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Episode reviews for Episode 1.22 - Author, Author

Avg. Viewer Review: 81.6%
Number of Reviews: 10

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One Of The Best, Apr 01, 2011

Reviewer: Fido from Cambridgeshire, England

This episode is one of my favourites. Episodes that feature the two crane brothers head-to-head (or putting their heads together) rarely fail to please. A high point of season one, I think this episode highlighted aspects of the show that worked well and the potential the series could reach.

Rating: 92%


author author encore!!, Jul 06, 2010

Reviewer: Chris from New Jersey, USA

This episode is the first one where the rivaly between the two brothers becomes wholly apparent. The writers had originally worried whether or not having the two brothers share similar character traits as well as professions would work. Of course, they need not hve worried.
The writing is superb; its construction is marvelous - the first lines allude to the competition between Frasier and Niles. Most television writers would kill to come up with even one of the one-line zingers from this episode: "To see my name under mental illness." And then there is that inspired jingle - this show more than any other juxtaposed the high with the low, the urbane with the vulgar. The scene in the hotel room is comedic heaven with delightful jabs at Freud.

Rating: 94%


Not as good as people think, Jul 09, 2009

Reviewer: Sammy J from Canberra, Australia

"Author, Author" provides its good share of moments - particularly
for David Hyde Pierce who was surprisingly underused in the first
season - but it's not a great episode. The rivalry between the
Brothers Crane will provide much more fertile ground for comedy in
future seasons; here it moves along at a nice pace but is never
laugh-out-loud funny. Don't get me wrong: Hyde Pierce and Grammer
have a great chemistry that comes through strongly in the entire
episode, this episode is just missing something vital.

Rating: 67%


Where's The Writing?, May 02, 2009

Reviewer: Warren Lancaster from Toronto, ONT CAN

I suppose I have to give this episode some credit, as it begins to explore in greater depths the sibling rivalry between Frasier and Niles, but the writing is just awful, and the performances, their weakest in the series so far. This episode falls well below average and is one that I, as a rule, tend to avoid.

Rating: 34%


Doctor, Doctor, Jun 25, 2008

Reviewer: David Sim from Skelmersdale, England

Author, Author is the first of what would become a common staple for the series, Frasier and Niles' sibling rivalry. As episodes like Shrink Rap and The Innkeepers will tell us, Frasier and Niles simply can't work together. Whenever they mount a project, it doen't take long for their glorious ambitions to come crashing down around them thanks to their perpetual sniping. Whether it be going into private practice together or trying to co-manage a restaurant, their joint endeavours are always disastrous.

And Author, Author is no exception. In this case, trying to write a book together. Actually its Niles' book but he needs Frasier's help to write it. Although its about their favourite topic (to them anyway), psychiatry, Niles is struck down with a severe case of writers block. Although reluctant, Frasier is swayed by Niles' persuasive argument:

"All my life I've dreamed of one thing. To walk into a library, go to the card catalogue and see my name under mental illness."

Add to that the reminder of they're last collaboration, the Spring Musicale (hope I've spelled that right), a funny little dance too (the lyrics are delightful) and the Brothers Crane are on board. Since Maris is hosting a (raucous) sherry tasting, Martin has to put up with they're writing session while the Sonics game is on. Frasier has just the solution. Headphones. It provides the best gag of the whole episode. Frasier and Niles get to drum off insults about Martin's dress sense and boring stories, not realising Martin can hear every word they're saying! Classic!

Anyway, Frasier and Niles are all jazzed up...with nowhere to go! They've settled on the topic Sibling relationships but they're still stuck for ideas. Until Frasier hits upon using his radio show. The callers can be a reference point with Niles as his guest. It does raise a few sticky ethical points though. Whether or not to exploit Frasier's listeners for the sake of research, but as Niles so eloquently puts it:

"I think its borderline sleazy so lets go for it!"

