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Episode reviews for Episode 4.16 - The Unnatural

Avg. Viewer Review: 77.7%
Number of Reviews: 3

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Niles vs. Frederick: Round One, Dec 22, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Trevor Einhorn puts in a winning performance as young Frederick
Crane, although it's the beginning of a portrayal that - perhaps
understandably - differs somewhat from the Freddie we hear
about in episodes where the character doesn't appear. Rather
than being the bookish child we're told about, this Freddie wants
to see his dad play baseball, and lusts after Daphne. It's a great
episode, so I'm not worried about this, but it's interesting to note.

Seeing Frasier try to live up to his son's image is almost as
affecting as when he tries to live up to Martin's. There are some
very funny Bulldog moments, and the baseball dilemma leads to
some good father/son stuff for Martin and Frasier.

Beyond this, my favourite moments are those between Niles and
Freddie. The story of their battle for Daphne will continue in future
episodes, and it brings out David Hyde Pierce's impish side to
great acclaim. The way that Niles becomes ridiculously competitive
- and the fact that Freddie is winning and gloating - is just

Rating: 85%


The Unnatural, May 04, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

This ep's completely uninvolving premise is mostly excusable because of the chance to get a Frederick visit worked in. Upon being b.s.'d by Bulldog that his dad is adept as baseball, Freddy disregards his previous Microsoft tour request for a chance to see Frasier play ball. Why Mensa-minded Frederick would suddenly take in interest in seeing his dad play sports is a bit off-key, so go with it as best you can. What follows is foreseeable fodder that finds Frasier flailing his way through a batting cage. There are some other jokes at Martin's expense, and some innocuous father-son stuff. But the primary line that saves this episode from dismissable is delivered by Bulldog, related to sex with an unattractive woman: "Hey, you don't look at the mantle when you're pokin' the fireplace." FOREVER quotable to this day.

Rating: 70%


'The Unnatural' review, Jun 13, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

An episode in which Frederick has to face up to the fact that nobody's perfect as, on a visit to KACL, he meets Bulldog who decides to spare his feelings by lying about Frasier being a brilliant softball player, which causes Freddie to tell his dad that he wants to watch him take part in the upcoming KACL softball game. This leads to an amusing scene where Martin takes his grown up son to a batting cage to practice hitting the ball, with predictably embarrassing results. In the end Freddie learns that not only is his dad a lousy softball player but also that Martin can't do math in his head! It's an enjoyable episode, the funniest parts of which concern Frederick's crush on Daphne and his various attempts at making Niles jealous - the look he gives him in the closing shot is priceless.

Rating: 78%