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Episode reviews for Episode 4.02 - Love Bites Dog

Avg. Viewer Review: 90.3%
Number of Reviews: 7

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Decent episode, but the last minute was priceless!, May 30, 2012

Reviewer: David W. from Birmingham, MI USA

Overall, it was a bit of a strange episode, with multiple irrelevant plots
going on. However, the last bit with Frasier trying to talk like a regular
guy, only to be slapped out of it by Niles, was hilarious! After Niles slaps
him, Frasier suddenly stops acting like a tough guy, and says, "You
know, if we hasten, perhaps we can catch the first seating at Cigar
Volante." And then the two run out, literally PRANCING down the

Kelsey Grammer acting like a gruff "man's man" to suddenly turning
into an effeminate snob was a perfect example of his brilliant comedic
talent. And of course, David Hyde Pierce played off of him perfectly.
While the episode was rather odd, the last scene was classic Frasier and

Rating: 88%


Why Bulldog exists, Dec 06, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

The evolution of Bulldog came as something of a surprise to me. In
the first season, despite Dan Butler's strong performance, the
character often seemed out of place on this otherwise intelligent
show. As he was gradually integrated into the cast, however,
Bulldog became a valuable asset in the KACL and Roz storylines.
"Love Bites Dog" begins a more prominent string of Bulldog
episodes, and it's definitely a strong outing. The episode manages to
keep him in character as Bulldog discovers a new side to his
personality, and it gives Kelsey Grammer some strong material to
work with.

The subplots are rather trivial, but the episode is full of hilarious
zingers, and there are no dull moments. A sterling effort.

Rating: 91%


Love Bites Dog - A Nice Turn for Dan Butler, Jul 05, 2010

Reviewer: Suzanne Foxton from London, England, UK

This episode has a few character surprises, but is perhaps the most consistently funny half-hour of Frasier. The dialogue between Daphne and Martin smacked of the writer trying to provide some new nuance between the two, where Daphne is bolder than usual. The Muckabees subplot and Niles's ad subplot are not really meant to go anywhere; they are laugh generators, and effective ones; and what a treat to see the venerable Kay E. Kuter in the wino cameo! Frasier's climactic (and cathartic) rousing of Bulldog from his depression is a welcome opportunity for Kelsey Grammar to affect some other mannerisms than his usual arcane and aristocratic ones; and Dan Butler, in the fleeting and condensed format of a sitcom, manages to convey pathos in the midst of comedy. Frasier and Niles end the episode with perfect, subtle physical comedy, mincing down the station's hallway on their way to yet another fancy restaurant. I've seen the episode three times, and each time it squeezes a little delighted moisture from my tear ducts. Well worth the time spent watching.

Rating: 91%



Reviewer: anthony osborne from England,london

In my opinion the most underrated frasier episode of them all:the script is wonderful and consistently funny.

Rating: 98%


Irony?, May 26, 2006

Reviewer: Guy Reid-Brown from Kent, England

Dan Butler as Bulldog so inhabited the role he really did appear to be just being. He was never used massively but every scene he had counted and was funny. It’s great to see him given some more prominence here and showing why he was so good – the subtlety of the unsubtle and the concentrated energy that exudes almost visible waves. Just hear his spin on the line ‘what do you eggheads call that? Irony?’
This was a top script, too, with excellent, unselfish performances from all the others. Even the tramp in his one tiny scene registered.

Rating: 95%


LMFAO, Apr 11, 2006

Reviewer: Ryan from Casa Grande, AZ, Usa, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, The fourth dimension, the universe.

I just watched this episode five minutes ago on tv, and I didn't think it was that great until the whole bit where frasier acts "Like a guy" I still have tears in my eyes from Niles slapping him! Kelsey did great!

Rating: 90%


'Love Bites Dog' review, Jun 10, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Another Bulldog-centred episode in which he snatches away and falls in love with a woman who Frasier was just getting to know, only to be mortified when she swiftly dumps him. Elsewhere there are a couple of minor subplots; Martin and Daphne shopping for a new pair of shoes is pretty inconsequential but Niles placing an advert to try and attract more patients contains a great joke involving an unfortunate spelling mistake. The best part of the episode comes at the end with Frasier trying to bluff his way through presenting Bulldog's sports show followed by his attempt to counsel Bulldog 'like a guy' - his 'macho' shouting is hilarious. This leads to another great scene where Frasier continues to bellow in the same manner at Niles - who casually responds by slapping Frasier, bringing him back to his usual self.

Rating: 79%