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Episode reviews for Episode 4.04 - A Crane's Critique

Avg. Viewer Review: 90.7%
Number of Reviews: 6

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Classic season 4, Dec 11, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"A Crane's Critique" is nothing special: indeed, it basically just
checks the boxes of your standard sibling rivalry/snobby Crane
brothers story. But it does it so well, that the tension and humour
are reliably increased as the episode goes by.

The episode perhaps misses a chance for some true insight for
Frasier and Niles, who don't seem to even notice the fact that the
man they've admired since childhood is more like their father than
them. It might have been interesting to see them admit that one
of their idols isn't anything like them. But what we get is just as
enjoyable: Marty becoming fast friends with "Ted" is nicely played.
The episode uses the syncopated rhythms of Grammer and
Pierce's performances to perfection, as the brothers attempt to
one-up each other in their non-existent relationship with Mr.
Houghton, and then fall to pieces as they discover his unpublished

Thankfully, the episode doesn't falter. The closing moments, with
Marty's genuine anger, and Frasier and Niles convincing each
other they acted for the best, are perfectly earned.

Rating: 90%


A Crane's Critique, Apr 27, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Thoroughly enjoyable ep involving the boys' chance encounter with a reclusive, J.D. Salinger-type author. Before they have a chance to make an impression on him, he (of course) takes to Marty and the two begin palling around, partaking in "guy" things the boys heartily eschew. F & N's chance finally comes when the author leaves behind a satchel containing his first writing effort in years. What ensues is a perfectly explored trail of disaster, from getting caught in the act, to inadvertently dissauding the writer from persuing his comeback. Grammer is nicely manic throughout, with Pierce his patented, eager-to-please self.

Rating: 95%


Hilarious and classy episode., Nov 17, 2009

Reviewer: Roz's buddy from New York

This is one of my favourites.

From the lovely relationship between Martin and the writer, (watching ball together in the bar,)
to the Frasier/Niles rivalry/partnership, (chasing him around town, yet Frasier trying to keep
him out of the apartment, leading to the HILARIOUS scene of Niles' suspicious little face sticking
his face in the door, saying "you know very well there was a drought in Bergogna..." this
episode moves beautifully through some classic moments.

The twist at the end is brought to a beautiful conclusion, when (after having ruined this man's
life, pretty much,) the two justify it to themselves as having saved him the embarrassment of
another book.

It really is written beautifully, and acted even more so.

Rating: 95%


I love it, Dec 22, 2007

Reviewer: Sepheryn from Northern Ireland

Another of my favourite episodes. I never get tired of this one. The Chameleon's Song lol. Oh, words just can't express the unbridled hilarity of this show. This episode is another example.

'O look, there he is in the futon store!'

Rating: 99%


A Crane's Critique Review, Aug 04, 2005

Reviewer: Harlequin from Finland

This episode started a bit slowly and wasn't very funny, but the last half of the episode was very good which saved the episode from oblivion.

Rating: 84%


'A Crane's Critique' review, Jun 10, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A fun little episode as Frasier and Niles encounter one of their literary heroes, the reclusive T.H. Houghton, and after many failed attempts to meet him, find themselves in possession of the manuscript for the long awaited follow-up to his first book. Frasier and Niles constantly missing Houghton is great fun as to their dismay he not only hits it off with Martin but also spends some time with 'miserable little biscuit whore' Eddie. There's a great moment where, as they prepare to read the manuscript, Niles is instructing Frasier how far they should dim the lights and continues doing this long after Frasier has walked away from the light switch. It's perhaps predictable that Houghton and Martin will walk in on them reading the manuscript but nevertheless this is another very good episode, with a good deal of sharp lines and big laughs.

Rating: 81%