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Episode reviews for Episode 4.09 - Dad Loves Sherry, The Boys Just Whine

Avg. Viewer Review: 94.8%
Number of Reviews: 5

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Welcome, Marsha Mason, Dec 11, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

I can only echo what has been said in previous reviews: Marsha
Mason is a breath of fresh air into the series just when it was
needed. Over three-and-a-half years, the series has gone from
strength to strength, but adding Sherry to the mix helps to boost
season 4's profile considerably. Sherry and Marty's rapport is so
effortless that you can truly believe why they're together. After
three years off the force, it's no surprise that Martin leaps at
someone who is so fun-loving and carefree. Sherry is such a fully-
realised character on the page, yet Mason adds even more vigour
to her every move.

After three years, a show as serious about character development
as this one had to move on somewhat from the "Frasier and
Martin's personalities clash" kind of storyline. Helpfully, Sherry
offsets this by bringing that all back to the fore in a fresh manner.
It's always great fun to see Frasier and Niles uncomfortable, and
it's made all the more fun here because Sherry and Martin
deliberately set out to rile them.

Sherry will give us some great moments during her time on the
series, but perhaps none beat the power of her first appearance.

It was a bit of a surprise, though, to see Jane Kaczmarek back as
Maureen. It hasn't been managed that Martin was dating since
last we saw her, so it's just a bit of a shock to realise that he's
been off the market this entire time!

Rating: 95%


Dad Loves Sherry, The Boys Just Whine, Apr 20, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Terrific near-mid-season ep is in the perfect place because it sort of catches you off-guard. Frasier and Niles' reactions to Martin's new lady-friend provide a perfect new foil for their usual snobs vs. slobs run-ins. Mason has a good trashy sex-appeal to go along with the off-color one-liners. As usual, this is packed with with too many quotable bits, ranging from Mae West to Cold Duck to red-faced sex barbs. Only downside is the overbearingness of Mason and Mahoney hamming it up. There is such a thing as one too many "HAAAAAAAAA!!!"s.

Rating: 95%


Dad Loves Sherry, The Boys Just Whine, Apr 07, 2006

Reviewer: Amz from Wiltshire, UK

This is one of the best Frasier episodes, we see the first appearance of Sherry who is brilliantly played by Marsha Mason. Again, as I've mentioned in other reviews, Frasier has foot in mouth disease twice in this episode when he accidently tells Martin about Maureen breaking up with him and when he tells Martin Niles doesn't want Sherry at his banquet. The best and most memorable part of the episode however would have to be Frasier and Niles trying 'Cold Duck.' The look on their faces is enough to make you wet yourself laughing! If you haven't seen this episode, you must as soon as possible!

Rating: 100%


'Dad Loves Sherry, The Boys Just Whine' review, Jun 11, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A wonderful title for a wonderful episode as Marsha Mason turns in the first of many marvellous performances as Martin's new girlfriend, banjo-playing barmaid Sherry Dempsey. There are big laughs throughout from Frasier accidently letting slip to his dad that current girlfriend Maureen is breaking up with him (something cleverly repeated when he later lets on about his and Niles' true feelings about Sherry) to Martin shamelessly pretending to be devastated when Maureen tells him the supposedly bad news. Joe Keenan's script doesn't miss a beat and the scene with Sherry's entrance is 'Frasier' at it's very best; fast paced, quick witted and brilliantly performed. Sherry's crude, earthy humour makes for a hilarious contrast to the uptight Crane boys and the various snide remarks from Niles such as 'I didn't know Mae West had children' are wonderful while Frasier and Niles attempting to drink the clearly revolting Cold Duck is absolutely priceless. I also love Sherry's habit of telling Frasier and Niles some unwelcome information only to follow this with 'Gotcha!' while the laughs continue into the tag scene as we see poor Frasier and Niles being forced to endure Sherry giving a performance on the banjo. An absolute delight.

Rating: 91%



Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

This episode (aside from having a very clever title) is another wonderful addition to Season Four, with some superb one-liners, jokes and all the cast giving wonderful performances as usual. Writer Joe Keenan, who as I’ve said before is perhaps the most beloved and respected ‘Frasier’ writer of all time turns in a script that introduces us to a superb comic monster, Sherry Dempsey. Right from the moment Sherry enters the room, the episode goes from strength to strength.

Prior to Sherry’s colourful arrival, we get a very nice steady first act, most memorable for Martin breaking up with Maureen. It was funny how Martin was secretly delighted that Maureen wanted to break it off with him, but he made her feel like she’d broken his heart, which was very funny. Elsewhere Niles is on top form as he plans a banquet in honour of the a prize he’s won for
NILES: A gripping case history of a narcissistic opera singer. I called it "Me Me Me Me Me."

However this episode really gains power when Sherry arrives (proceeded by a warning cue-card saying ‘Fasten your seatbelts!’) Sherry enters, draped in a hideous pink dress and a tasteless umbrella. She conjures up an immediately hysterical contrast between snobby Frasier and Niles, which is why she works so well as such a revolting protagonist. Her first scene is very memorable – especially when she produces a bottle of Champagne (which she hurls across the room for Niles to catch) called ‘Cold Duck’. Watching the two brothers drink it is very funny!
NILES: Cold Duck?
SHERRY: You ever had it?
FRASIER: Just once!

Niles manages to slip in some wonderfully icy remarks, such as ‘I didn’t know May West had children’. Sherry seems unabashed, as she and Martin rock giddily with laughter, which never fails to make me smile at Sherry’s continuous cannon of tasteless jokes such as when she asks where her room is, only to be greeted by a horrified silence, of which she and Martin burst into hysterics. Her lively persona is instantly likeable yet dislikeable, and on her philosophy of humour she says:
SHERRY: I love making people laugh. To me laughter is like medicine
NILES: (mouths to Frasier) Then we must be in the Placebo group.

Niles becomes increasingly worried about Sherry making a disastrous impact at his upcoming banquet, and so he and Frasier agree to tell Martin their true feelings for his new girlfriend. This throws up a great scene, in which Martin is furious that they can’t make someone he cares about feel welcome, to which Frasier argues that Martin never made any of the women he and Niles cared about feel welcome.
MARTIN (regarding Lilith): You’re comparing a warm lady like Sherry to Frosty the Snow wife!

My favourite quote from this episode would be when Frasier tells Martin that he agrees with Niles’ view of Sherry, only to discover Niles hasn’t broached the subject.
FRASIER: You know Niles told me what he was going to say to you tonight, and I must say, in his defence that it is a big evening for him and let’s face it Sherry can be a bit much.
MARTIN: She can, huh?
FRASIER: Well, I don't mean it as a criticism, mind you. Some people
like that. But now that Niles has broached the subject I must say that I too find Sherry a bit brassy and flamboyant... [notices Martin's puzzled look] He didn't say a word to you, did he?

This quote is followed by a blazing row and Niles incredulously funny ‘that delightful women?’
All in all therefore a superb episode, with jokes coming thick and fast all the way through. Marsha Mason turns in a lively performance as the unbearable Sherry, who contributes hugely in making this episode another classic one. Very funny!

Rating: 93%