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Episode reviews for Episode 10.01 - The Ring Cycle

Avg. Viewer Review: 79.9%
Number of Reviews: 7

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The incredible beaver baby, May 24, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

A very enjoyable episode that, again, is slightly hampered by the plot and having to resolve issues set up last season, but does so with some touching and beautiful moments, and some funny stuff for everyone. Highlights include the truly beautiful vows in the opening scene (I would happily adopt those myself) - even if they're said in a tacky Reno ceremony!; Roz being the third person in on the anniversary; the exhaustion of the final ceremony; and the cute tag where an entire fake ceremony is thrown together for the sake of a petal-eating Alice!

It's an odd surprise to see Donny Douglas one last time, in what feels like a weird little guest spot given that it doesn't add a lot of emotional resonance to the piece. But at the same time, it seems fair for a series that has increasingly grown interested in the ramifications of its characters lives to bring back someone who was introduced as a plot impediment. I love when characters break out of their moulds like that. Meanwhile, Gertrude Moon is back for a whole season this time. Look, I actually enjoy her interactions - at least in the first half of the season. Millicent Martin may be stuck with the most shrewish character on the show (depending on how you feel about Julia Wilcox) but she had great fun last season, and this episode introduces the definitely unexpected rivalry between Gertrude and Alice. If nothing else, I enjoy that!

"The Ring Cycle" is light on the belly laughs and it certainly resolves the Niles/Daphne engagement in a way few fans would have predicted. Yet overall I like its aspirations, heralding the start of a season that again takes the quality up a little more from what we've experienced of late.

Rating: 87%


A very nice start to the season, Jan 03, 2009

Reviewer: Tom M from Cumbria, England

A very nice start to the season that could easily have turned into farce, but was handled nicely. The opening speech was particularly poignont, plus Niles' final vows were hilarious!

Rating: 77%


Anti-climax, Sep 17, 2006

Reviewer: Citystreets from England

If Daphne and Niles had become a couple during the era of Keenan and co. would they have been more believable and interesting? (And more importantly, funnier?). It's difficult for me not to wonder this while watching 'The Ring Cycle: hampered by a drab script, this is an example of an episode that has promise - the show has been building towards this marriage for years and yet it felt strongly anti-climatic. There was further promise in the farcical elements - the repeated marriages - that perhaps in the hands of stronger writers, could really have been something entertaining but just felt a bit boring after one uninspired similar-sounding scene after another. In truth, this isn't a terrible episode; not by a long shot. It's pleasant enough, there's just nothing funny about it.

Not helping matters is the presence of Gertrude Moon who is without redemption and adds no warmth at all to what should have been a warmer episode. (The only time I felt like cheering was Martin cutting through the self-absorbed nonsense of the other characters and reminding Niles and Daphne about their honeymoon). I also could have done without the unnecessary presence of Donny, a character whose use expired at the end of Season 7. The multiple weddings already made the episode feel convoluted and detracted from something that probably should have been given a bit more importance; even the Reno set looked cheap - most likely that's the point, but still it was never convincing that Niles and Daphne had travelled anywhere. It's commendable that Frasier dispenses of using unnecessary exterior shots to signify location but when they're in a different environment we're not used to seeing, it could have helped to set up some atmosphere. In any case, Donny, like Gertrude, added little and contributed with the writing, made the event less appealing than it should have been.

Rating: 68%


The Ring Cycle, Aug 29, 2006

Reviewer: Amber from Scotland

I am split in two about this episode. On one side it is great to see Niles and Daphne finaly getting married after such a long time. But it rather lacks. I had hoped that their marrage might have been a little more traditional than a casino.

Of course with "Frasier" comedy is necceccary, and the three marrages is a good storyline, it's just the marrige doesn't seem to be such a big milestone as hoped; with the real wedding only taking up the first tiny part of the episode.

Other than that, I enjoyed this episode greatly, and although it isn't as funny as it could have been it's definetly one I would glady watch again.

Rating: 88%


THE RING CYCLE, Nov 01, 2005

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

After recently watching, and (okay I’ll admit it) rather enjoying Season 9, I was anxious to see how the cliffhanger established by the excellent finale ‘Moons Over Seattle’ would be resolved. I’ve heard semi-positive feedback on Season 10, and I think most people are of the opinion, that although it still doesn’t come close to capturing the hilarity of the first seven seasons, Season 10 makes a definite improvement in quality in comparison to the previous two. Still I felt a little wary about approaching the opening episode ‘The Ring Cycle’. I think this was due to the fact that the last time something interesting had happened with Niles and Daphne (in the emotional Something Borrowed, Someone Blue back in May 2000), my hopes, excitement and expectations were quashed by the feebly limp disappointment that was ‘And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon’. I was hoping that ‘The Ring Cycle’ wouldn’t follow the same pattern.

