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Episode reviews for Episode 1.09 - Selling Out

Avg. Viewer Review: 80.1%
Number of Reviews: 7

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An early little gem, Jul 09, 2009

Reviewer: Sammy J from Canberra, Australia

"Selling Out" has only one con: it's a bit predictable. But if you can
forgive this, it proves to be quite the gem of an episode. With the
introduction of Bebe Glazer, Frasier's cut-throat agent played by the
marvellous Harriet Sansom Harris, is handled well (although her
character's episodes will indeed get sharper). Meanwhile, there are
plenty of great moments - Niles' musing about watching "Basic
Instinct" with Maris is hilarious, as is Daphne's reminiscences of her
time as a child actress - and everyone is in fine form. Bulldog remains
very one-dimensional at this point, but he fits in a lot better with the exaggerated Bebe in the frame. Great fun.

Rating: 92%


The standard returns, Jul 17, 2008

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

After a few episodes that missed the extraordinarily high standards of the openers,
this episode gets us back on track. It lacks enough 'main plot hilarity' to be a true
Frasier classic, but contains enough pure gems to make it stand up to repeated
These include :
- Frasier's "microscope" comeback to a phone-in listener
- Bulldog's commercial
- Martin's "well, next time I'm re-entering the Earth's atmosphere in a hot tub..."
- Eddie, Frasier and a tennis ball
- Daphne's revelations about her TV career
- Bebe's first appearance
- Niles on he and Maris watching a spicy movie - "we certainly pushed our beds
together THAT night"

Rating: 85%


Selling Out, Aug 24, 2007

Reviewer: Amy from Wiltshire, England

Again, not one of my favourite episodes, but fairly enjoyable. A great way to introduce Bebe Glazer, though - however, she didn't seem as 'frightening' as she normally is in future episodes, but maybe this was a good thing in a way. I found Bulldog's commercial very funny, and the Emery's Nuts commercial with Dr Joyce. Overall, not a brilliant episode, but not a bad one either.

Rating: 72%


SELLING OUT, Feb 09, 2007

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

It’s funny, because nine episodes into the first season of ‘Frasier’ and I’m surprised by how disappointing I’ve found a great deal of them to be; especially considering I’ve also ranked the debut season as among the show’s very best. I’ve just watched ‘Selling Out’ in order to compile this review, and unfortunately it’s another in an increasingly long line of rather below-par episodes, that although containing a few funny moments doesn’t really deliver to a particularly high standard. It’s certainly not been the worst episode of the season though. It is notable however, because, for the first time, we are introduced to Frasier’s unethical, unorthodox agent-from-hell Bebe Glazer, brought to life dazzlingly by Harriet Samson-Harris, who would go on to become a regular guest-star and appear in another 9 episodes. Of the supporting cast, Bebe is certainly one of my very favourites – because she has sparking dialogue and a gloriously malicious streak that is a joy to behold – but these wonderful character traits aren’t really visible in her first episode. Between 1995-1998, Joe Keenan would write all of the Bebe episodes, and I believe fervently that it was he who was responsible for shaping Bebe into the character that we would come to know and love. Keenan, in my view, pretty much defined Bebe – and ‘Selling Out’ certainly lacks his verbal sparkle and hilarious dialogue. Some of the audience responses tended to annoy me in this episode too – too much unnecessary applause. Anyway, on to the actual episode – which begins with one of my favourite radio callers – who can’t decide what to call a boat, resulting in one of the best comebacks by Frasier ever – ‘if I were using that microscope, I still wouldn’t be able to locate my interest in your problem!’ The plot of the episode would become one of the recurrent issues of the series – Frasier and his principles. Priding himself as he does on being very moral and ethical, Frasier encounters a dilemma when he is asked to promote a Chinese restaurant, even though he has no knowledge of the cuisine, and therefore feels unqualified to recommend it. After eating at the restaurant however (the scene where he books the meal was the first bit of ‘Frasier’ I ever saw, which is very funny), Frasier agrees to do the promo – although he gets his ‘yen’ a bit incorrect. And, of course, then everything changes – and we meet Bebe for the first time, persuasive, fast-talking and manipulative…

After a chat with Bebe, who pressurises Frasier into taking her advice, Frasier finds himself testing out lots of different products to see if he deems them worthy of promoting – leading to a great scene with Frasier ducking under the surface of a hot tub in order to avoid someone who doesn’t like him. We also get a pretty good Daphne anecdote, in which we learn that she starred in a TV series when she was 12 called ‘Mind Your Knickers’, which was about a group of high-spirited, ethnically diverse 12-year-old’s at a girl’s boarding school. Frasier describes her as an ‘artichoke – ‘you just keep peeling away one astounding leaf after another!’ Back to the plot, Frasier refuses to endorse Emery’s nuts (he doesn’t like them and they’re 60% fat), that is, until he learns that the commercial is for television and pays a five-figure sum! ‘Let me pinch you, you’re not real!’ croons Bebe, as she gently assures Frasier that unknown radio stars have gone to be superstars after doing TV spots such as this – ‘but there’s not much I can do, if you don’t like the product…’, which is perfectly delivered. Even though Frasier has major quibbles with the script, and the small issue of having to dress up as a nut (co-starring with an almond and a walnut), Bebe manages to encourage him with random cries of ‘Tuition!’ and ‘Beach house!’ One of the downsides of this episode however, is the lack of Niles in this episode – who only makes a very fleeting appearance , although we do learn that his car licence plate is ‘Shrink’. In the end, Frasier’s integrity remains intact – and the episode closes with him watching the advert wondering if he should have done it. In conclusion then, this episode is quite entertaining, but lacks big laughs. It would definitely have been nice to see more of Niles and Roz who make very brief appearances. Even though, I think this is one of the weakest Bebe-centric episodes, I do believe that the character did just about make her mark, and although her dialogue certainly missed the verbal spark of future outings, she was given some very funny lines that constituted as the high point of the episode. The best thing about this episode was undoubtedly Harriet Samson-Harris’ performance - which was perfectly pitched in my opinion. So, all in all, a solid, entertaining episode, but by no means a classic – although it did contain some fine ingredients, such as the radio call-in, Bebe, Bulldog’s Chinese promo and the tag scene playing over the end credits. Good episode.

Rating: 76%


Seen all there is to see, Jan 26, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

A first appearance for cliched but still funny Bebe here as she not so subtly attempts to make Frasier abandon his ethics in search of the almighty dollar. Niles' comparison of Frasier to Sharon Stone would make any episode worth watching and Bulldog's politically incorrect Chinese impersonation is also priceless.

Rating: 82%


Review of Selling Out, Aug 01, 2005

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, England

After a run of 3 fairly mediocre episodes we are treated to this gem which introduces us to one of Frasier's best loved and most enduring characters - his agent Bebe Glazer. She positively crackles with deviousness, her eyes widening Medusa-like as she gives her manipulative sales pitch to Frasier. Harriet Sansom Harris is superb here, I especially like her whispered scream whilst holding her temples as she tells Frasier of the projected school fees for Frederick at Harvard.

There were much better Bebe episodes to come but as an introduction to the character I found this a highly entertaining episode.

Rating: 82%


'Selling Out' review, May 18, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

The first Bebe Glazer episode but by no means the best. The character's manipulative tendencies are already apparent here although not quite to the extreme of the later Joe Keenan-penned episodes. There are some good moments such as when Bebe slowly pushes the Emery's Nuts towards Frasier in an effort to convince him to do the commercial but with Niles relegated to just one scene towards the end and a script that could have been sharper this is for the most part decidedly average fare.

Rating: 72%