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Episode reviews for Episode 10.13 - Lilith Needs A Favor

Avg. Viewer Review: 77.2%
Number of Reviews: 4

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If there is ONE thing I can do by myself, May 25, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Two Lilith episodes in one season? We're a bit spoiled, although "Lilith Needs a Favor" is one of the least of those. Ultimately, I admire the aims of the main plot. By now the series trusts Kelsey Grammer and Bebe Neuwirth enough to simply function as a double act, and the shifting power in their relationship is expertly portrayed. Lilith's surprisingly manipulative actions at dinner lead into some genuine pleading. It's a fascinating thing about being in a relationship (former or current) and the ways in which two people only have their words to try and convince the other. Frankly, I'm surprised that Frasier gives in, but perhaps his years-old bond with her is stronger than I realised. While I do enjoy Martin's musings on being the "fountainhead" of the Crane genes, Lilith's "honeyed words", and the presence of Brent Spiner as a potential future partner for her, things ultimately seem a tad pointless. At this juncture, the writers were fairly assured they were getting one (if not two) more season so would surely have assumed this wasn't the last of Lilith. Interesting to bring up this idea of a plotline without further exploring it. There's some very funny business with Lilith imposing on Frasier's "private time", though. How many comic pairings can legitimately harangue each other while one prepares to give sperm? In a way, I appreciate what the series is trying to do though. Each character is important, whether they appear in 264 episodes or just 1. Lilith's last few appearances have been primarily as a plot functionary, and it's nice to see Neuwirth and her character take centre stage. The fact that she hasn't found what's missing in her life is upsetting, and Lilith's face on the return plane ride suggests that she hasn't even found the modicum of peace that Frasier has despite his similar lack of success in relationships. However, I ultimately concede that - like its title - the episode feels like it's still languishing in draft format. There's a good idea there, but it's not ripe yet.

The subplots are rather meaningless although I appreciate that the series has remembered the Alice/Gertrude rivalry they seeded in "The Ring Cycle". As a Mrs. Moon fan, I can admit this is her most annoying episode to date, but that's all in the service here of annoying Roz and Daphne to the point of collapse, so it makes sense. The ramifications of the nipple reveal, meanwhile, are pretty disturbing if you think about what Niles has been doing with that picture. But perhaps it's worth it for the look of sheer horror on Niles' face! Ultimately, a work-in-progress that takes some good core character concepts, and doesn't quite follow through.

Rating: 72%


Lilith Needs A Favor, Mar 01, 2010

Reviewer: Shipley from Grand Terrace, CA USA

I would like to start off by saying welcome back Lilith. I found her actor's outstanding performance in this episode both sweet and very humorous. Her dialogue with Frasier was the provided a great center for the episode, along with the emotional exchanges between her former husband Frasier. I found both of the characters to be very engaging and hilarious in this superb episode.

I'd also like to congradulate Brent Spiner for his interesting and lovable portrayal. He was an excellent choice for Lilith and it is very interesting to see that the two hit it off so good on the plane.

With that said I have seen very little bad points with this episode. I had wished to see more of Niles and Martin but then again the two were not completely cut out of the episode.

Daphne and Roz should have been in this episode, but oh well. Better luck next time.

Overall a very exciting and excellent episode that definately deserves a watch and more.

Rating: 90%



Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

It’s always a treat to have Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Lilith Sternin around, but I felt that her twelfth appearance on Frasier was undoubtedly her weakest episode to date, thanks largely to a good premise that didn’t quite manage to deliver the laughs it sorely needed. There were still, however some nice funny moments in this episode, and as usual Lilith gets some excellent dialogue. Its become somewhat of a tradition now, that Martin overreacts and expresses an intension to hide from Lilith whenever she visits and its always fun to see Martin panicking about having to see or talk to Lilith. It turns out that Lilith has come all the way from Boston to Seattle to ask Frasier a big favour – she wants him to donate ‘a couple of tea spoons’ of his sperm, so that she can have another child, because Frederick has grown up now, and she wants to be able to watch a child eat bathtub bubbles again!

The best part of this episode, which is generally funny is Martin’s logical reasoning behind Frasier’s decision about donating his sperm, where he calculates that if Frasier, then Niles both refuse, Lilith will have to come ‘to the source’, meaning him. His irrational spurts of thought here are hilarious as he imagines having a child with Lilith, before saying: ‘And if you and Lilith got back together, you'd be his step-father and his brother and Niles would be your son and his own uncle. It's almost worth doing just so that I can tell the story.’
Elsewhere we get a very bland, deeply unfunny sequence in which Roz, Daphne, Alice and Mrs Moon are all packed into a car together; the latter two playing ‘punch buggy blue’ and Roz desperate to go to a bathroom. I didn’t laugh at all during this part of the episode, and I found it somewhat boring and a waste of screen time.

At least the subplot involving Niles was good and offered some tremendous laughs. Daphne has left her husband with a roll of developed photographs, with a message to pay particular attention to the final picture on the roll. What could the picture be – a flying saucer? A slice of pepperoni? These initial guesses are cast aside, when it is revealed that Niles’ photograph is of a nipple, which Niles assumes is Daphne’s; although (after her obsessively carried it around for most of the episode), it is revealed that its Martins! What follows is a bit tedious, as Martin strings off a stream of nipple-related double meanings. If this had been the first time double meanings had been used this scene, I might have found this sequence funnier but I’m getting sick of the constant double-entendres, which have been used in ‘Enemy at the Gate’, ‘Proxy Prexy’ and ‘We Two Kings’ alone this season, and this device is wearing pretty thin. I wish the writers would think of another form of humour!

Back to the central storyline, and Lilith finally gets Frasier to agree to donate sperm so she can have another child, by manipulating him into feeling emotional; by humming Frederick’s ‘greatest daddy song’ and reminding him of days past. The scene in the doctor’s surgery is also very well executed, and I loved how Lilith kept knocking on the door as Frasier was donating, interrupting him constantly by telling him to ‘think positive thoughts’, etc. in the end though Frasier can’t go through with it, and the episode reaches its resolution with Lilith meeting a fellow lab-worker on the plane back to Boston. So in conclusion then, this episode comes off as being slightly dull in places, and I’ve come to expect sharper and wittier dialogue as far as both Lilith and Frasier are concerned. It had its moments though, but ultimately this episode felt a bit uneven, and was badly let down by lack of big laughs and the terrible subplot with Roz and Daphne. It was nice to see Lilith again though, for the second time in this season in fact!

Rating: 71%


'Lilith Needs A Favor' review, Oct 10, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Lilith makes a second appearance for Season 10 in an episode in which she tells Frasier that she would like to have another child - with Frasier as the sperm donor. A rather poignant episode which also has it's fair share of laughs; Martin's attempt to work out how the family would change had he been chosen as the donor is amusing ('It's almost worth doing just so I can tell the story!') although the best scene comes at the fertility clinic with Lilith constantly interrupting an increasingly irritated Frasier when he's about to give his donation. Once again though, things are dragged down by an annoying subplot - in this case, Daphne, Roz, Alice and Mrs. Mooon driving to a Canadian amusement park, although the moment where Daphne informs a horrified Niles of the photo of his dad's nipple is very funny, especially when followed by Martin reeling off a series of unfortunate double meanings. Not one of the best Lilith episodes but a nicely understated one which succeeds in showing a more vulnerable side to her character.

Rating: 76%