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Episode reviews for Episode 10.06 - Star Mitzvah

Avg. Viewer Review: 90.9%
Number of Reviews: 11

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Come here, Daddy's little peanut man, May 25, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

After ten years (and another decade or so on "Cheers" for some of these characters), it's always a delight when a series can find legitimately funny and inventive things for them to do. "Star Mitzvah" is a gem of an episode, using the past and the future of its characters to create some lovely comedy. (And perhaps I like it because many of the series' B- and C-plots have been quite slim of late, so to have an episode that openly admits to being one long plot is a blessing.)

The road to Freddie's bar mitzvah is paved with great material. Frasier thinking Freddie's word was "Dada" is an older conception of the character, but still makes me laugh. Martin's camera flash is simply exquisite, particularly Frasier's great escape from his apartment and then that stunningly hideous face Bebe Neuwirth makes on being flashed. This was one of the first episodes (maybe the first) that I saw on its original broadcast, and that face has remained in my mind. The fact that Daph doesn't know about Niles and Lilith's one-night-stand is another great example of the writers going to the archives and interacting with the characters. It's a fun little scene which, thankfully, isn't dragged out into a drama. In fact, that could be this episode's greatest advantage or greatest drain. When Frasier speaks Klingon at the ceremony, most people (including the rabbi) are just amused. Freddie even gets some boyhood respect out of it! This isn't the kind of farce in which everything must go horrendously wrong; it's just a family story about a bunch of characters with very little conflict but strong personalities. It's an episode that could have been written back in season 1, but seeing the way the characters interact now makes it a more rewarding experience.

But what we should really talk about is Noel. Quite definitely the most one-note character from the series' beginning, Noel Shempsky served a specific purpose when he was introduced and has rarely strayed. As a constant source of annoyance to Roz and slight weirdness to others, it's been strange in some ways that he has become the most consistent KACL character from the pre-Kenny years. Kerr is a reasonably limited actor, at least in this role, and the show has rarely shown interest in expanding his field. So, I'm happy to report this is absolutely the best Noel episode in the entire run. He gets several great lines (including "There are no friends in the world of Star Trek autography" and the second best line reading of the series' only running verbal gag, "Why'd you do it, Dr. Crane?" -- the best line reading is Martin's, of course). He manages to be integral to a script that has fun with the stereotype of a Trekker but doesn't actually put it down. And, while Noel's breakdown and curse is one of the most ridiculous things this show ever did, it's ridiculous to a sublime degree. Kerr is having such fun hamming up the character, and I approve.

And finally, if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time Eddie has ever been at KACL. I'm not sure how long Roz had to train him to push the talk button, but... it only took 10 years!

Rating: 90%


Laugh Loud and Prosper , Jun 15, 2012

Reviewer: Vicki Smith from California

Being both a Star Trek and Frasier fanatic I was in 7th Heaven with this episode; I actually have intended to learn "Klingon" (simple pronunciation) for some time. This episode was one of my 3 favorites, with the ending's being the funniest of any I have ever watched.

Rating: 100%


Flash!smile!, Dec 15, 2009

Reviewer: Julz from Midlothian,scotland,uk

The crazy camera carry on was hilarious throughout,especially when the grotesque but frostilly funny lilleth was in the frame.needless to say,frasier's 'hebrew/klingon speech was brilliant,albeit we saw it coming.always nice to see rarely used characters like creepy noel used now and again.good to see frasier's sub zero temp ex make an appearance.made me think that although her rare appearances are always welcome,i am glad that the ghost-like maris remains a figure of mystique.she could not possibly be any funnier on screen than she is just in suggestion.just thinking bout her getting her 'elbows done in antwerp' lookin like a hat stand makes me laugh.x x

Rating: 95%


One of My Faves, Jan 05, 2009

Reviewer: Lorraine from Eastsound, WA - USA

I'm a huge fan of "Frasier." I saw a few episodes of the show live because my husband used to lead the live band that would play for the audience in between scenes, but I really became smitten with it when Lifetime started airing reruns.
This is one of my all-time favorite episodes and the only one that actually made me shriek with laughter when I first saw it. The blinding whirring camera, the speech in Klingon...priceless!

Rating: 95%





Rating: 71%


One of the best, Dec 27, 2007

Reviewer: Joshua Bramon from Newport Beach,CA

This is one of the best Frasier episodes ever. I love the whole camera thing. It has great wit and just the right amount of funny not pushing it but keeping it level. But the best is when Frasier is giving the blessing in kling-on. That was a hilarious scene. Altogether i give this episode an 95%.

