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Episode reviews for Episode 11.11 - High Holidays

Avg. Viewer Review: 97.1%
Number of Reviews: 22

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Bedewed with pig sweat, May 29, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

The best episode of season 11 thus far (in fact, possibly the best episode since season 5, if you can believe it!), "High Holidays" plays off an admirably simple conceit, and puts its faith in the hands of the cast.

I can't add much to the chorus of praise here, except to say that John Mahoney and David Hyde Pierce are perfectly on-form in this episode. No other character on "Frasier" could believably convince themselves they were high for an entire evening. The brilliance doesn't just come from Pierce's acting or Lloyd's script, but from the fact that Niles - particularly as set up (with a slight ignorance of continuity re: mooning Richard Nixon) as never having rebelled - would so easily convince himself of the situation. Hyperventilating near the cops and then his manic glee at everything Martin does throughout the evening, just grand. (Niles' earnest apology at episode's end also allows the episode to acknowledge the potential seriousness of the situation without getting bogged down in sentimentality.) Meanwhile, Mahoney gets to let loose and proves his worth, if such proof was needed. It's simply a genius performance, finding all the little conceptual laughs that Lloyd inserted - "BBQ pudding chips", "dog army" - and wringing every ounce of hysteria from them. It's a very slight episode in some ways, but great fun for the actors. Rather than making this an epic plot in which the characters bring down other lives, this is simply an excuse for the boys to get high and hang out in the apartment. (And for Kelsey Grammer to put on his "smug chastising" voice, of course.)

Peri Gilpin is underused although a character with such rationality would be a burden to the plot in this case. And Jane Leeves sits most of the episode out (I'll be interested to see how well they fake Daph's pregnancy once Leeves no longer is with child). As a result, it's the perfect chance to bring in Freddie Crane for an encore (allowing Leeves to give the perfect, bemused line reading of "he's a goth now"). I really like their interactions, and the way things veer from serious to comic and back again. In some ways, I think the show dropped the ball by never bringing Freddie to Seattle for an extended arc. Seeing Frasier as a father always helps pull his character into focus. While this plot strikes me as something the series has dealt more deftly with in the past, I'm impressed by the earnest performances. (The only thing that gets me is the audience's laugh on seeing Freddie. He does look ridiculous, but the laughter seems to come more from a "we're old, and don't really understand youth culture!" point of view. Perhaps that's just my youth talking, damn whippersnapper that I am!) Beyond this (as if we can somehow fit it in!), "Frasier" manages to do a decent Eddie subplot, allowing us one of our last glimpses of the Frasier / Eddie rivalry - it's accidental of course, but Enzo's attitude sitting in front of the bathroom is spot-on - and the beautiful gag of Martin assuming Eddie is lecturing him. Really great fun for a series in its final days. Bumped up a few points because it introduced me to the awe-inspiring concept of "BBQ pudding chips"!

Rating: 95%


Hilarious, Feb 23, 2013

Reviewer: TheCapt from East Meadow, NY

I recently saw this episode on a flight from Dulles to JFK and I literally was laughing out
Frazier is a great show, but this one went to new "heights."

Rating: 100%


Funny, yes, but..., Jul 25, 2011

Reviewer: Flor from Buenos Aires, Argentina

I can't say I disliked the episode. On the contrary, it had many
hilarious moments which I greatly enjoyed (the TV spot starrig Eddie
and Martin high being the best) However, I wouldn't say it's the best
episode in the series, as many people have stated. It's a good
episode, it's funny, but that's it. I wonder whether everyone's
fascination with it could be about the marijuana "taboo".

Rating: 85%


One of the best episodes ever!, Nov 02, 2010

Reviewer: KM from Seattle, WA

Definitely one of the best Frasier episodes ever. With this one, ALL the
subplots came together. It was so clever - I am truly impressed with
the writer. The only thing that would have made this better would have
been a scene at KACL.

David Hyde Pierce was especially hilarious - I love all of his "naughty"
expressions when he is being "bad" and he bares his teeth in a smiling
grimace. Also, all of his lines about being "crispy," using "mary-jane,"

Rating: 100%


I just discovered this episode!!, Mar 01, 2009

Reviewer: Eileen Grimes from Seattle, WA USA

I have all 11 seasons on DVD, and for some reason this episode was under my radar screen for all these years, until a few nights ago, when I decided to re-watch some episodes I hadn't seen that much. Much to my delight, High Holidays is now one of my favorite episodes. I don't think I've ever seen John Mahoney so funny (except maybe when he smelled Japan in "Roz and the Schnoz"), but him high on pot was priceless, and those lines!! What the heck IS a dog army? Sweet Mother is right! I am now hooked on this one, and will think about it at any point in my day, and lose it all over again. This one is a keeper!

Rating: 100%


Talking Eddie and Fridge Pants, Dec 31, 2008

Reviewer: The Melvin 1987 from Lancaster,England

This episode is brilliant and I enjoyed every minute.Niles thinking he's stoned is just completely hilarious.Frasier trying to flirt with the French tourism officer,Natalie and Martin's fridge pants are also highlights of this episode.Funniest part of this episode though is Eddie talking in Frasier's voice on the advert and Martin believing it's Eddie talking.

The inclusion of Freddie is not needed and distracts from the main plot.Aside from that I think this is a brilliant episode and my personal favourite Christmas episode despite it being the last.It's laugh a minute.

Rating: 96%


Brownie Addiction, Jun 19, 2008

Reviewer: LaughingIsLife from New York

This has to be my favorite Frasier episode....well, a tie between this and Travels with Martin.

I can't choose what's funnier.... Niles thinking he's stoned, or Martin ACTUALLY stoned!! The comedy was timeless, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

One of my favorite scenes was in the living room, when Frasier turned the TV on to see the commercial. Upon seeing Eddie, he goes, "Oh dear God!" Frederick replied, "That is so goth", to which Frasier quickly responded, "That is not goth!"

My other favorite scene is when Martin sees the commercial and sees Eddie. I laugh so hard at the way he goes, "Sweet mother!"

It is hard to explain in a funny way, so watch it and enjoy. I give this 100%. Great lines, great plot.

Rating: 100%


Xclnt, Apr 29, 2008

Reviewer: Russ Tamberlyn from UK

Best ever Frasier episode so has to be given the full 100%. John M acting is superb and I cant help laughing even when I think about it.

'fridge pants' 'dog army' 'your stoned off your ass' hahaha


Rating: 100%


High as they get , Apr 03, 2008

Reviewer: FrasierTid from England

The other reviews are spot on! This is arguably my favourite Frasier episode ever. To see Niles
acting stoned when he didn't get the right brownie, while Martin IS stoned - hilariously ignorant
of the fact - is a gem and superb acting performances all round. And the hook for it - Niles'
belated quest for rebellion - is something that should have come a lot earlier in the series.
Kudos for finally cottoning on to this opportunity.

Rating: 95%


EXCELLENTE!!, Jan 05, 2008

Reviewer: Joshua Bramon from Newport Beach,CA

I love this episode. I love that very clever line by Martin "Better move up that visit to the garlic festival" A great episode altogether. A Must-See.

Rating: 100%



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