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Episode reviews for Episode 10.03 - Proxy Prexy

Avg. Viewer Review: 78.7%
Number of Reviews: 3

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Dream? Or court-ordered community service?, May 24, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Proxy Prexy" brings us around to another plot so classically "Frasier", it's a wonder it took them 10 years to stage it. Pairing Frasier and Martin in a game of thrones is a smart idea, particularly by this point when life in the condo has been relatively well shaded-in over the course of the series. The general bureaucracy and way the crowd turn for and against our heroes is played with considerable vigour by the ensemble, yet the script manages to find a clever balance between the outward political scenes and the personal rivalry between the two men. It's always fun to see Kelsey Grammer seethe, and John Mahoney gets a kick out of Martin becoming the dominant one. Frasier's comical inability to be a Machievelli is much appreciated too! Thing escalate quite nicely, although I'm not sure the script ever finds exactly the final punch line it needs.

Over at the Montana, I'm afraid I can't dislike the "melange" subplot as much as some. Since Niles and Daphne got together, Peri Gilpin's Roz has done a nice sideline in being their "single gal" friend, and the trio interact very well together. While again the notion of the mix-up is contrived, I don't find the humour "beneath" "Frasier", as some others seem to. Roz, after all, has probably been propositioned for a threesome before! The way Niles and Daphne crack up is an impressive display of how far they've come (and how well the series and actors have managed to make them a funny pairing after the awkwardness of season 8). Truthfully, the subplot never progresses past that joke - but then again, where else could it go? All in all, while it's not Grade A "Frasier", it's another solid installment which suggests the series hasn't run out of classic ideas just yet.

Rating: 83%


PROXY PREXY, Nov 03, 2005

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

After two rather disappointing episodes, Season 10 hits its stride a little more with this third episode, and we are treated to some wonderful father and son rivalry between Frasier and Martin, which always makes for great viewing. The plot was a good one in my opinion, and sees Frasier persuading Martin to run for Condo Board leader so that the public will vote for his ideas. There is some excellent character interaction between the two of them that seems somewhat reminiscent of Season 3’s excellent Chess Pains. The scene in which Frasier and Martin compete to be leader of the Condo Board (because Frasier doesn’t want to arise any suspicion) is very funny, with Martin’s speech and Frasier being delighted that he got a full two votes (!)

This plot continues to run smoothly and becomes even funnier when Martin begins to go against the initial agreement and decides to enforce some of his own ideas, which don’t include Frasier’s ventilation system instalment. The best line of this episode is without doubt Frasier’s ‘Well, well, well – the puppet thinks he’s a real boy’, which was genius! Although the episode isn’t entirely resolved satisfactorily, it was touching how Frasier stood up for Martin, and then vice versa when the Condo Board went against Martin’s ideas. However this is a minor quibble in what was otherwise a fine episode, that was until we reached the subplot…

I’m sorry to say but I found the subplot between Niles, Daphne and Roz to be absolutely appalling, tasteless and the kind of humour I’d expect from some teen-sitcom. I don’t think blown-out, wrongly interpretive ‘jokes’ about threesomes is suitable for Frasier, which is renowned as being a very witty and sophisticated programme. I found Roz taking Niles and Daphne’s question the wrong way (taking it to mean a threesome), only for her to discover they meant sandwich absolutely ridiculous and completely contrived. If it wasn’t for this abysmal subplot this episode could easily have gone past the 80% mark, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite make it because this weak subplot let the whole episode down; which is a shame because the scenes between Martin and Frasier were very entertaining indeed.

Rating: 79%


'Proxy Prexy' review, Sep 30, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Another bout of Frasier/Martin sparring as the pair make a pact that Martin will enter the election to become president of the condo board as a 'puppet candidate', with Frasier pulling all the strings. This is the basis for some enjoyable scenes between father and son as, unsurprisingly, once Martin wins the election he quickly begins to ignore his son's orders by implementing policies of his own, leading Frasier to attempt to expose the truth of the situation and, in one symbolic sequence, forcefully sticking a knife into a cake bearing Martin's picture. Sadly the episode is marred by the scenes with Niles and Daphne's annoying behaviour towards Roz over the mishearing of the word 'melange', which feels like a smug private joke to which the audience isn't invited, although this painfully overstretched idea does come to a fairly amusing conclusion when Niles and Daphne are approached by a 'swinger' at Nervosa. The always enjoyable interplay between Kelsey Grammer and John Mahoney gives this the edge over the first two Season 10 episodes but there's still a certain tiredness about the proceedings, as if the cast were simply going through the motions instead of injecting the episode with the inspired and energetic performances it requires.

Rating: 74%