Its quite a treat having both Dr Cranes on the show, with Niles' "radio persona' a particular highlight, especially when he implies that all great celebrities should have one,and Frasier doesn't. The theme of this episode is the one-upmanship that exists between Frasier and Niles. Even when they collaborate, they have to compete with each other. And this scene in particular shows that off. Niles steals Frasier's catchphrase (and his thunder), and hogs the time in front of the mike. Niles really gets the lions share of all the best lines. I think this is my favourite. After one of the callers recounts a a tale involving baldness, and her siblings did the same to themselves to make her feel better about herself, Frasier touchingly assures Niles he would do the same, only for Niles to retort:

"A gesture that becomes less significant with each passing year."
Only for Frasier to go one better by assuring his listeners tomorrow he'll be "one Crane flying solo." Anyway, they have enough material to get the first few chapters rolling but only until Friday in which to do it in. So in the grand tradition of George & Ira, they lock themselves into a hotel room ("devoid of charm") and not come out until they're done. And sets the scene for the episode's ultimate high point.

Everything about the scene sparkles. The dialogue zings. The tone moves at a gallop. There is so much to like. From Frasier mixing metaphors to the pros and cons of an opening sentence that's interesting vs good. Niles waiting and waiting (and waiting) for Frasier to come up with something better (nice segue). A finished thought and a run-on sentence. The second sentence that refuses to write itself. And best of all, the slanging match. They're now really at each others throats. They even compete when it comes to insults. And again Niles gets all the best ones. He thinks Frasier's fat face makes him look like a hamster storing nuts up for Winter. Then comes the inevitable fight complete with (chest) hair pulling and throttling.

Suffice it to say, the book never gets written. But Martin patches things up between them with a (fictitious) story about a former partner of his. That's one of the things I love about Frasier. Everytime you think it might start to get mawkish, it deftly sidesteps it wittily. Especially when Frasier offers Niles a muffin that Eddie had been licking.

A quite brilliant episode really. It so clearly illustrates the differences between Frasier and Niles without ever making a mistep. Despite an almost complete absence of Daphne and Roz, Author, Author is a wonderful series of highlights, and the first of many hilarious episodes detailing Frasier and Niles' less than harmonious relationship.

Rating: 100%


Fun with Psychology, Apr 14, 2007

Reviewer: Cal Wehdeking from Himeji, Japan

They mine the latent competitiveness of the brothers well, culminating in the explosive scene in the hotel room.

It's funny that they can't even get the first sentence written, and it's a genuine surprise when Niles finally loses his cool and rips into Frazier with naked emotion. Frazier's "You stole my mommy!" line is wickedly funny, perfectly exposing these psychologists' own inability to overcome the fundamental mess of family drama.

Rating: 92%


Well., Feb 25, 2007

Reviewer: generic from Anytown, AT 55555

I quite enjoyed this episode. It had a well-written script with some memorable scenes indeed. It is also David Hyde Pierce's (Niles) choice as his favourite episode from the first five seasons. So I wouldn't go by some of the other pretentious reviews here!

Rating: 93%


Alas a downer, Sep 20, 2006

Reviewer: CI Pinboy from Florida

Predictably falls back on slapstick and caricature to reach a pre-ordained failure goal. one of the weakest.

Rating: 65%


Review for 'Author, Author', Feb 09, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

Whenever the Crane brothers decide to collaborate you know that disaster will occur and this episode is no exception. The re-enactment of their previous writing attempt is hilarious as is Niles new radio persona. There are also a fair few laughs to be had from the boys failed attempts to agree in the hotel and as the season neared its end it's clear that the writers certainly hadn't run out of inspiration.

Rating: 88%


'Author, Author', May 21, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A solid gold classic in which not for the last time Frasier and Niles attempt to collaborate on a project together only to realise such an idea can only end in disaster. Highlights are numerous; the 'some boys go to college' song, Niles using his 'radio persona' on Frasier's radio show, Martin wearing his headphones and pretending he can't hear his sons making fun of him, the sparkling dialogue in the hotel room as the Crane Brothers struggle to think of a second sentence, the hysterical fight that follows ("We're psychiatrists, not pugilists!"), the clever story which Martin concocts in the final scene...even the tag scene (with Eddie leaping up and down and then jumping onto the table to devour a muffin) is a classic. Laugh out loud from start to finish, this is 'Frasier' firing on all cylinders.

Rating: 91%