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Episode reviews for Episode 4.18 - Ham Radio

Avg. Viewer Review: 96.6%
Number of Reviews: 63

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Over-rated farce that spoils the Frasier canon, Oct 16, 2012

Reviewer: Neil Hardie from Edinburgh, Scotland

I'm a huge fan of Frasier, the most intelligent sitcom ever (probably
because it is writer-led). This one, though, leaves me puzzled. I couldn't
even crack a smile. It's obviously a fault in me because so many other
people here rave about it.
I'm not agin farce in Frasier: the episode in which the brothers open a
restaurant makes me laugh. This one, though, tore up all the series'
normally fine characterisation, plot and humour for the sake of manic
nonsense. I left with the impression that it was written for the cast to
A far better episode in Series Four is No6, Mixed Doubles. That had me
doubled up all the way through the second act and, in the most moving
piece of television in years, in tears at the final scene. Polar opposites of
emotions within six minutes. No other sitcom is that classy. Hell, not
many straight dramas can be that classy.

Rating: 40%


Did you know..., Jun 16, 2012

Reviewer: anniemarriot from Wales

that Ham Radio is Kelsey Grammer's favourite episode. Obviously, he is not alone. It is a rollercoaster show and contains everything and (nearly) everyone we love about the show. Niles' growing consternation as he tries to reproduce all those different characters and Gil's determination to have his moment in the sun. A true classic and a truly classical series.

Rating: 100%


Funniest episode ever! , May 08, 2012

Reviewer: Paula O'Hara from Providence, RI

This episode is absolutely the funniest one! Seriously. I laugh out loud every time I see it! Talented, talented writers. Really miss the show. Thank God for the Hallmark channel.

Rating: 100%


60 reviews speak for themselves..., Dec 22, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

There's no surprise that "Ham Radio" is such a heavily reviewed
episode: it's a minor miracle.

There isn't a bum note in this tale, which skilfully weaves together
most of the series' best angles. Frasier's controlling streak takes
over as he puts together an old-fashioned radio drama, and
gradually takes over the production. The rehearsal sequence is
utterly marvelous, with the bewildered voice actor, and Daphne's
dry interjections.

The actual recording of "Nightmare Inn" may just be my favourite
extended scene in all of "Frasier"'s history. Roz's accent, Bulldog's
stage fright, Noel (in his best ever appearance), the many deaths
of Gil Chesterton, and - of course - Niles going from varied actor to
over-directed diva.

"Ham Radio" is simply superb although, watching it for the 20th or
so time, I realise that I can no longer be objective. A grand farce.

Rating: 100%


Thats "Frasier-tainment!", May 24, 2011

Reviewer: JZ from Chautauqua New York

I Love every minute of this episode. My favorite part being Roz trying
to talk after her emergency dentist procedure . I cannot type it but
we all have had our mouth numbed for procedure and then...try to try to say "double murderer" HAHAHAHAHA!!!

How DID they do this with a straight FACE????


"OMG hes got a nug" was predictable , BTW...

Rating: 97%


Ham-tastic, Nov 02, 2009

Reviewer: BringBackFrasier from France

For me Frasier was the best sitcom ever made and Ham Radio the best episode. I must have seen this episode at least ten times (even playing it back-to-back) and I laugh out loud every time. Pure genious! I'm going to watch it again tonight having read all of these reviews!

Rating: 100%


Funniest Frasier Episode Ever, Oct 14, 2009

Reviewer: Scotty from Glasgow, Scotland

Thought this episode was funniest Frasier episode out of the lot.

The scene in the station couldn't be better, with Gil desperately trying to get his 'boyhood in Surrey' speech out, and then when Niles cracks up at Frasier in the end and kills of the characters.

Some brilliant one liners too when the scene returns to Frasiers apartment "It's turning into a bloodbath" xD

I think that scene in the station alone makes this episode special, as it is literary just one laugh after another!

