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Episode reviews for Episode 4.22 - Ask Me No Questions

Avg. Viewer Review: 77.6%
Number of Reviews: 7

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Saxophone solo, May 12, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

You know, reviewing this series on a retrospective rewatch is quite different to the first time through. An episode like "Ask Me No Questions", containing a bunch of funny scenes filtered through a reasonably low-key main structure, might not earn a week-long build-up between episodes on network television. It also might not stand out to a casual viewer flipping channels. But to someone watching this as 1/264th of a longer series, and with each episode a chance to further analyse the depth of these characters, I perhaps come across as too much of an optimist. Still, I have to say I enjoyed this episode immensely.

"Ask Me No Questions" gives a little of something to everyone. It's a Niles episode, as he's fallen back into the arms of Maris, and ponders whether they're meant to be together despite all the evidence to the contrary. This furthers an arc that's been running for four seasons, gives us Marta's longest scene in the entire series (when she emulates Maris), and points us to the depths of his inability to move forward.

It's a Martin episode with some Daphne thrown in, as the pair attempt to deal with their evolving friendship. It's a relationship neither of the two of them could have predicted four years ago, and it's based on a mutual respect that transgresses many barriers. There's also a nice scene of Roz's insecurities thrown in, with Frasier unable to comment appropriately.

Yet, in spite of this, it's all filtered through Frasier's uncertainty over whether or not he can honestly tell Niles what he thinks of Maris. There's some good humour, such as the scene where Niles breaks his poor date's heart. There's also some very silly humour, as in the montage where Frasier stumbles across increasingly pointed signs referencing his situation, with the saxophone blaring mournfully on the score.

It's not a packed half-hour, but "Ask Me No Questions" does a good job of comparing and contrasting the characters, ending in a quietly powerful scene where Kelsey Grammer acts the hell out of Frasier's confession. To find out that Niles hadn't actually been waiting on the answer would be predictable on another sitcom, but here it's a surprising change. The series is always keen to give its characters weighty dramatic moments, so to see Niles skip merrily away to the sound of a bell is good fun. This time, the issue may all have been in Frasier's indecisive mind. But the look on his face at the end shows us that this ill-considered relationship is going to receive further investigation in the near future.

Rating: 83%


Not so good , Sep 20, 2012

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

Perhaps I'd have rated this higher in another season, but Season 4
has contained so many gems that when one falls short, it feels a bit
like a clunker.

What didn't I like? For one thing, Frasier has never thought Niles and
Maris should be together, so when Niles asks him 'the question', it
seems unrealistic that Frasier should agonise so much.

Then there were the scenes where Martin and Daphne wander off
while Frasier is agonising aloud, only to return in time to reply to a
direct question without having any clue what went before - these
scenes felt contrived and predictable.

There is a good scene where Frasier wanders the dark streets, still
agonising, in what seems to be a direct homage to film noir. But on
the whole, this episode irritated me and left little to remember fondly.
Even the sub plots - Daphne and Martin rowing about gifts, and
Frasier's date - weren't that memorable, really.

Rating: 69%


not as bad as people make out, Jul 14, 2010

Reviewer: Ian from Liverpool UK

I actually think this is a fairly interesting storyline. Anyone who has been in this situation, where someone asks whether you like their wife/girlfriend, will know the agonising decision as to whether the truth or a white lie is best!

Nice sub-stories, about Ros's weight and Daphne/Martin's present saga

Rating: 86%


Ask Me No Questions, May 07, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

One of those eps made up entirely of jokes not related to the material, but it does work. Frasier drives the viewers nuts as he anguishes over a simple question that most of us could answer over a cup of coffee. It deals with Niles doubting whether he and Maris are meant to be, which Frasier should realistically answer with, 'Does it matter what I think?' Niles has so often forgiven Maris' multiple mistreatments, that Frasier's opinion is really pointless. Anyway, most of the ep is comprised of Frasier's one-lining reactions to others, rather than to his consternation over Niles' problem. Biggest sidetrack of all is Martin and Daphne's etiquette for gift giving, which is mildly amusing, seeing how we've all dealt with backward types who just can't accept anything without guilt. There's gags involving beepers and film noirish backlots and Roz's weight, with my favorite the 'call-waiting' schtick of a frustrated Frasier ("Get the hell off the phone!!!"). Nice closer, too, with the whistle, but there's no real serious development here.

Rating: 80%


Great line, however, Jan 23, 2009

Reviewer: Eddie from San Francisco

When Daphne and Martin are squabbling ruthlessly about the relative merits of the gifts they've given each other, Frasier enters with exasperation, "My God, it's like Christmas morning in the Gambino family!"

Rating: 82%


Ask Me Know Questions - review, Jan 02, 2008

Reviewer: Perry from UK

Hhhmmnn, not great - ie. below usual standard of most episodes. Should have sent it back to the scriptwriters methinks...

Rating: 65%


'Ask Me No Questions' review, Jun 17, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Niles asks for his brother's opinion about whether he and Maris were meant to be together, leaving Frasier agonising over what answer to give his brother. A nice idea but perhaps not one that can sustain a whole episode and sure enough, it does begin to flag towards the end. Up until then, however, there are some brilliantly funny moments such as Martin and Daphne squabbling over gift-giving and a couple of great scenes where Frasier starts talking to Martin, and later Daphne, about what answer to give his brother - not realising that they've walked out of earshot for most his babbling. There's also a wicked tease when the viewer is led to believe that Frasier is about to meet Maris at Nervosa, leading to a heart-stopping moment when we almost think we've finally seen her - only for Marta walk in instead, a joke that is nicely replayed in the tag scene.

Rating: 78%