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Episode reviews for Episode 4.07 - A Lilith Thanksgiving

Avg. Viewer Review: 86.5%
Number of Reviews: 2

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Golda, Oscar. Oscar, Golda., Dec 11, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

I've always had a soft spot for "A Lilith Thanksgiving". Bebe
Neuwirth so effortlessly fits into the ensemble that you can truly
believe she was a part of their lives for the better part of a
decade. Seeing Frasier and Lilith interact is great fun, particularly
here, where they attempt to suck up to - and ultimately just con -
the head of an exclusive Boston school. What makes the storyline
work is that it isn't just straight out farce. The Dean is a very
intelligent man, able to see through their ruses. Watching Frasier
and Lilith constantly reevaluate their actions is great fun. Moreso,
the nature of the relationship is fascinating. The couple still have a
great respect for each other, so that they can alternate between
witty jibes and true insight at a moment's notice. The extended
family argument scene (featuring Jane Lynch!) is perhaps a tad
too long, but it does help explain why the Cranes are ultimately

Meanwhile, the subplot gives some good screentime to Trevor
Einhorn, who makes a wonderful Freddie. David Hyde Pierce has
good fun cooking the turkey, in a warm-up for his bravura
wordless performance in "Three Valentines".

Rating: 90%


'A Lilith Thanksgiving' review, Jun 11, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A delightful episode that sees the Crane clan heading to Boston for Thanksgiving as Frasier and Lilith learn that Frederick is being considered for entry to the highly exclusive Mulberry Academy, and decide to do everything they can to ensure he gets admitted. This makes for some excellent comedy as the episode switches between their various attempts at persuading the stern tempered Dr Colin Campbell to accept their son and Martin and Niles attempting to look after Freddie, who suffers all manner of injuries and ailments in their care - something completely ignored by his parents whose priorities lie elsewhere. There's also a great moment where Frasier and Lilith return to the kitchen to take the turkey as a means of bribing Dr Campbell only for reluctant cook Niles to walk back in and open the oven to find it's disappeared. Trevor Einhorn clearly makes a perfect Freddie and overall this is another fine Lilith episode for the series.

Rating: 83%