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Episode reviews for Episode 4.10 - Liar! Liar!

Avg. Viewer Review: 75.2%
Number of Reviews: 5

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Not amazing, Dec 22, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Season 4 is a minor miracle, but "Liar! Liar!" is not one of my
favourite installments. The plot creaks along acceptably, with a good
example of Frasier's moralising getting the better of him, and the
subplot with Niles and Daphne is well-constructed if unmemorable.

But things just never sparkle - aside from some lovely moments at
the beginning, and Roz's deception of her own grandma! More to the
point, the main plot seems to peter out. Frasier's schoolboy act of
rebellion may have been a key moment in the downturn of a school
bully's entire life: it sets up some nice conflict for Frasier and Martin,
and their respective ideologies, but things never really pay-off
comedically or dramatically.

Not a waste of time - everything in the series is running on full gear
now - but hardly a comic masterpiece.

Rating: 74%


Liar! Liar!, Apr 27, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Another one of these "all over the map" entries into Season 4, that begins engagingly enough with the cast decked out at Frasier's apartment following the SeaBee awards. Following some on-target banter about the effect (or ill-effect) of lying, the ep takes an odd left turn and never gets back.

It re-focuses on Frasier's guilt over a prep school classmate that he and Niles inadvertently had expelled. Determined to set his conscience at ease, Frasier looks the guy up in jail to get to the root of his life's folly. Upon discovering that fault ultimately lies with him over this guy's most recent incarceration (for passing a bad check??), Frasier decides to help him in some way (short of admitting his actions years earlier, fearing the man's volatile reaction).

So he seeks out the guy's wife for some pro-bono marriage counseling, only to discover she is driven by "dangerous sex," Frasier, of course, as the target. The jailed friend conveniently shows up (a clumsy bit of writing makes no mention of this a scene earlier) and suddenly the woman inexplicably protects Frasier's presence in the apartment. There's some silliness with a dressing screen and an implausibly placed sprinkler system (they don't exist in American apartments, at least not at the 20 complexes I've lived in).

A sidebar has Niles bearing pain in exchange for Daphne's hands on him, but it turns into predictable fodder. But, as usual, the charms of the cast pull you through this one fair enough.

Rating: 85%


Weak farce for Frasier, Dec 14, 2008

Reviewer: Andrew from South Scotland

One of the few weak episodes from season 4 this has two very funny moments, Ros putting one over on Bulldog in the opening scene and some particularly inspired physical comedy from Niles in response to Daphne's application of ointment to his painful back - brought on by the heavy exertion of adjusting the seat in his Mercedes!

Apart from these scenes though, the episode is a disappointment. The actor playing John Rajeski is not convincing in his role as a felon, nor is his wife in her role. They are somehow too nice - you cannot imagine them doing physical harm to Frasier. There are many scenes in other episodes where you can believe that when having a row Martin could do more harm to Frasier than these pussycats could. So from that point of view the farce elements in the wife's apartment fall flat. This is a disappointment because Frasier usually does farce so brilliantly. Also the farce is not believable enough. Would Rajeski not have mentioned to Frasier in prison when being asked questions about his offending history that he was due to be released in the next day or so? Would a sprinkler system come on in an apartment block immediately when an alarm was triggered giving no opportunity to cancel a false alarm (as in the brilliant farcical episode The Matchmaker)?

Overall this episode is worth seeing, but there are so many better in season 4.

Rating: 70%


Great start - shame about the rest, Nov 20, 2008

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

This episode starts as if it means to be a classic, with the cast assembled at
Frasier's for the post-awards party, which has plenty of laughs not least the
way Roz disposes of Bulldog to prove "so there are no good lies, huh?"

The hilarity continues at The Cafe Nervosa where both Frasier and Niles show
up in identical outfits much to their chagrin.

Sadly after this promising start the episode clunks from there on in. Mainly
because the principal plot premise is such a weak one - who cares about this
school bully now turned petty criminal? Who cares about Frasier's guilt trip
over whether he was the one who turned the man to a life of crime? I
certainly didn't. And the ending is one of the weakest in any Frasier episode
ever. All in all, a damp squib after a fine start.

Rating: 69%


'Liar, Liar!', Jun 11, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

This episode starts rather oddly with a fairly irrelevant scene where most of the characters convene at Frasier's apartment on the night of the Sea Bees, during which Frasier and Niles reveal to Martin that they once pulled the fire alarm at school but blamed it on someone who had bullied them, John Rajeski, who is now in prison. Despite this rather weak setting up of the main plot the episode is an enjoyable one with Frasier going to see Rajeski in prison intending to admit his wrongdoing only to chicken out at the last minute. I love Frasier and Niles turning up at Nervosa wearing matching suits while Daphne applying liniment to Niles back is also very funny, as he makes a mad dash to the refrigerator to push all manner of frozen foods down his burning back. The ending where Frasier goes to visit Rajeski's sex-starved wife only for the jailbird to return home is promising but ends with a bit of a whimper when Frasier sets the sprinkler system on and the couple walk out of the door, leaving him standing there. Despite a less than satisfactory beginning and end, this episode is largely amusing throughout if not one the great episodes of this season.

Rating: 78%