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Episode reviews for Episode 3.12 - Come Lie With Me

Avg. Viewer Review: 88.0%
Number of Reviews: 2

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A lovely exercise in character, Dec 06, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Come Lie with Me" is a wonderful exploration of my favourite
dynamic on the series: that of the three residents of Elliott Bay
Towers #1901. Daphne, Martin, and Frasier have become basically
symbiotic by now, and it's nice that the series acknowledges and
examines this, which is kickstarted when Frasier becomes aware
that Daphne and Joe are sleeping together under his roof.

I must admit I'm a little surprised by Frasier's severe attitude
toward this. It's not quite out-of-character, but it certainly seems
unusual that he would so disadvantage Daphne, particularly when
it isn't a string of men, but one consistent relationship. Still, it's a
small quibble in an otherwise lovely episode. The awkward
moment when Eddie finds Joe's underwear; the gut-busting
argument that develops between Frasier and Martin during
Daphne's absence (it's a little "Grey Gardens", if only one of the
Edies was a neat freak); and finally Daphne and Frasier's
extended lie about Joe's inability to make love: brilliant.

Some of the denial-related jokes are a little on the nose,
particularly the final moment between the three Cranes, but
"Come Lie with Me" is a consistently funny installment.

Rating: 94%


'Come Lie With Me' review, Jun 05, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Any episode which features Frasier and Martin bickering is bound to be good and this one features some great scenes as the pair have to learn to cope without Daphne, who has temporarily moved out following Frasier's unease about her and Joe sleeping together in his appartment. I love the way such trivial things cause Frasier and Martin to almost kill each other, such as Frasier's obsession with a wet sponge (which Martin then sticks in the toaster!) and Martin complaining about his son leaving all the lights on. Elsewhere we are treated to the sight of Niles in his Hoe-down outfit as well as a great Eddie moment at the beginning when he enters the room holding Joe's underpants. Daphne's far-fetched story which she concocts to convince Frasier that she and Joe are unable to have sex is amusing and while it's obvious that Frasier doesn't believe a word, he's clearly prepared to go along with it for the sake of retaining Daphne - who he realizes is the one person who holds him and his dad together.

Rating: 82%