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Episode reviews for Episode 4.06 - Mixed Doubles

Avg. Viewer Review: 95.3%
Number of Reviews: 17

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The next step, Dec 11, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Mixed Doubles" is a delightful little episode which manages to be
comedic and heartfelt throughout. The gag of Niles' doppelganger
never gets old, and it's always interesting to further the plight of
Niles' single life, as he struggles to stay free of Maris and yet
remain afloat.

At some point in every series with a 'will they or won't they'
component, the writers have to deal with the issue of longevity.
Some shows - like, say, "Friends" - just sweep it under the carpet,
to the point where the characters look like utter idiots: two
grown-ups who can't admit they love one another over the course
of ten years? Ridiculous! "Frasier", instead, decides to do the
same thing they will eventually do with the chronic 'single'-ness of
Frasier and Roz: make it a character element. Niles couldn't be
with Daphne previously because he was married. Now, they're at
the point where Daphne knows all his flaws and quirks, and sees
him as Frasier's brother. To add to this, Niles is aware that the
risk is so great if she turns him down, and the timing is far from

All of the interactions between Niles and Daphne are simply
wonderful, and genuine. We're able to enjoy the story of their
growing friendship without becoming impatient for further things
to happen. A lovely tale.

Rating: 97%


Awesome Niles!, Apr 23, 2011

Reviewer: Meg from Anytown, AT 55555

This episode had me in stiches:) Niles was absolutely hilarious in this and especially love
the scene when Martin and Frasier simultaneously exclaim 'What the hell was that?' One of
the Frasier episode that I could watch many times and never tire:) And Niles' expression
when he exclaims 'I want to die!' after realising that he and Rodney look exactly alike:) A
classic Niles moment, David Hyde Pierce was superb in this episode:) Definitely one of the
funnier episodes, second probably only to Ham Radio, though that episode can get
tiresome after numerous time of watching...
Definitely makes my top ten, Hats off the the superb cast!!

Rating: 95%


Possibly the best, Mar 01, 2009

Reviewer: Robert Paulson from UK

This could be my personal favourite episode.
It mixes funny and heartbreaking with terrifying ease. For this reason it is a rare definitive episode, most other fantastic episodes missing at least one element of the magical Frasier formular.
It also reminds me how incredibly important Daphne is to the format of Frasier; with so many great episodes being Daphne-centric.
The last scene is one of Frasier's most... poignant is a word I hear a lot of in description of scenes such as this, however I think I will go one further and say painfull. I was almost in tears at the end of this, I really can't think of another 30 minute comedy which could make me feel this way.
I can't describe this, you will have to watch it for yourself.
You won't regret it.

Rating: 100%


A mixed blessing, Nov 16, 2008

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

This one isn't quite the triumph for me that it seems to be for others - it IS
a kind of classic though, made so (after a rather dull and slow-moving start) by
two show-stoppers : one, the unbelievably Niles-alike Rodney, which could have
been embarrassing but was actually a riot, simply underlining how hilariously
foppish and effete DHP plays Niles.

And two, the poignant scene at the end where Niles and Daphne get so near
to emotional confessions - beautifully and warmly done without a trace of

A very good episode then, but not for me a top tenner.

Rating: 89%


Will the real Niles Crane please stand up?, Sep 30, 2008

Reviewer: David Sim from Skelmersdale, England

Every Frasier writer has an episode that is they're masterpiece. One that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Joe Keenan's is The Two Mrs Cranes. David Lloyd's is Ham Radio. Rob Greenberg's is Dial M For Martin. And in the case of Christopher Lloyd, amongst his excellent output, his masterpiece is the superb Mixed Doubles.

It is by far the best thing Christopher Lloyd has ever written. Funny. Touching. Poignant. It achieves a perfect balance between being an hilarious slice of comedy, as well as tackling a serious dramatic subject. Something most US sitcoms never seem to pull off without sacrificing one or the other. But Frasier, being the extra special sitcom that it is, does so effortlessly.

Mixed Doubles is my second favourite episode of Frasier. The Two Mrs Cranes takes the No 1 spot. Two episodes that are both part of the magnificent Season 4, rightfully known as the best of Frasier's 11 seasons. From Season 4 onwards, Christopher Lloyd's output would become somewhat sporadic, which is why I treasure Mixed Doubles so dearly.

It begins with Frasier and Niles huddled around the telescope spying on the building across the street. Even this unconnected scene is hilarious. Check out the marvellous dialogue:

(Martin: You know what you're doing is wrong don't you?)
(Frasier: We're simply admiring an armchair. Not a naked woman!)
(Martin: That's what I mean!)

In fact from this point on, the laughs are coming so fast its very hard to keep up with them. Joe has just broken up with Daphne. And she's devastated. Love the bits when Niles keeps trying to comfort her only for Frasier to stop him. Niles decides to tell Daphne how he feels about her, but Frasier thinks he should wait a day. So Niles does. And in the interim, Daphne starts seeing a man called Rodney she met at a singles bar that Roz introduced her to, The Sure Thing ("How flattering. They've named a bar after her.")

