 Reviews)

Episode 11.08 - Murder Most Maris (2)

Mini Synopsis: Niles is taken in for questioning by the police after they learn he lent Maris the murder weapon - an antique crossbow that he thought she was going to use in a play. The case soon starts making front page news, but the intense media scrutiny sees Niles holding up well - too well for Frasier's liking - but it isn't long before he snaps......

Avg. Viewer Review: 90.7% (3 Reviews)

Episode 11.09 - Guns 'N' Neuroses

Mini Synopsis: Lilith is in Seattle for a one-day conference and is scheduled to see Frasier for coffee, however they keep missing each other. In the meantime, Lilith mentions to a colleague about her love life, and after her colleague meets Frasier thinks he'd be perfect for Lilith and so sets them up on a blind date.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 90.8% (4 Reviews)

Episode 11.10 - Sea Bee Jeebies

Mini Synopsis: Frasier is finding Niles' growing celebrity in Seattle rather annoying but is hoping that his record breaking nominations for the upcoming SeeBee awards will focus the attention back to him, especially when Kenny arranges for a reporter to follow him during the day but things don't quite go according to plan.......

Avg. Viewer Review: 63.5% (2 Reviews)

Episode 11.11 - High Holidays

Mini Synopsis: Frasier has been asked to star in a Seattle Tourist board video but is none too happy when Eddie is also asked to take part, while Frederick's new goth-look and desire to spend all his time with his new girlfriend only compounds Frasier's misery. Meanwhile, Niles decides to finally rebel and gets hold of some pot brownies - unfortunately, Martin manages to eat it first......

Avg. Viewer Review: 97.1% (22 Reviews)

Episode 11.12 - Frasier-Lite

Mini Synopsis: KACL are competing with a rival radio station to see who can lose the most amount of weight. Frasier is somewhat reluctant to get fully involved until he meets the manger of his opponents - one of Frasier's many school bullies. After that, he is desperate to get one over on him and win the contest. Meanwhile, Niles and Martin nurse an injured pigeon back to health.

Avg. Viewer Review: 78.3% (3 Reviews)

Episode 11.13 - The Ann Who Came To Dinner

Mini Synopsis: After Martin forgets to post Frasier's home insurance renewal cheque, Frasier is left searching for a new insurer, so Roz suggests asking Ann Hodges to give him a quote. However, she slips on some mayonnaise in his kitchen and ends up in hospital, so with no insurance, Frasier asks Ann to stay with him for a few days in the hope she won't sue but is soon regretting that decision.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 86.3% (6 Reviews)

Episode 11.14 - Freudian Sleep

Mini Synopsis: Martin and Ronee inadvertently invite Frasier, Niles and Daphne up to a cabin loaned to Ronee by her boss but Frasier, Niles and Daphne all have rather worying dreams - leaving it to Martin to sort everyone's problems out.

Avg. Viewer Review: 64.6% (14 Reviews)

Episode 11.15 - Caught In The Act

Mini Synopsis: Frasier's ex-wife and children's entertainer, Nanette "Nanny G" Guzman, is in town and she makes it clear that she wants to rekindle their passionate affair - even though she's married. Frasier struggles with his conscience but ultimately decides he can't go through with it, and goes to tell her as such. However, Frasier ends up making an impromptu appearance on Nanny G's stage show.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 95.4% (13 Reviews)

Episode 11.16 - Boo!

Mini Synopsis: Frasier is treating a patient with a fear of clowns so decides to dress up as one as a form of therapy. However, he is also having to put up with his father constantly trying to scare him as well, so decides to get his own back by leaping out at his father dressed as a clown wielding a knife! This causes Martin to be rushed to hospital suffering from a mild cardiac event and leads to him re-evaluating his relationship with Ronee....

Avg. Viewer Review: 95.0% (8 Reviews)

Episode 11.17 - Coots And Ladders

Mini Synopsis: Frasier has called Niles to his apartment in a panic - he has committed a crime! After being accused by Roz of being rather predictable, he sees an opportunity to steal a trinket from his neighbour Opal when she asks him to get something down from a high shelf. However, he and Niles have a hell of a job returning it without anyone noticing especially as the trinket contains the medal Opal won at the 1936 Olympic Games.....

Avg. Viewer Review: 82.5% (4 Reviews)

Episode 11.18 - Match Game

Mini Synopsis: Frasier hires professional matchmaker, Charlotte, to liven up his lackluster love life, but he demands a refund when he ends up on a string of bad dates. Elsewhere, Niles and Daphne hire a professional doula to coach them through the birth of their first child.

Avg. Viewer Review: 83.5% (2 Reviews)

Episode 11.19 - Miss Right Now

Mini Synopsis: Frasier is distracted by his crush on Charlotte, his newly hired matchmaker; but soon despairs when he discovers she has a handsome and rugged boyfriend. Roz convinces him to visit a local singles bar where he's met by the flirtatious Kim. Meanwhile, Ronee's mother comes to visit forcing Martin and Ronee to cover up the fact they're sleeping together.

Avg. Viewer Review: 82.0% (2 Reviews)

Episode 11.20 - And Frasier Makes Three

Mini Synopsis: Frasier works on a strategy to win over Charlotte and woo her away from her rugged boyfriend Frank. The plan backfires and Frasier finds himself spending quality time with Charlotte -- and Frank. Elsewhere, Daphne and Niles try to dissuade Martin from giving Ronee Sherry's old engagement ring, and ends up giving her a toe-ring confiscated from obese rapper Lil' Cupid.

Avg. Viewer Review: 78.0% (2 Reviews)

Episode 11.21 - Detour

Mini Synopsis: Frasier and Charlotte debate their newfound relationship with her upcoming move to Chicago just 3 weeks away. When Frasier's car breaks down, the two find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere and have to take shelter at the home of an eccentric rural family. Meanwhile, in Frasier's absence, Niles is planning Martin's bachelor party "entertainment" and Daphne mistakes the potential stripper for her nanny interviewee, while Martin thinks she's Daphne's physical therapy replacement.

Avg. Viewer Review: 66.7% (7 Reviews)

Episode 11.22 - Crock Tales

Mini Synopsis: Frasier stumbles across an old earthenware crock pot in his kitchen that brings back many tales and memories, including Roz's failed attempt to set Frasier up with her obnoxious friend Lisbeth, which turned into a sticky situation, and the time Frasier, Niles, Roz and Daphne got locked out on the balcony during the 4th of July celebrations..

Avg. Viewer Review: 79.5% (11 Reviews)

Special - Analyzing The Laughter

Mini Synopsis: Frasier meets with an analyst for a review. He discusses his background, his relationships with his family and friends, and the major events that have transpired in his life over the past year.

Avg. Viewer Review: 88.0% (1 Review)

Episode 11.23 - Goodnight, Seattle

Mini Synopsis: In the final ever episode, when Martin reserves the wedding hall for the wrong date for his upcoming wedding to Ronee, Niles and Frasier come to the rescue by offering to plan the wedding for them in a matter of days. Meanwhile, Daphne's mischievous brothers -- Simon, Michael and Stephen Moon -- pay a surprise visit to Daphne and Niles as they anticipate the arrival of their firstborn, and Roz celebrates a big promotion at work. Meanwhile, Frasier bids farewell to Charlotte as she moves home to Chicago as he contemplates a very tempting offer of a job in San Francisco........

Avg. Viewer Review: 94.2% (33 Reviews)