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Episode reviews for Episode 4.19 - Three Dates And A Breakup

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.9%
Number of Reviews: 7

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Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell, Dec 22, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

What a delight. Marsha Mason is one of season 4's MVPs, and it's
nice - for once - to see a recurring date involved in storylines more
than just their immediate relationship. As she gradually ruins each of
Frasier's unprecedented three dates, the script combines a raucous
comedy of errors with an ever-so-slightly-serious examination of
Frasier himself. Martin, Roz and Niles all have some very memorable
moments as they suffer through Frasier's pride at his sudden run of

This kind of episode - a double episode that remains relatively small-
scale - could only be done by a critically acclaimed series in its fourth
year, and "Frasier" handles it with aplomb. It's a sign of a well-
constructed series that you can have an hour so full of laughs, in
which every character acts unpredictably yet entirely within their
nature. Great fun.

Rating: 94%


Three Dates and a Breakup, May 03, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Almost too much brilliance for one viewer to take, we are spoiled with an one-hour excursion into Frasier's elevator ride through Dating Hell. Ego splitting at the seams after landing three phone numbers (of course, in sitcom land, everyone has a business card) from desirable femmes, Frasier gears for three nights of his typical one-night-stand dalliances. The monkey wrench is Martin and Sherry's break-up, and her repeated, untimely arrivals back at Frasier's pad. Conflict breeds comedy, and we get that three-fold, as each of Frasier's would-be romances gets hysterically foiled. The show rightfully goes a bit dramatic near the close, and some warm father-son bonding is a nice coast toward the finish after all the farcical antics. The stand-outs being each one of Grammer's patented preparations for his nightly encounters and his bloated chagrin upon learning of the elevator's security camera.

Rating: 95%


Frasier Taken Down A Notch or Two or Three, Jun 13, 2009

Reviewer: Cat from Denver, CO, USA

This is another favorite episode with great lines that still make me laugh after the 20th time watching it. Frasier starts out the episode so smug at the idea of being able to land dates with 3 women. He drives Niles absolutely crazy and annoys the queen of dating, Roz. The contrast between Sherry, who is so down to earth and tell-it-like-is, and Frasier, playing the suave 'playboy' makes for a great story as she ruins his dates systematically. My favorite subplot in this episode is Daphne speaking American. Her quirky character is always such a great addition to the episodes.

Rating: 95%


Three Dates & A Break Up, Jan 07, 2006

Reviewer: Tom from Cumbria, England

''Three Dates & A Break Up" is a fabulous hour-long edition of Frasier. I've seen this episode probably about 15 times now, but every time I watch it, it still seems so fresh and new. The brief Daphne subplot is also excellent, where she attempts to speak American. Another highlight is the lift scene where Frasier tries to tuck his shirt in withour the security camera seeing!! A brilliant episode and one that no Frasier fan should go without seeing!!

Rating: 95%


'Three Dates And A Breakup' review, Jun 15, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

The first and arguably finest double-length 'Frasier' is a superbly constructed episode in which Frasier can't believe his luck when three different women express a romantic interest in him, leading him to set up three separate dates at his apartment - much to the resentment of Niles, who was hoping to score a date himself by using his 'I'm available' face (something which he puts down to 'bad shrimp'!) Roz is also good value here, turning up at Nervosa sweating profusely on what Frasier describes as her 'holiday from hygiene' while Daphne gets some good laughs from her attempt at an American accent. But it's the dates themselves which make this such a classic episode, as Frasier goes through the same routine with each of Kimberley, Adair and Leslie ('I could teach a course!'), even employing the same make out music, only to have each evening ruined by the ever indiscreet Sherry. The episode also deals with Martin and Sherry's temporary breakup which, along with Frasier's subsequent attempt to get them back together, is quite beautifully handled. My favourite parts of the episode concern the running joke where, at the end of each disasterous date, Eddie jumps onto the table to devour the untouched dinner - leading to the brilliant closing line from Frasier: 'Well you could at least act surprised!'. Wonderful.

Rating: 91%



Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

This episode is yet another undisputed highlight of Season 4, and probably represents writer Rob Greenberg at his tremendous best. This episode marks the first hour-long (double length) programme of ‘Frasier’ and the format works incredibly well, as not a scene is wasted and due to the extra time we get the right balance of character and laughs. Everyone has great things to do in this episode, and once more Marsha Mason deserves a special mention as the ghastly Sherry Dempsey. I remember watching this last New Year’s Eve (2004) and just thinking to myself that no show in history carries such powerful writing and perceptive performances, hence this episode demonstrates all the traits that make ‘Frasier’ so special. Another thing I love this episode for is that it never fails to make me laugh and it’s one of few real ‘feel good’ episodes. Even from the first ten seconds we can tell this episode is going to be great:
NILES: Have you noticed there are fewer hazelnuts in this biscotti
FRASIER: Then I’m not crazy
NILES: And yet they’ve gone up twenty-five cents
FRASIER: Fewer nuts, more money - something I’ve been aspiring too all my professional life!

