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Episode reviews for Episode 2.19 - Someone To Watch Over Me

Avg. Viewer Review: 82.7%
Number of Reviews: 3

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It's SeaBee time!, Dec 04, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

I always enjoy the SeaBee episodes, because there's nothing I
enjoy more than the entire cast out and about together. (Well,
except for in-show continuity, which is also a plus of these awards

"Someone to Watch Over Me" is one of my least favourite episodes
of season 2, but given that this season is one of 'Frasier''s best,
that's damning it with faint praise. There are a lot of good comic
moments from all the characters, and it's enjoyable to see Frasier's
celebrity slowly rise over the course of the series. But the stalker
plot never really takes off beyond some vague comedy of errors
business, and it's deflated so easily at the end - albeit by a nice
touch of deduction on Martin's part, and some genuine emotion -
that things never really build up to anything. Not a complete loss,
but not particularly memorable.

Rating: 75%


'Someone To Watch Over Me' review, May 29, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A second outing to the SeaBee awards, this time with the added problem of Frasier thinking he has a stalker, something which causes him to hire a bodyguard, Cindy Carruthers, to protect him during the ceremony. As it turns out the person who has been following him, Kari, turns out to be a harmless fan although since Frasier never actually meets her in person he becomes increasingly paranoid and starts accusing every woman in a red dress of being the stalker. Frasier's paranoid behaviour throughout the episode is very funny to watch as is the sight of Roz constantly trying to cover up the huge pimple on her nose (and Martin and Daphne making fun of her) while Bulldog unwisely trying to hit on Cindy also scores highly and makes for another highly entertaining episode for this season.

Rating: 81%


Stalker, Stalker, Apr 03, 2005

Reviewer: Michelle from England

In reviewing this episode, I'll start off with a brief description. Frasier and Roz have been nominated for a SeaBee award, and Frasier has been receiving calls on his show all week from his "number one fan", a woman named Kari, and is only to happy to hear from her, until certain things she says lead him to believe that she may be following him. His fears are worsened when he discovers that she has slipped a scarf into his briefcase and has left some balloons floating outside his apartment with another note. At the radio station, he discovers yet another note from Kari, this time telling him how disappointed she is that he didn't wear the scarf she knitted for him and that the last person who disappointed her that way "is in his grave." She finishes off by telling Frasier that she'll be at the awards ceremony that evening and she'll be looking for him.

Now convinced that Kari is dangerous, Frasier hires a detective, Cindy Carruthers, and together, they go to the awards ceremony along with Niles, Daphne and Roz. At the awards ceremony, Cindy at first believes Roz may be Kari, until Frasier puts her straight (the reason she was hiding her face was because she had a rather large pimple on her nose) and Frasier gets even more paranoid until he finally fears that Cindy may be the stalker. Left alone with her, Frasier becomes even more frightened and finally runs away into the elevator, where he finds himself trapped with a woman who he then thinks is the stalker. After discovering that she isn't, he announces that he will be in the lobby and storms out.

Meanwhile, Martin recognises Kari, as she is wearing a scarf just like the one that she knitted for Frasier, and it turns out that Kari is merely a harmless fan. She promises not to bother Frasier any more. However, Frasier, down the lobby, has seen someone he believed was Kari and runs to the parking lot, where he challenges her to come out and face him. Three strong, tough-looking men approach him and chase him. At the end, Frasier and Roz go up to accept their award - Frasier has been beaten up and Roz has her hair in her face to hide the pimple. They do not hang about for long.

I'm not entirely sure why I liked this episode as much as I did - maybe it's just because I loved the idea of Frasier thinking he has a stalker. Some of the lines were great, such as Niles' line, "The loop tightens!" I thought the character of Cindy was very funny and well-played too - she was so brisk and business-like. I loved how she grabbed Bulldog by the neck after he tried to hit on her and told him, matter-of-factly, "If I move my thumb a quarter of an inch, I could kill you" and Bulldog bleats out, "Wow! I've never been so turned on in my life!"

Another favourite scene of mine was when Frasier had rushed into the elevator, to get away from Cindy, and thought the woman in there with him was the stalker. He pins her down to the ground and when the doors open, shouts, "Roz, find Cindy!" Of course, the woman is not the stalker; she turns out to be "Cornelia Littlejohn, head of the nomination committee!" Frasier's paranoia was just absolutely superb and called for some funny scenes.

All in all, I thought this episode was fantastic, definitely one of my favourites.

Rating: 92%