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Episode reviews for Episode 5.15 - Room Service

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.7%
Number of Reviews: 6

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Season 5 highlight, May 09, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

After the classic farce of "The Ski Lodge", it would've been easy for "Room Service" to simply repeat the trick. It goes one further, partly because of the endless delights of Bebe Neuwirth but by pairing her with David Hyde Pierce. Revelling in the comedy of the mixed bed-partners, the episode is just effortless in its portrayal of the three central characters, feeling like something from a Neil Simon play. It's what makes "Frasier" special, encapsulated here: punchlines, zingers, farce and intelligent humour, but deepened by the psyches of the beautifully realised characters.

Rating: 100%


"I'm In A Bathrobe You Jackass!", Jul 26, 2007

Reviewer: Ms. M. Creed Dowson from Berkshire, England, UK

Classic. I was never expecting Lillith and Niles to sleep together!!
This episode inculded the classic line "I'm in a bathrobe you jackass!" The drama is fabulous, Lillith is a classic character and Niles is the best character of the show!

Rating: 86%


One of the best episodes, Jun 21, 2007

Reviewer: Seahawk fan from Edinburgh, Scotland

Hilarious from start to finish. Hints of classic Rix farce. Lilith is a welcome addition to any episode.

Rating: 100%


A rolling run of laughs, Sep 03, 2006

Reviewer: Hursh Joshi from United Kingdom, London

I watched the episode with a sceptical outlook at first, because judging by word of mouth it sounded as though it was going to be merely slapstick and sex throughout. However, I was very pleasantly suprised when I stumbled across this episode, because it underpinned the fundamental strengths of the show that have made it so unique. It had an adult edge about it, and a cutting wit, whilst also demonstrating the character details about Frasier we have come to love such as his charming ego maniacal stance on things. But for me, putting aside the hilarity of the episode, which is on a par with the best of Frasier, I found the intimate moment that Frasier and Niles shared to be the best moment in the episode. Niles asked Frasier, "Are we ok?", to which Frasier replied, "No...... But we will be." A simple exchange of words and we know that these two share a very realistic bond that good brothers share, whereby there isn't unquestioned love, but greater understanding and tolerance. Well done Writers!

Rating: 92%


Room Service, Apr 15, 2006

Reviewer: Amz from Wiltshire, UK

This was the first episode of season five I've seen and I couldn't believe my eyes at two things: Lillith wearing a really short dress, and Lilith and Niles waking up in bed together! My favourite quote would have to be when Lilith comes out of the bathroom, and Frasier is almost naked and she says "my God!" and Frasier says "My Goddess!" In short, a fab episode.

Rating: 97%


'Room Service' review, Jun 27, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Writers Ken Levine and David Isaacs make a welcome return for this episode in which Lilith pays a visit to Seattle to attend a psychology conference and reveals to Frasier that her husband Brian has left her for another man. To deter Frasier from falling for Lilith all over again, Niles drives her to her hotel room where the two of them get rather too intimate... Although it may be a coincidence, this is the third episode in a row to feature some sort of bedroom farce and an excellent one it is too. Great comedy is wrung from Lilith's attempts to stop Frasier from finding out about her sleeping with his brother such as pushing the breakfast tray into the bathroom, only for a narcoleptic Niles to give the game away. Niles and Lilith's attempts to justify their behaviour to an unimpressed Frasier are also very funny - I especially like Niles remarking 'We're an odd little family aren't we?'. Best of all though is the waiter providing the room service. Having first witnessed two different men in Lilith's room, he is then confronted by the sight of Frasier and Niles sharing the room in their dressing gowns - to which his only reaction is a discreet 'oh-kay'. Priceless stuff and my favourite of all the Lilith episodes.

Rating: 87%