The premise is fantastic and the script does not let it down. The scene at Frasier’s benefit is hilarious, and you can’t help but feel sorry for Niles as he desperately tries to win the affections of one woman. Some of Niles’ facial expressions are priceless here (especially his available face) and a quote that springs to mind would be:
NILES: Well, I thought my rutting monkey body language would have tipped you off
Frasier is approached by three separate women; and I particularly liked it when Frasier tried to ask a woman out on Niles’ behalf only for the women to think he meant him!
NILES: I suppose you came over here to gloat because a woman came on to you
FRASIER: Not hardly, I wouldn’t do that sort of thing. I came over to gloat because TWO women came on to me

Aside from this we get two nice sub-plots, one including the break up between Martin and girlfriend Sherry and one about a dishevelled, sweat clad Roz running into an old gossipy high school friend. The former sub-plot is very engaging and interesting, as the two fall out of something a trivial as what to have for breakfast.
MARTIN: Who has Chinese for breakfast?
SHERRY: About a billion Chinese people

Aside from this we get the first date for Frasier in the form of Kimberly. Frasier lies to her extremely and tells he ‘just recently became a vegetarian!) and that he had a dream to own a large rambling house in the country where he could have as many dogs as he liked. However Martin and Sherry arrive home, Sherry armed with a veal chop for Frasier (!) and Martin realises that Frasier had locked Eddie away.
KIMBERLY: You’ll need a lot of doors in that dream house to lock up all the dogs
Eddie is priceless as he clambers up on to the table and begins eating the prepared meals.
Between dates one and two Sherry and Martin go their separate ways, but even during the second date Sherry manages to return and ruin things (again!) for Frasier. On returning for her banjo she mistakes Adair for Kimberly and Adair promptly storms out. Escalating in hilarity Eddie finishes off the prepared meals once again, with a deep resentful ‘Go Ahead…’ from Kelsey Grammer.

Aside from Roz talking a plane to prove to her old friend that she is beautiful, and Daphne practising her American accent, we get a lovely and indeed quite touching few end scenes which sees Frasier desperately trying to reconcile Martin and Sherry, despite the fact that he loathes the latter.
FRASIER: I would offer you a Sherry, Niles – but I’m fresh out!
Even though the third date has arrived in the form of Leslie, Frasier is still busy trying to work things out between Sherry and his father. We also get some impressive elements of farce as he toasts for the third time (to possibilities), once accidentally to Sherry, and tries to stop Sherry and Leslie talking, because the inevitability of Sherry ruining Frasier’s date for the third consecutive time is plain to see. Back in the kitchen its revealed that Martin told Sherry he loved her for the first time, and in the end Frasier manages to get the two back together. Even as the four leave the room, and it seems clear his date is ruined, Eddie runs out and automatically heads for Frasier’s food. Classic and funnier every time it happens

NILES: Her lips said no, but her eyes said read my lips (!)

In conclusion an episode that is high on laughter but balanced with a lovely, beautifully handled emotional sub-plot. Rob Greenberg has managed to turn in an absolute gem of an episode here, and I love it for its characterisation, repetition, and structure and of course all three dates go hideously wrong. A wonderful, wonderful hour of comedy that certainly represents Frasier at its best.

Rating: 93%


Review of Three Dates And A Breakup, Apr 18, 2005

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, England

Rob Greenberg's masterpiece is the best episode of the best season of Frasier, in my opinion. I love the whole structure of the episode, and the clever way in which the predictability of Frasier's dates being ruined by Sherry makes them all the funnier. The running gag with Eddie finishing off Frasier's tray of appetizers becomes more hillarious each time it happens. My favourite scene has to be in Frasier's apartment where he's hosting the benefit. DHP's performance here is superb, his 'gritted teeth' expression almost brings me to tears, not to mention his "I'm available" face! The fact that the show's a one hour special (thankfully restored on DVD) makes it even more enjoyable. If I've had a bad day and need a pick-me-up, this is the episode I tend to go for. In my opinion, the jewel in the crown of Season 4.

Rating: 94%