Niles decides to follow suit, and is enchanted by Adelle (the second l is what hooks Niles!). Mixed Doubles really is Christopher Lloyd's funniest script. I love the bit in the kitchen when Niles is glad he won't become a lonely, pitiful loser with a failed marriage, catches Frasier's dirty look, and tries to make a haphazard save. Frasier's reply is classic! ("Do you make a beeping noise when you back up like that.")

But its when we meet Rodney that Mixed Doubles blasts off into the stratosphere. Rodney is the spitting image of Niles! He both looks and sounds like him. He has the same mannerisms. He even smells Daphne's hair! God where do you even begin to describe how funny this scene is?! Everything about it works wonderfully! Kevin Farrell really was an astonishing piece of casting. If the producers hadn't picked David Hyde Pierce to play Niles, Kevin Farrell would have been they're second choice!

Just the sight of Niles and Rodney in the same shot will leave you gasping for air, because you'll be laughing so hard. Especially Frasier's suggestion that they should put magic marker on Niles to tell the two of them apart! Even more hysterical is the fact that Daphne just doesn't see the connection. But what makes Mixed Doubles an undisputed classic is that its an extremely poignant and heartrending love story. You just have to look behind the laughs to find it. Which is hard I'll admit!

You really feel sorry for Niles here. Because Daphne is going out with a man that is exactly like him in every way. If Niles hadn't waited that one damned day, that could very well be him courting Ms Daphne! But still, Christopher Lloyd continues to make the episode such a gut-busting laugh-fest!

When it turns out Adelle and Rodney are cheating on Niles and Daphne with each other, Niles flies into a rage. My favourite quote: ("Frasier: Don't engage him in a physical fight Niles. The whole thing would just look too weird!). Niles calling Rodney a "ludicrous popinjay" is a choice highlight. And the scene is capped brilliantly when Frasier learns Rodney also has an older brother. A "handsome, successful, brilliant man" Rodney's been rather jealous of. Frasier just says "spooky!"

The episode comes to a lovely conclusion. Niles and Daphne drown their sorrows at the bar and ponder their futures. Nobody quite writes scenes between Niles and Daphne the way Christopher Lloyd can. They're words feel so real and touch many emotional nerves. And this scene is no exception. Niles hinting that he worships Daphne from afar. And Daphne muses over the possibility that in another time and place, they might have wound up together. When they say they love each other, one meant in jest, the other in honesty, its guaranteed to bring a lump to the throat.

What a triumphant episode! Mixed Doubles is a classic on all levels. Every word of it is a joy. Every scene a delight! Christopher Lloyd's script is a work of inspired genius written by one! One of the most moving episodes in Frasier's history. And one of its funniest.

Rating: 100%


Pierce, Oct 03, 2007

Reviewer: Gabe JA from USA

The best acting in the entire series, next to the last minute of goodnight seattle, is the last
minute of this episode.

Rating: 100%


Not such a, Aug 31, 2007

Reviewer: Aisling from Ireland

This is a wonderful episode which looks at the pitfalls of the dating scene and how superficial it can be...contrasted of course with Niles and Daphne's incredibly moving final scene when Niles, realising he is merely playing the part of a would-be suitor to Daphne, who is blindly unaware of his true feelings for her, delivers the most poignant line imaginable. Daphne plays the scene beauitfully too, with her honesty and openness to Niles about her relationships with men and the difficulty of finding the right one. Suddenly the scene moves from a hypothetical chat up line at a bar to both of them revealing how they feel, Daphne her disillusionment with finding the right man and of course Niles true feelings masked by the make-believe situation.

Having watched this episode several times, I cannot imagine any other actor conveying the deep emotion and heartbreaking truth that David Hyde Pierce does here. It is truly the most outstanding moment dealing with unrequited llove and the pain and anguish that comes with that.

Quite simply a masterpiece..

Rating: 100%


A gently breaking heart, May 18, 2007

Reviewer: Tom from Boston, MA

I too was brought to tears by Niles' tremulous final line. The aching truth of his love for Daphne was almost too much to bear. For this single scene, Mr. Pierce deserves every accolade.

Rating: 100%


don't miss this episode, Dec 25, 2006

Reviewer: Marcie from California, USA

This is the sweetest little episode during Nile's and Daphne's unrequited period. Oh! I was brought near to tears with that last line.

Rating: 98%


Two Nileses? That's too funny!, Sep 04, 2006

Reviewer: David Jones from North Wales, Great Britain

This is a great episode! The best part is the second half when we get to meet Niles' double. It really is hilarious to watch and has plenty of great lines in it.

Frasier and Martin: What the hell was that?

Frasier: Maybe we should put a little red mark on the real Niles so we can tell them apart!

Rating: 100%



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