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Episode reviews for Episode 3.08 - The Last Time I Saw Maris

Avg. Viewer Review: 92.2%
Number of Reviews: 4

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And so it begins..., Dec 04, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

What an episode. "The Last Time I Saw Maris" is not the funniest
episode this series ever did, nor is it the most unified. But placing
Niles at the centre of a genuine emotional drama deepens David
Hyde Pierce's complex portrayal of Niles even further. The writers
could easily have made Maris a one-dimensional villain, allowing
Niles to leave with only a single episode of drama. Or, they could
have taken the easy way out, and kept the pair together for
years to come. Instead, not only did they challenge themselves to
progress the story, but they showed their respect for fans and
actors alike by giving us this episode, and the subsequent plot arc
which would last for many years.

Hyde Pierce is simply incredible as Niles in this episode. If we
weren't sure before, there's no doubt how much he loves Maris,
and the fact that their ten years together have - as you'd expect -
created a much deeper bond than he'd realise on an average day.
For all his jokes, Niles depends on Maris (and, for that matter, on
her money and position). Finding himself cut off, and having to
face the choice between unfairly grovelling back to her or making
a stand, is a powerful move for the character - not just in terms of
his relationship with Maris, but overall.

Kelsey Grammer and John Mahoney get some wonderful business
as well, with Frasier and Martin having to navigate the murky
waters of supporting Niles and wanting what's best for him, but
without making the choice for him. And, to top it all off, the
episode is consistently funny! A lovely and momentous step.

Rating: 91%


Flawless Episode, Mar 09, 2011

Reviewer: Liam from Scotland

I feel that this episode is overlooked by many when we're talking about classic Frasier episodes, but to me, it's absolute perfection.

I watched it recently and was astounded by how funny this episode was, as I previously remembered it for the emotional side to the episode.

From Niles's smashing fury to Maris drenching Frasier, this episode had me laughing uncontrolably for most of it's 22 minutes.

My favourite moment has to be Niles's 'SHE'S ALIVE' after learning that Maris didn't visit any restaurants. DHP's delivery was absolutely sensational.

This is easily my favourite episode and I would urge others to watch it again, it really is a masterpiece!

Rating: 98%


The Last Time I Saw Maris, Apr 20, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

To me, a very pivotal Niles ep that allowed us, for the first time, to really see Pierce shine in a dramatic turn. We're able to see the toll and effect that Maris has on Niles life, and for the first time, have him show some backbone toward her. And, I, personally, really ate up Kelsey's many discertations on why people permit things to happen to them, and why they do what they do later. Very true-to-life stuff, punctuated with one of the show's all-timers: "I will not let you treat me like this, Lilith...Maris!" A good start to the Niles/Maris divorce arc.

Rating: 95%


'The Last Time I Saw Maris' review, Jun 03, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

This episode sees the beginning of the end of Niles and Maris' marriage, a storyline which will continue over the next couple of seasons. Niles is the undoubted star of this episode as he goes through a series of emotions when Maris is reported missing, only for the police to discover that she had gone a shopping spree. This leads to Niles expressing his anger over Maris' selfish behaviour by smashing various ornaments which leads to another great scene later on at Frasier's apartment when Frasier keeps removing breakable objects out of Niles' reach. The closing scene is also wonderful as Niles finally makes the decision to leave his home which includes a nice moment when Marta asks if the rest of the staff can go with him! A great episode all round and one of David Hyde Pierce's finest performances to date.

Rating: 85%