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Episode reviews for Episode 11.16 - Boo!

Avg. Viewer Review: 95.0%
Number of Reviews: 8

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Send in the clown, May 30, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Boo!" is another very enjoyable episode in a sterling season of "Frasier". The script is adept at tracing both the comic byplay and the real concerns of the characters, just being consistently funny. Frasier's scene with his patient Mimi is exquisite and the family's discussion of fears is also some beautiful ensemble writing (which is, cleverly, exposition in disguise). The hospital scene is perhaps my favourite, with everyone turning against Frasier (David Hyde Pierce by this point is so talented he manages to make Niles' reaction a completely natural "my father is hurt" while also being snide and one-upping his brother), and then completes with the great physical comedy of Mimi in the elevator. It's interesting that "Boo!" makes no direct reference to Niles' experience of having heart problems just one year earlier, but it's also affirming of this series' longevity in our (no pun intended) hearts: it could tackle a serious, earthbound piece like "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" while also providing, on the same subject matter, something as much fun as this.

It is, of course, rather contrived. The coincidence of Martin and the clown patient is very sitcom-y in setup, and Frasier's insanely professional clown makeup may be a legitimate comment on how seriously Frasier would take "a role" but also seems a bit overdone! (Although Kelsey looks divine in that outfit.) And one could say that the structure of the episode would dismay the teacher of a Creative Writing class; the clown subplot is wrapped up in that elevator, while the exposition about Ronee's mother is set-up for a future episode even though it suggests to the first time viewer that this will be the direction "Boo!" takes us in. And the lovely scene in which Frasier and Niles potter about in Martin's room could perhaps have been longer; the series has devoted surprisingly little time to the boys musing what life will be like once their father passes. Still, those are more helpful suggestions than appropriate critical review. "Boo!" is so much fun.

(Okay, one further quibble. Several of the episodes in this section of the show were aired out of production order. This was partly deliberate due to schedules, but truthfully this episode coming after "Freudian Sleep" is annoying. The actors play "Freudian Sleep" as if they're engaged, and Martin's Fred Astaire reference in this episode ties nicely into that one. Reversed, they feel all misshapen.)

So, finally "Boo!" throws a serious surprise into the mix by getting Ronee and Martin engaged. It's a gem of a comic idea, and John Mahoney and Wendie Malick are able to pull it off. Another great half-hour.

Rating: 93%


Daphine Returns, Dec 17, 2011

Reviewer: Sarah Jane Cox from England

I love Frasier in this because he has a good sense of humour and very good acting skills.

I also adore Eddie as he has been very well trained by his owner. He makes me laugh in all the DVD's that I have got in my bedroom.

Daphine and Niles are a really acting couple they belong nicely together.

The set for Frasier's house is very well done from the people who do behind the scences area.

Very well done to everyone who keeps Kelsey Grammer's team together and very funny to watch and amusing.

Rating: 100%


One of the best ever!, May 24, 2011

Reviewer: JZ from Chautauqua New York

I love Frasier! This is my favorite ..My favorite part is when the nurse
who is so scared of clowns catches Frasier at the elevator at the
hospital at near end of the episode..Not only does she scream once
at him but he turns completely around and she screams again!!!

Rating: 100%


Brilliant!!! What a magical team these actors are...., Mar 18, 2010

Reviewer: Anonymous from Sydney Ausralia

Thank you so much for this episode, my husband and I thought it was brilliant to say the least. The scene were Frasier pops his head out from around the door dressed in the clown suit was unbelievably clever. Even under the make up you could see the mischief in his face and, as always, his expressions say it all with just the right timing. When he went into the kitchen to get the meat clever and then ran to the door to ring the bell I thought I would never stop laughing, how good it must be to be able to make people so happy with your talented ways. All the cast is just as clever including Eddie and I can watch these episodes over and over again. Thank you for the bottom of my heart, it's so good to laugh!!!

Rating: 100%


Boo!, Jan 20, 2009

Reviewer: Tom M from Cumbria, England

A great episode that, if a little unrealistic, is high on both comedy and emotion. Personally, I felt Frasier planning to dress up as a clown for a patient a tad extreme, but it did lead to a hilarious episode! The sight of JM collapsing was brilliantly done!

Rating: 90%


Boo!, May 11, 2008

Reviewer: Jason Cook from Sheffield, United Kingdom

I hadn't watched this episode in quite a while until yesterday and I forgot how funny it was! There are so many little snippets from this episode that made me laugh. For example when Frasier is in session and treating his patient Mimi for the phobia of clowns he asks her if there is anything she would like to say to the little clown and she cries "Please dont kill me!" to this little toy clown - it gets me everytime. In addition to this when Frasier dresses as a clown while waving a meat cleaver in the air and jumps out at Martin is classic but also genuinely creepy!

Rating: 97%


'Boo!' review, Nov 08, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

This episode gets off to a fabulous start with the hilarious sight of Frasier using a wooden spoon to indulge in a spot of 'air-conducting' to classical music, only for Martin to walk up behind him with a cry of 'Boo!', thus causing Frasier to 'scream like a woman'. This sets the tone for the rest of the first half which has some highly amusing moments; I loved Frasier trying to treat his patient Mimi's clown phobia via the aid of a toy clown bursting out of a little box ('You mean you're not controlling him!') but better is to come when, prompted by another of his dad's childish pranks, Frasier uses the clown outfit intended for his next session with Mimi as an excuse to exact revenge on his dad by jumping out at Martin brandishing a meat cleaver! Frasier dressed as a clown looks genuinely creepy, and the following scene where he accompanies his dad to the hospital following a suspected heart attack is very funny, especially when Niles and everyone else discover the truth behind the situation, with matters not much helped when Frasier approaches the elevator only to run into a hysterical Mimi, petrified by the sight of Frasier still wearing his clown make up! The second half is perhaps less funny, but very nicely done as Martin's worries about telling Ronee about his 'cardiac event' prove unfounded after which the pair's small talk results in a momentous decision. These scenes are thoughtfully intercut with Frasier and Niles discussing how much they'll miss their dad which I found very moving, with the threat of sentimentality perfectly undercut by Frasier expressing his desire to finally get rid of Martin's chair! Jane Leeves was absent on maternity leave during the filming of this episode which ends with another sad reminder that the series is nearly finished, when Martin and Ronee burst into the room to announce their engagement.

Rating: 82%


Quality Frasier, Aug 22, 2005

Reviewer: Poppy from Helsinki, Finland

This is one of my favorite episodes of the final season. Once again, Frasier ends up in an embarrassing and yet quite frightening situation, sending his dad to the hospital, only because he wanted to get back at him for making practical jokes. What I love about Frasier is that he makes a fool of himself all the time but is able to get back on his feet.
First of all, Martin scarying Frasier like a teenager is just hilarious - I just like those jokes. Secondly, Frasier dressing up as a really scary-looking clown made me laugh a bit hysterically... and the scene at the hospital where the nurse comes to go through the events of the evening is priceless!
I like this episode because it made me laugh from the first minutes to the end. But I like it even more because of the scene where Martin proposes to Ronee. I just love it. They start out snapping at each other and end up being engaged. It is so cute.
Again Frasier succeeds to deal with important things in life through humor: illness, fear, love, embarrasment... This is why I like Frasier.

Rating: 98%