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Don't Go Breaking My Heart (3)
Episode Details

Written by: Bob Daily

Directed by: Jerry Zaks

Original US airdate: 26th November 2002

Original UK airdate: 24th February 2003

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Crane .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Gertrude Moon .... Millicent Martin
Guest Cast Guest Callers
Grant .... John Turturro

Episode Synopsis

Frasier is throwing a celebration at his apartment in honour of Niles getting out of hospital. When his brother arrives it seems he has a new outlook on life: he is so happy after surviving his brush with death, that he even says that Daphne's mother is a pleasure to have around (something that Daphne is none to happy about), and also got hooked on daytime soaps while he was recovering. The following day at Cafe Nervosa, Frasier joins Roz having bought a new opera CD that he is excited about, but when Niles and Daphne arrive, Niles says that the CD is awful - to which Frasier, somewhat weirdly, accepts his opinion. Roz picks up on this, saying they would usually fight about it for 2 hours, so Frasier explains that just before Niles went into surgery he made a prayer to God that if he came through it he wouldn't argue with his brother again. Daphne wants to restart physical relations with her husband, but he says they should be careful, and wait until the results of his stress test in a few weeks.

However, even after he has his stress test during which the doctor says he can eat normal food again and go back to work, Niles still sticks to his diet and doesn't want to have sex with his wife. He is also beginning to grate on Frasier as he starts calling in to his show and giving his own advice to callers, but when when drops in to visit Niles he sees Daphne packing up food for the poor and learns that Daphne made her own pact with God before Frasier made his. Sensing a way out of his pact he heads home, where Niles and Martin have been hanging out and Martin has been trying to talk some sens into him by making him see that he is scared of returning to his normal life - which Niles finally accepts. He bumps into Frasier about to let fly at his brother but says that their father has beaten him to it - and rushes home to make love to his wife......

Episode Title Cards
  • Weeks Later (And Ashley's Still In A Coma)

Episode Highlights

- Mrs Moon has been watching the soaps with Niles:
Gertrude Moon: Now do you see why I need my own TV?
Daphne: You have your own TV in Manchester (!)

- Frasier has put out some fat free products for Niles' party:
Martin: What about the bacon?
Frasier: Fake-on!

- Martin tells Roz he went round telling everyone how much he loved them after he got shot:
Roz: How long did that last?
Martin: Till they started calling me Martina!

- Niles tells everyone his outlook on life has changed since his operation:
Niles: The sky is so much bluer.
Frasier: Niles, it's rained every day this week!

- Niles is on hand to give his own advice to Frasier's radio show callers:
Frasier: I'm sure you all remember my brother Dr Niles Crane...... from our last segment (!)

- Daphne asks her mother for advice on how to seduce Niles:
Gertrude Moon: Use your feminine wiles. That's how your brother Billy landed Kevin.
Daphne: Well - sharing a cell helped!

- Niles believes his brush with death was worse than his father's:
Martin: Oh really. Well let's see - I got shot by a gun while you ate a bunch of cheese !!

- Niles inadvertertently jumps into bed with Daphne's mother after they switched rooms:
Daphne: No wonder she screamed.
Niles: That wasn't her!

Frasier Online Episode Review

An entertaining conclusion to this 3-episode arc that sees Frasier admit he made a pact with God not to argue with his brother if he got through the surgery. I had no problem with this - even non-believers often pray to God in times of real crises, and the ensuing events where Niles trampled all over his life were rather fun. I also enjoyed the scene where Martin finally sets Niles straight before Frasier got home. The episode is topped and tailed by 2 excellent scenes (the final one featuring an unexpected glimpse of Daphne dressed as Nurse Naughty), this is well written and performed episode that thankfully marks the end of this storyline concerning Niles and his heart.


79 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 77.7%
Total Number of Reviews: 3

I got shot by a gun, and you ate a bunch of cheese, May 25, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

A neat little episode that rounds off an unusual arc for the series. Niles' health problems leapt out of nowhere and destabilised the very ground the series is based in, delivering us a couple of episodes that are almost "bottle" shows: focusing exclusively on the core cast. While they retain the autumnal feel of season 9 (which I think has otherwise dissipated throughout season 10), they've allowed the writers to explore new facets of the characters. I honestly think part of this grew out of a desire to avoid the creative fatigue that set in in the latter third of seasons 8 and 9 (and even occasionally season 7). For the writers, it was another challenge, while it was also a chance to reward the actors who, I believe, had just signed on for this season and two more years (that wouldn't actually eventuate). This was also a season filmed very much out of order, which admittedly was partly due to issues with some episodes (like the upcoming "Door Jam") and partly due to casting requirements for recurring cast members like Bebe Neuwirth, Millicent Martin, and (soon) Felicity Huffman. Still, I think it was partly because the network was pondering ways to keep the series vital, and playing around with the airing order much more than they had usually done. (Not that "Frasier" generally requires strict attention to production codes, but it's still an indicator of the network's nosy interest in how the series was doing in the ratings.)

Like the previous two episodes, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is another stellar character piece. Niles and Daphne by now have an effortless chemistry which plays well here, leading to a cute finale. Niles and Martin have an intensely beautiful scene toward the end that helps to cap off the entire arc but also reminds us just how beautifully drawn the character interactions have been. And it's another bravura episode for Gertrude Moon, a character disliked among fans for a small number of episodes in which she is written as a harpy, but who actually provdes a fair dose of humour and insight over the course of the series. (For the most part.) I'm not 100% convinced about Frasier's pact with God, largely because I've never seen Frasier or Niles as believers in religion. Still, any port in a storm, I suppose, and the fact that his religious logic is so spurious (likening it to a double booking) as well as his need to identify himself each time he prays, suggests that we're not supposed to take his belief seriously, so much as his misplaced desire for Niles' healthy recovery.

But the other thing about Frasier's pact is that it restores the comedy to the character episode. I'm not as down on seasons 8 and 9 as others, but it's certainly true that those seasons often sacrificed comedy in their meatier episodes, which was something that early character pieces like "Moon Dance" managed to intertwine. It's still not a laugh riot, but I enjoy Niles' addiction to soap operas, and the various interactions throughout. Some of the 'soysage' humour is a little '90s (perhaps out of date even by the time this aired?) but it's good to know that Daphne's brother Billy has finally come out. "Well, sharing a cell helped." A solid wrap-up to an intriguingly placed arc.

Rating: 79%


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