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Episode reviews for Special - Analyzing The Laughter

Avg. Viewer Review: 88.0%
Number of Reviews: 1

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Special - 'Analyzing The Laughter', Nov 15, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Shamefully omitted from the Season 11 DVD set, this cracking 'greatest hits' compilation aired shortly before the last ever episode and does an admirable job of piecing together a history of 'Frasier' via a selection of classic clips interspersed with newly-shot scenes featuring Frasier discussing the last 11 years of his life with a fellow analyst (played by Fred Willard, a player in numerous Christopher Guest spoofs). Although Paul Barrosse's linking script is fairly routine and the new scenes suffer from a weedy canned laughter track, they work well enough in coherently bringing all the clips together. Clearly though, the main reason to watch this is the vast array of classic clips, smartly arranged into groups pertaining to each character. Despite some notable omissions, so many of my favourite moments are here - the bathroom scene from 'Daphne's Room'; Frasier's hysterical impersonation of Dr. Mary; the climactic mayhem of 'The Innkeepers'; Frasier going crazy at the end of 'Frasier's Imaginary Friend' ... the whole show is a glorious treasure trove of comic gems. Although this doesn't count as an official episode of 'Frasier', at least one notable writer from the show was involved in it's construction, as Joe Keenan actually revealed to Frasier Online that he had used this site's story synopses and favourite quotes to help the compilers of this special source which episodes certain lines derived from. As an episode, 'Analysing The Laughter' might not satisfy in the way watching one of the greatest complete episodes does, but as a history of 11 years of classic comedy distilled into 45 minutes it's hard to beat.

Rating: 88%