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Episode reviews for Episode 3.24 - You Can Go Home Again

Avg. Viewer Review: 89.3%
Number of Reviews: 3

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Fascinating, Dec 06, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Frasier's flashback to his first week in Seattle is subtly written and
perfectly directed. In fact, the only flaw is that I keep getting
distracted by whether Frasier should've had his hair from "The
Good Son".

Seeing Frasier meet Roz is great enough, but his stilted reactions
with Niles and Martin are endlessly fascinating. The realisation hits
that Frasier's time in Boston really did sever his connection to the
family, and it's to the credit of all three actors that their vastly
changed relationships make perfect sense in hindsight. John
Mahoney is particularly strong as the embittered, stuck-in-his-
ways Martin. Throw into the mix a delightful Eddie scene, and the
beginning of the running joke that Mrs. Moon thinks Frasier is a
tyrant, and you have a grand episode.

"Frasier" is three-for-three on heartfelt, all-around entertaining
season finales.

Rating: 100%


You Can Go Home Again, Apr 07, 2006

Reviewer: Amz from Wiltshire, UK

This was a great final episode. The best scene was in Martin's apartment when Niles persuaded Frasier that he had changed in order to get him to visit him. One part stood out in particular with me, after Frasier had finished listening to his show, he gave Eddie a big kiss! In short, another great final episode.

Rating: 83%


'You Can Go Home Again' review, Jun 08, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

The end of the third season sees Frasier celebrating the third anniversary of his radio show by listening to a tape of his very first broadcast. This leads to a series of flashbacks to May 1993 as we see Frasier settling down to his new life in Seattle and attempting to present his first radio show, which Roz finds so unimpressive she immediately attempts to find another producing job. Frasier's lack of skill at presenting is very funny and leads to a hilarious visual joke where he topples over backwards in his chair. Frasier meeting Niles at Cafe Nervosa for the first time is also nicely done and in a great touch features a brief appearance from Daphne, who Niles just happens to miss. I also like the way Niles persuades Frasier to visit Martin by telling him he's a changed person only for him to be as crochety as ever, while Niles passing the curse of Eddie's staring onto Frasier ('the first born') is another bit of backstory we learn as is where the 'I'm listening' catchphrase originates from. With a terrific script from departing showrunners Linda Morris and Vic Rauseo, this clever and amusing episode brings another excellent season of 'Frasier' to an end.

Rating: 85%