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Episode reviews for Episode 4.11 - Three Days Of The Condo

Avg. Viewer Review: 74.0%
Number of Reviews: 4

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Ho hum, Sep 09, 2012

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

Limited in set, limited in situation, limited in laughs - a very average
episode in what has so far been a good season. The innuendo of
Frasier's speech to the condo board at the end relies entirely on
anticipation (i.e. something WE know, that Frasier doesn't). However,
when you watch a second time, you realise that each innuendo is a
contrived set-up - how many times does Martin ever refer to Eddie as
"his little guy"?

All in all, although by no means a humour-free excursion, it doesn't
linger in memory.

Rating: 65%


Funny but fallible, Dec 22, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

There's some very funny business in this little exploration of condo
board paranoia: Frasier approached by a shadowy "Deep Throat"
character; Dana Ivey's turn as Frasier's nemesis; the closing farcical
sequence as Frasier's speech goes awry. I'm always partial to some
good quirky condo antics, and Frasier's self-righteousness, so
perhaps that's why I was predisposed to like this episode.

However, it's not particularly memorable. I'd all but forgotten it when
I sat down to rewatch. The cast aren't evenly utilised, and one
almost wishes the farce had gone further. An average 22 minutes of
"Frasier", but a solid 22 minutes for a sitcom.

Rating: 81%


Three Days of the Condo, Apr 27, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Forgettable Season 4 entry finds Frasier at odds with the powers-that-be who oversee various infractions within his building. Encouraged by an "underground" (literally) faction, he's asked to be the savior to those that suffer under the tryannical reign of a Ms. Langer. An obtuse, thoroughly misplaced story for the series, that seems as if it were penned by a spec writer. There are a few throwaway barbs and an amusing, albeit brief, Sherry scene. However, the innuendo-laden finale gets worn real quick, and the scene set in the parking garage is ridiculously contrived, esp. for a show of an expectedly higher writing standard.

Rating: 70%


'Three Days Of The Condo' review, Jun 12, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Frasier decides to run for presidency of the condo board after receiving harsh treatment from the current president, the fearsome Ms Langer, when she accuses him of contravening building regulations by fixing a new knocker to his front door. Langer is a wonderfully ghastly creation and the episode is a very enjoyable one, marred only by the odd sequence in the parking lot where the mysterious Dr Dorfman approaches Frasier to persuade him to run for the post, a nice idea which doesn't really come off. There's also a very funny moment where, having earlier faced the embarrassment of walking in on an intimate situtation between Martin and Sherry, Niles runs into his father again and the two awkardly exchange pleasantries before getting out of each others way as quickly as possible. Although fairly base humour by 'Frasier''s standards, the litany of double meanings which Frasier comes out with at the condo meeting regarding Martin's incident in the jacuzzi is undeniably funny as the episode ends with him killing off any chance he might have had in winning the post.

Rating: 80%