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Episode reviews for Episode 6.10 - Merry Christmas, Mrs Moskowitz

Avg. Viewer Review: 87.4%
Number of Reviews: 14

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Review for 'Merry Christmas, Mrs Moskowitz', Mar 08, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

A fine, farcical return to form which sees Frasier having to pretend to his new girlfriend's mother that he is Jewish. The central premise of the episode is amusing (unlike much of the sixth season) and the subplot of Niles and Daphne's Christmas show also impresses. David Hyde Pierce in particular shines in his desperate attempts to use Jewish expressions and then by dressing up as Jesus himself.

Rating: 84%


Superbly hilarious, Oct 26, 2005

Reviewer: Gemeaux from Paris

Forget flaws and forced emotion, this was the funniest episode of Frasier ever. Niles is outstanding and had me crying until my eyes streamed with tears and my stomach muscles hurt.

Frasier is the only sitcom for which I have ever rented the DVD and would consider buying; this episode in particular is a must-see.

Rating: 97%


'Merry Christmas, Mrs Moskowitz' review, Jul 20, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Another Christmas episode and an award-winning one at that, although on closer inspection it isn't quite as good as it's reputation would suggest. Introducing the character of Faye, who will return towards the end of the season, the episode sees Frasier and his family pretending to be Jewish on Christmas Eve in order to please Faye's extremely pushy mother, Helen. Despite this promising premise, the resulting farce feels oddly stilted and compares unfavourably with the similar situation in 'The Two Mrs Cranes'. However, once Niles emerges dressed as Jesus (for Daphne's wonderfully eclectic Christmas revue) and Helen discovers him standing in front of a huge Christmas tree in the powder room, this becomes a great episode, only to fall to pieces at the end when Frasier and Martin's usual argument over Christmas decorations descends into a crying session (mimicking Faye and Helen's method of making up). While this probably sounded like a funny idea on paper, in execution it comes across as horribly forced. A highly memorable and fitfully brilliant episode but one with too many flaws to deserve classic status.

Rating: 78%


Merry Christmas, Jun 13, 2005

Reviewer: Whine Dr Crane ? from Liverpool

I thought this episode was superb, another one of the great 'farce' episodes which Frasier does so well.
Niles dressing as Jesus was hilarious, especially when he was caught out by Faye's Jewish mother!
Other highlights included the ham roast Frasier had cooking in the oven, Martin answering questions with another question and Niles' Jewish toast!
Overall I think this was one of the best Christmas episodes (though a lot of others don't seem to agree) and is one of those you can watch again and again and still find extremely funny.

Rating: 88%


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