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Episode reviews for Episode 4.23 - Odd Man Out

Avg. Viewer Review: 82.0%
Number of Reviews: 6

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We thought they were dancing!, May 15, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

A melancholy and somewhat patchy episode, but one that provides geneorus amounts of character, and some decent laughs particularly from David Hyde Pierce.

The highlights, though, are those that capture the comedic sadness of Frasier's predicament. His lengthy "dining alone" sequence is a very funny example of comic escalation.

The final sequence at the airport is more warming than funny, but Frasier's conversation with the cellist is beautifully done. He pursued a dream and ultimately lost, but through this he is reminded to keep on perservering. At the four-year point, this is a mature approach to the character that will pay off in future years.

Rating: 79%


A pleasant end, Sep 21, 2012

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

Although something of a patchy episode, the high points work well
enough to make this a charming end to what has been a great fourth
season. The restaurant scene disappointed - its premise (circumstances
reminding Frasier that it's not so great to eat alone) seemed overworked
and often predictable. But the scene where Niles gets his tie stuck in
Daphne's zip while helping her with her dress is hilarious - as they
progress towards the bathroom with Niles bent double, looking for all the
world like a pantomime horse, Frasier enters, takes in the situation and
remarks casually "Niles, you've got something on your tie". !!! And the
ending, where Frasier for once acts impulsively and meets a total
stranger at the airport, finds they have lots in common, but she turns
out to be married, is one his best ever scenes.

Rating: 81%


One of my favorite finales, May 11, 2009

Reviewer: AJ from Ontario, Canada

This is one of those episodes out of which you get the most if you're a Frasier fan-- as in fan of Frasier, the character.

It contains some of the best of those poignant, quiet, reflective moments that Kelsey Grammer does so well (and can compete with any of the similar scenes with his father, or Roz during her pregnancy). As such, it doesn't matter to me if it isn't a super-hysterical episode, or if it doesn't have that many laughs, although as mentioned already, there are some of those too. I love the Niles/Daphne dress moment, Roz's advice, and for some reason I also always laugh out loud when that newly-engaged woman gives an ear-piercing scream in the restaurant.

I absolutely love everything from the moment Laura calls, and Frasier exclaims that she's back in town only to follow it up by saying it was a wrong number. From then on follows one of the earliest times when Frasier seriously addresses his bad luck with romance, as well as him trying to be proactive and to do something about that fact. Linda Hamilton does very nicely as Laura.

The discussion about voices was also very funny, as mentioned.

This is the perfect way to do "cliffhangers"-- nothing over the top but still leaving viewers excited for the next season.

Rating: 95%


One of the subtlest and the best, May 12, 2006

Reviewer: Guy Reid-Brown from England

I only saw this one for the first time last night, but I have to say, it goes straight in as one of the topmost for me. There was something about the dry reaction of Frasier on entering his flat and finding Niles in a compromising position - then there was the conversation with the boy in the restaurant who was definitely not a child of the 90s - then I got it. This is the 1950s episode! Looked at in this light, this is definitely one to watch with a dry martini in the hand - a fine script with all the regular characters given their moments and taking them with aplomb. I have always been a Niles rather than a Frasier fan, but there is no doubt that this is Frasier's episode and he hits all the bittersweet, funny and romantic notes just right. The dropped 5% is because of the last few seconds, which I thought shattered the poignant mood that the rest of the episode had established.

Rating: 95%


Odd Man Out, Jan 06, 2006

Reviewer: Tom from Cumbria, England

Just watched ''Odd Man Out'' now on the season 4 DVD for the first time. I have to say i'm a little dissapointed. For a season finale there were no real laugh-out-loud moments, which is rare for a Frasier episode. Haveing said that though the first scene was very funny. Niles has to help Daphne zip the back of her dress up, but gets his tie stuck. As Frasier walks through the door he remarkes, "Niles, you have something stuck to your tie!" The only other real funny bit came when the clan were discucsing judging people just by their voices. It goes as follows:

MARTIN: You can't judge what a person's like just from a voice.

NILES: That's true. I was once told that I sounded, imagine the impertinence, uptight!

MARTIN: And me, you'd picture some cranky old geezer!

FRASIER: I've lost track of what point we're making!

All in all, a mediocare (sorry about the spelling) episode and so recieving a low 60% marking from me.

Rating: 60%


'Odd Man Out' review, Jun 17, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

The end of the fourth and arguably finest season sees Frasier, depressed by his on-going single status, deciding to take a chance by running off to an airport to meet a woman who has been calling his answer machine by mistake. A nice episode which includes some brilliant moments; Niles getting his tie caught in the back of Daphne's dress is hysterical, as is the scene where Frasier finds himself dining alone in an Italian restaurant surrounded by all manner of happy couples to make him feel conspicous. The closing scene with Frasier meeting Laura at the airport is quite touching as much to his disappointment she turns out to be married, after which he decides to accompany another woman on a flight to Acapulco - making this the first open-ended season finale as the story will continue in the first episode of Season 5. A fine ending to a truly outstanding season of 'Frasier'.

Rating: 82%