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Episode reviews for Episode 2.10 - Burying A Grudge

Avg. Viewer Review: 84.5%
Number of Reviews: 4

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Examining Martin, Nov 19, 2012

Reviewer: Matt from UK

Burying a Grudge is one of those little gems from the early seasons that
tends to be underrated. It is a winning exploration of Martin's
personality, without ever feeling the need to italicise and embolden its
themes (unlike the later, soapy seasons of Frasier).

Martin gets the complete work-over: we see his machismo, pride and
stubbornness, but also his courage, dignity and savvy. That sounds like a
lot, but all were covered with a deceptive ease. Perhaps my favourite
moment of the episode is when Daphne is attempting to manipulate
Martin into reversing his position on visiting his former partner, Artie; at
first she's getting somewhere, but the viewer is aware that Martin has
clocked her scheme when - ever so briefly - he pauses eating and darts
his eyes towards Daphne with a knowing smile. For me, that's the type
of nuance we see throughout a very well crafted episode.

Although this story is Martin's to carry, he is ably supported by a very
funny subplot involving Maris's surgery. While there is nothing earth-
shatteringly inventive about the episode, it remains a fine watch and
another of those essential episodes in the first two seasons that
developed and established the show's dynamic.

Rating: 85%


John Mahoney breaks my heart, Nov 28, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Burying a Grudge" isn't a series highlight, but it's a solid episode.
John Mahoney could make me cry just reading "The Little Engine
That Could", and he's more than up to the task of playing the
complicated aspects of Martin's personality, all on full display here.
There's not a lot in this plot, and it feels like there could've been a
more aggressive subplot to even things out, but Mahoney and the
actor playing Artie do a strong job of presenting one of those
friendships that fell apart. I'm pretty young, but I'm always torn
up by the notion of old friendships that have fallen apart due to
petty grudges, and this is a great example of that. Frasier, of
course, goes to extreme lengths to meddle in others' affairs and,
as always, Kelsey Grammer sells it well.

The subplot with Maris' cosmetic surgery is very, very funny, and -
even though it's slight - allows for a lot of great humour. I'm
amazed the writers ever wrote Maris out (although thank God
they did, for the series' development!) because she's a
bottomless fountain of comedy.

Rating: 82%


burying a grudge, Dec 07, 2006

Reviewer: dawn from liverpool england

the first episode i ever saw and the best

Rating: 95%


'Burying A Grudge' review, May 26, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A mixed bag of an episode in which Martin learns that an old colleague - whom he long ago fell out with and hasn't spoken to in years - is laid up in hospital, possibly critically ill. This storyline is a bit lacking in big laughs although I like Martin's sarcastic reaction to Daphne following her failure at convincing him to apologise to Artie. Much funnier than this are the parts concerning Maris' face-lift - especially Niles having to bribe the long-suffering hospital staff with expensive presents - which help lift the episode out of the ordinary.

Rating: 76%