I think its fair to say that I was slightly disappointed. Although the episode was certainly above average, it shouldn’t have been – it should have been brilliant. It should have done the series’ justice and make Niles and Daphne’s wedding into the heart-warming, hilarious and touching occasion that the viewer had been expecting. For nine years we’ve watched, laughed and in some cases cried at Niles hilarious pursuits of Daphne – and I think their wedding should have been executed better. Instead of a glamorous wedding celebration, what do we get? An annoying ‘funky’ casino owner, Mrs Moon (as annoying as ever) and the return of Daphne’s former fiancé Donny Douglas, who we thought had finally been put to rest in the abysmal Season 8 episode ‘Legal, Tender Love and Care’.

I’ve probably just painted a very negative picture there, but I did enjoy in the episode but just hoped for a little bit more because this episode had absolutely enormous potential. There were several funny moments, and highlights for me would include Niles and Daphne having three wedding, one in secret at a casino, another one to please Frasier and Martin (because they’d be heart-broken if they missed the wedding) and almost a third in order to satisfy the selfish wish of Daphne’s mother, who is driving me absolutely crazy. There were some nice moments and lines peppered throughout this episode, such as Roz’s daughter Alice insulting Mrs Moon, Niles bored, tired and forgotten wedding throws in marriage number three and the final touching scene (amidst all the lies and confusion) when Martin asks ‘How come you’re not on your honeymoon?’

I laughed when it seemed as though Daphne was going to cancel the last wedding, only for Donny to retort with enthusiastic delight, shouting ‘Now you know how it feels to be left at the alter…’. But all in all this episode seemed a bit rushed and unfortunately fell short of my expectations, which admittedly were very high indeed. A good strong opening episode, that could have, and should have been a lot better.

Rating: 76%


'The Ring Cycle' review, Sep 28, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Season 10 begins with a momentous occasion - the wedding of Niles and Daphne. Or rather this should read 'weddings', as this being 'Frasier' means that the pair's attempts to marry are anything but straightforward. Beginning with the couple exchanging their vows in a tacky casino in Reno (with 'Frasier' writer Sam Johnson playing the official), we then see them returning to Seattle, only to find themselves having to marry a second time at a registry office in order to spare Frasier and Martin's feelings, with a third wedding occurring shortly after just to please Daphne's mother. It's a great idea for an episode and yet somehow it falls short of it's potential. With a lacklustre atmosphere throughout, the episode struggles to make the farcial situations really work and some moments - most notably, Donny's outburst when he thinks Daphne has jilted Niles - fall very flat indeed, while genuine laugh out moments are conspicuous by their absence, with only the ending with Frasier, Martin and Gertrude learning of the two previous weddings raising more than a smile. It's a shame because the idea of multiple weddings is such a promising one but, thanks to the limp execution, delivers a frustratingly average episode - pleasant viewing throughout but something of a let down for an episode which fans had waited so many years to see.

Rating: 73%


The Ring Cycle, Sep 26, 2005

Reviewer: Alicia from Sydney, Australia

The story:
The ring cycle was truly a romatic episode of frasier. It starts with Niles and Daphne taking their wedding vows they wrote for each other in a lucky 7 casino in Rheo. ( they got married their because it takes three days to get a marriage license in seattle and they wanted to get married that instant.) they get back to seattle and see frasier and martin before they could tell them frasier said he would have died if he missed the wedding and they lied to protect his and martins feelings. So they get married again in a court house but Mrs Moon doesnt like that and leaves. To sake her feelings they get married a third time but while they do daphne calls it quicks and tells the whole family about rheo they are all upest but martin says they should go and enjoy there honeymoon.
The Review:
It was a great episode it had comedy,love,lies and marriage all into one. It was a great way for niles and daphne to get married because it took them so long to get together and it was so hard for them to marry. their wedding vows were truly beautiful and my favourite part of the episode it really brought out their love for each other Bravo jane leeves and david hyde pierce for your amazing acting.

Rating: 90%