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Episode reviews for Episode 2.23 - The Innkeepers

Avg. Viewer Review: 91.2%
Number of Reviews: 25

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Big blue flash, cherries everywhere!!, Jun 19, 2008

Reviewer: LaughingIsLife from New York

This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire series.

I have two scenes that make me laugh hysterically every time:

1.) Daphne taking those eels out of the tank and slamming them on the table, then nonchalantly offering it back to Niles.

2.) Post-cherry explosion, Niles yelling at Frasier, "Are you happy? You've thinned my brown gravy!"

The thing about Frasier is that each character brings their own style and flavour to the show. Their timing with lines is impeccable, and all in all, they are a joy to watch. They have brought me much happiness, and I thank them.

Rating: 98%


Roz and the cherries jubilee, Aug 05, 2009

Reviewer: Lily from Ocean beach, CA

Poor Roz.....her date with that handsome guy was cut short because of all the mishaps that had occurred before they even arrived. She told her date that she'd just have to help her friends out a little since it was opening night. But alas, there was just one fiiasco after another, and I don't think they saw each other much for the rest of the night......what with Roz' trying to deal with the explosion of cherries jubilee in her face and hair and then the fight with daphne over killing he eel......Daphne won out on that one, though. All in all, this was a hilarious episode, and all the characters were great in it. Of course, Niles and Frasier were their stuffy, yet funny, selves. And not to forget Otto, the former waiter now parking attendent - he was a hoot too.

Rating: 98%


PURE GENIUS!, Jan 01, 2008

Reviewer: Dean Mather from UNITED KINGDOM

Frasier and Niles owning a restaurant,Bulldog,Gil Chesterton and many many hungry guests,what could possibly go wrong. Nothing if you enjoy fantastic comedy and everything if Frasier and Niles open a restaurant. I adore this episode,season 2 of Frasier is superb and The Innkeepers is the highpoint of this season and quite possibly all seasons,brilliance on all levels.

Rating: 99%


One of my favorites, Apr 19, 2011

Reviewer: cstat from colorado springs

This episode makes me laugh everytime I watch it.

Rating: 99%



Reviewer: Eddie the Dog from Hull, UK

Season 2 is one of the very best seasons of Frasier, and 'The Innkeeper' is an absolutely brillaint example of why Frasier is such a great show. The scene in the restaurant at the end is simply priceless; the exploding cherries, the water sprinklers, Daphne's aggressive treatment of the eels, the rows, Martin taking over at the bar and finally the clijmax which sees the introduction of the new drive through window. It made me laugh until I cried; one of my very favourites.

Rating: 100%


Eelectic Cherries!, Mar 21, 2006

Reviewer: John D. Thompson from Pella, IA

It is the best episode of Frasier ever!
Moon's eel, flamed cherries, the offering of scrambled eggs!
Roz as waitress, the customer's friction!
Marty offering smoke-damaged or non-smoked damaged section!
I laughed so hard, I couldn't Seattle straight.
Failed happy brothers served a most uproarious plate!

Rating: 100%


The Innkeepers, Apr 07, 2006

Reviewer: Amz from Wiltshire, UK

I was literally crying with laughter at this episode, mostly at the scene when Daphne wacks the eel on the counter to stun it. From that moment, I was hysterically laughing my head off when everything just went completely haywire. The finishing touch being Roz coming in with her hair all fired up after the explosion from the dining room. This is one of those episodes you can watch again and again and still laugh your head off.

Rating: 100%


one of the funniest episodes of any sitcom, May 31, 2006

Reviewer: Rachel from Bristol, uk

From start to finish, this episode is comedic genius!! The highlights are the explosion of cherries, the eel massacre and the addition of the "drive thru window"!!!

Rating: 100%


The Best of the Best!, Aug 18, 2006

Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

Undoubtedly the funniest episode of all. Between the aged waiter/valet's antics; Daphne's and Nile's scenes with the eels, and the hysterically funny vision of Roz after lighting the Cherry Flambe, I can't think of any scenes from any other episodes that had me laughing so hard. I'm laughing now and just thinking about it has me wanting to watch again!

Rating: 100%


Couldn't stop laughing, Sep 19, 2006

Reviewer: Lisa Bolard from Stamford, CT

The first time my husband and I saw this episode, we both couldn't stop laughing, and I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. Just amazing chemistry between these actors and an incredible script.

Rating: 100%


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