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Episode reviews for Episode 4.03 - The Impossible Dream

Avg. Viewer Review: 88.0%
Number of Reviews: 4

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Most interesting, Dec 06, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

One of the earliest episodes I remember seeing during the original
run (I must have been 9, I suppose), "The Impossible Dream" gets
great mileage out of Frasier and Niles' profession. It presents a
problem - Frasier's recurring dream of a night of passion with Gil -
and allows the brothers to try and figure it out, while mining plenty
of comedy along the way. I love the scene where Frasier tries to tell
Martin the truth about it, and Daphne's unique interpretation. (Such
a shame that after about this point, the series begins to forget that
she's "a bit psychic".) Also, Gil is always a welcome face, and his
slightly sadistic glee at learning about the dream is exquisite.

Things certainly aren't as tight as they could be, but this is another
great romp, and the scenes between Martin and Daphne in the
elevator are so much fun. I keep meaning to do that in my own
apartment elevator!

Rating: 88%


My favourite scene, Nov 28, 2007

Reviewer: Nick from Australia

My favourite scene has got to be with Daphne and Martin in the elevator. They're speaking about dangers and there are implications of Daphne being a spy for a certain governemtn which freaks the other elevator passenger out. After the passenger leaves they have a chuckle saying they need to stop this but another person boards the elevator. In an attempt to freak him out Daphne asks Martin "How did you get the stuff through customs?" to which he replies "They never checked the other leg." Hilarious.

Plus the scene where Frasier gets embarassed after the waitress at Nervosa hears him speaking about waking up with a man in his bed, and he starts saying "..and then the Rabbi says...". Hilarious!!

Rating: 94%


Great Explanation of Psychological Analysis, Apr 15, 2007

Reviewer: Mark from Rosemeadow, NSW, Australia

This is a great episode, if only for the way it demonstrates just how good Frasier is at being a psychiatrist - it shows his skill at analysis. It also shows Niles' skills. It also acts as a very good introduction to the concepts of analysis.
It is also very funny, especially the end.

Rating: 90%


'The Impossible Dream' review, Jun 10, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Frasier begins to ponder his sexuality in this episode when he has a recurring dream in which he finds himself sharing a seedy hotel room with Gil Chesterton. These dreams are scattered throughout the episode and in one particularly funny moment, Frasier wakes up from dreaming about being in bed with Gil - only to lift the bed sheet to find Eddie lying next to him! Gil is especially good value here, causing Frasier great unease such as when he's seen suggestively eating a chocolate eclair. There's also a very funny scene with Martin and Daphne in the lift trying to make people paranoid by pretending to be criminals, while Daphne's fish/water/gill word association is also a joy. In all, this is an interesting and often highly amusing episode which ends with the wonderfully surreal sight of Frasier sharing a bed with his hero Sigmund Freud.

Rating: 80%