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Episode reviews for Episode 4.17 - Roz's Turn

Avg. Viewer Review: 87.0%
Number of Reviews: 2

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A delight, Dec 22, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Peri Gilpin shines as Roz here, in what is a great season overall
for both character and actress. It's the start of a long (if often
interrupted) arc about Roz developing her own place in radio, and
it's handled very capably by writer Joe Keenan, and yet another
superb performance from Harriet Sansom Harris as Bebe. The
Faustian plot involving Roz is wonderfully handled, and it gives a
lot of great material to Frasier: he's not wrong to distrust Bebe,
but he's also interfering in Roz's life partly out of personal
feelings. One could perhaps argue that baby Alice is the reason
Roz's career doesn't quickly ascend from here, but - of all the
characters - she would ultimately be the one worst served by the
status quo of a sitcom, as she'll still be producing a talk radio
show seven years later...

Meanwhile, Daphne and Niles have some hysterical moments
together throughout the episode. Now that Niles is officially
separated, his crush on Daphne is hilariously clear, and he can
barely control his hormones. Great fun.

Rating: 91%


'Roz's Turn' review, Jun 14, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Roz falls victim to the unscrupulous behaviour of Bebe Glazer when she auditions for her own show on KACL and is front-runner for the position but is suddenly dropped when the ever shifty agent tells the station manager that Frasier will quit if he loses Roz as his producer. Another sparkling outing for the Bebe character which includes some great moments; Roz putting together her audition tape is very funny with Niles getting rather too excited as he poses as Daphne's boyfriend and I also like the array of pathetic so-called 'experts' which Bebe lines up. The final scene sees Bebe's behaviour becoming ever more desperate, swallowing pill after pill and even roping her secretary into her devious schemes, with Harriet Sansom Harris's performance as fabulous as ever.

Rating: 83%