Rating: 95%


Hysterical!!!!, Dec 24, 2006

Reviewer: Karla from Chicago, IL

This episode is by far one of my favorite Frasier moments of all time. You can always count on nerdy Noel for a gut busting laugh. Frasier speech had me in tears! I wish they would release season 10 already jeeeezzz!

Rating: 100%


STAR MITZVAH, Nov 09, 2005

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

This episode comes very close to classic qualification, but despite a very engaging and at times hilarious storyline, there were some jokes that didn’t work too well, but on the whole ‘Star Mitzvah’ was definitely a triumphant episode and the most entertaining yet of Season 10. Granted it is always a special treat to see Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) and Frasier’s son Frederick (Trevor Einhorn) make an appearance; and in this episode Frederick is celebrating his Bah Mitzvah, which manages to make the most of its potential. It was also a nice change to see science fiction obsessed weirdo Noel Shempsky (hammed up tremendously by Patrick Kerr) thrust into the limelight of the episode, and take a more central part. If that wasn’t enough excitement for one episode we’ve got Daphne discovering about Niles and Lilith’s exploits in the Season 5 classic ‘Room Service’ and Martins electrifyingly bright camera provides perhaps the best laughs of the whole episode.

We get a nice beginning scene in which we discover that Frederick intends to invite as many guest as he possibly can to attend his upcoming ceremony for the mere reason of receiving more presents. Frasier, meanwhile is apprehensive and somewhat frightened to think of Freddie’s passage from childhood to manhood and there is a touching moment which stood out for me in which Martin told his son that you grow up too fast. As a special tribute to Frederick’s Jewish faith Frasier endeavours to learn his prepared speech in Hebrew; and thus Noel is roped into the whole affair, when he promises to aid Frasier to learn the language in return for Frasier attending a Star Trek convention and getting an autograph; Noel can’t go because William Shatner has a restraining order upon him!

Martin’s camera made me laugh the most I think, and it is used to superb effect throughout the episode. Best of all is when Frasier enters the apartment, only for Martin to click the flash button, which shocks Frasier so much he is rammed backwards into the door with momentary shock and fright. I also loved Martin’s anecdote about taking a picture of Lilith – only her eyes and hair were visible. There is also a lovely scene in which Frasier confronts Noel and tells him that he was unable to attend the Star Trek conference; and after assuring Frasier that it doesn’t matter, Noel swears revenge in a hysterical scene.

It transpires that as a method of revenge Noel, unbeknown to Frasier has translated Frasier’s Bah Mitzvah speech into not Hebrew, but Klingon, the language employed in Star Trek. This plot cultivates brilliantly, and after Lilith’s hilarious show of emotion and the revealing of Fredericks middle name to be Gaylord, Frasier rises to deliver his speech, which is a joy to behold and works very, very well. This is without doubt the highlight of the episode for me. I thought the conclusion of this episode did justice to the rest of the episode, and there was no better way to end this, on the whole, very funny episode than with Martin’s camera blasting everybody backwards with shock. A superior episode that achieves some really big laughs; as well as being very engaging and funny from beginning to end.

Rating: 82%


One of the Best Episodes Ever, Oct 27, 2005

Reviewer: Mary from Ohio

I have to admit, by the time this episode aired, Frasier had lost some of its luster with me. This episode, however, renewed my faith in the series. I laughed so hard!!

Rating: 96%


'Star Mitzvah' review, Oct 03, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Frederick's coming of age and the world of Star Trek make an unlikely combination for the plot of this episode as Frasier decides to do something special for his son's Bar Mitzvah by reading out his speech in Hebrew, only for a vengeful Noel Shempsky to trick him into delivering it in 'Klingon'. There are some highly amusing moments in this episode; Daphne finally learning of Niles' one night of passion with Lilith (as seen in Season 5's 'Room Service') is great although the biggest laugh here is provided by Martin's camera with the blinding flash, which is probably funniest when it goes off at the start of Lilith's uncharacteristicly over-emotional speech. Elsewhere we learn of Freddie's embarrassing middle name while the tag scene displays a wonderful montage of Martin's photos featuring an increasingly angry Frasier. Despite many highlights, the episode would have benefited from being a bit faster paced with the eventual Klingon speech, although undoubtedly funny, just a bit too signposted to have the element of surprise while Patrick Kerr's whiny overacting makes some scenes a touch grating. Easily the best of Season 10 up to this point thanks to some very funny moments but overall it lacks the sparkle needed to make it a classic episode.

Rating: 78%



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