Rating: 99%


The FUNNIEST episode I've seen so far!, Aug 26, 2009

Reviewer: Karen Maguire from Dublin, Ireland

I only started watching Frasier at the beginning of this year and literally became OBSESSED after seeing the episode from Season One when Frasier & Niles begin to fight with each other in a Hotel Room! Ham Radio was on Paramount Comedy last week & since then I've watched it on Youtube about TEN TIMES, just doesn't get old! I loved how each of the characters were simply hilarious in their own right! I will be honest though...Gil Chesterton MADE it for me! His several hilarious attempts to get his speech heard on the air was just priceless! I would recommend anyone who enjoyed this episode as much as I did to go onto Youtube and watch 'Halloween' and 'High Holidays'...I was in HYSTERICS after these two! The quality from whoever uploaded them is perfect! If anyone else recommends any other episodes of Frasier to watch, please post the names up here! As a newcomer to the fan club I haven't gotten through all of the episodes yet so I would appreciate it! THANKS! c",)

Rating: 100%


The most overrated episode of 'Frasier' ever, Aug 25, 2009

Reviewer: Sitcom Fan from U.K

Of all the episodes of 'Frasier', this is the most overrated. So many seem to say this is the best episode of 'Frasier', many even say it’s the best comedy half hour ever. After watching it for the umpteenth time, I just cannot understand it. To me, this is not a particularly outstanding episode.

'Ham Radio' is 'Frasier' at its most broad. Thus it's not surprising that many people who don’t normally like 'Frasier' love this episode. However, what surprises me is that ardent 'Frasier' fans often rate it as one of the best, if not THE best, episode of 'Frasier'. If this is so, they must be pretty bored and disappointed by most other 'Frasier' episodes, because most episodes (particularly in the first seven seasons) are excellent stories that explore character and relationships, as well as being full of witty dialogue. ‘Ham Radio’ abandons all this in favour of silly accents, people saying words backwards, and squeaky voices. By 'Frasier' s standards, its pretty silly and simplistic humour. Fortunately, this episode is not representative of the show as a whole, which is my favourite T.V programme of all time. If all episodes of 'Frasier' were like this, I wouldn't like the show very much.

I don’t think it is a bad episode. The earlier part of it, in particular, is enjoyable, especially the rehearsal scene at Frasier's apartment and Daphne's sarcastic comments. But I’ve just been looking through the script online and there are very few of the great one liners that pepper most 'Frasier' scripts of this period. It's definitely in the bottom quarter of season 4 for me, and wouldn’t make my top 50 episodes of 'Frasier', let alone my top 10. There are SO many better episodes. The ending in particular is rather underwhelming. It feels like we are building up to some big punchline but then Frasier just says ‘Perhaps we could have a little post-play discussion?’ and the scene fades out. It’s hardly ending the episode on a high.

This is a reasonably enjoyable episode, but I find it’s incredible popularity mystifying when compared to masterpieces such as ‘The Good Son’, ‘A Midwinter Night's Dream’, ‘My Coffee With Niles’, ‘The Matchmaker’, ‘Daphne's Room’, ‘An Affair To Forget’, ‘Breaking The Ice’, ‘Martin Does It His Way’, ‘Frasier Grinch’, ‘Look Before You Leap’, ‘The Impossible Dream’, ‘Mixed Doubles’, ‘Death and the Dog’, ‘3 Dates and a Breakup’, ‘Daphne Hates Sherry’, ‘Are You Being Served’, ‘Frasier’s Imaginary Friend’, ‘The Gift Horse’ , ‘Halloween’, ‘Voyage of the Damned’, ‘Room Service’, ‘First Date’….the list goes on and on. This is an O.K, occasionally excellent episode, but along with ‘The 2 Mrs Cranes’ , the most overrated 'Frasier' episode ever.

Rating: 75%


Another Gem, Aug 20, 2009

Reviewer: MaryM from San Francisco

I loved this one-- so many funny things about it. I especially liked it when Roz walks in with tissues in her mouth because she had an unanticipated trip to the dentist. Her pronunciation of her lines is priceless... if you look closely, you can see the others (Frasier and Niles) pursing their lips, so as to squelch their laughter.

Rating: 96%



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