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Episode reviews for Episode 9.22 - The Guilt Trippers

Avg. Viewer Review: 76.0%
Number of Reviews: 8

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Sincerity, May 21, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Continuing on from "Frasier Has Spokane" (and really, an entire season of development), Roz falls apart after her breakup with Roger, ultimately leading her into Frasier's arms... and his bed. Since time immemorial, friends and colleagues have made the transition to sexual partners without meaning to, and it seems only fair for "Frasier" to explore one of its few legitimate pairings in this way. It's actually not out of the blue for this series - think Roz/Bulldog, Frasier/Gil, Niles/Lilith, and those very fleeting moments where Martin (in "Three Valentines") and Frasier considered Daphne as a potential partner. It happens between people of matching sexual attraction. It's a satisfying little episode for Roz and Frasier, capping off a tension that began two seasons ago but finally resolving their issues through farce. The suburban portrayal of the Doyle clan and the ultimate undoing of Roz's sister are very funny, and the final scene on the porch is a lovely affirmation of Frasier and Roz's friendship. (Although the highlight will always be Martin's news bulletin on Roz's purse.)

Over in the not-really-a-sub-plot sub-plot, Mrs. Moon's depression overshadows the rest of the family. Millicent Martin is very good at playing the harridan and, while I sure wish they'd shipped Gertrude back to England in the finale, she's been reliable all of this season. As a force of strain upon the entire household (and the Daphne/Niles relationship), she makes sense. The highlight of this plot is definitely Niles' little rant on difficult, although who can resist the adorable scene of Eddie going one-to-one with his robot self?

Truthfully, this isn't one of my favourite episodes. The Niles/Daphne business is all set-up for next week, with reasonably few laughs, and something tells me that the writers got their hands on the robot dog before inserting it into the script rather than the other way round. Still, I'm happy to see the Frasier/Roz relationship analysed in a strong way... at least for now.

Rating: 76%


Guilt Trippers Response, Feb 02, 2012

Reviewer: Lily from Utah from Utah USA

I agree with Kelli from Utah. I also enjoyed this episode, but had a
hard time believing Roz could pass Frasier off as Roger and the
family not ever seeing Frasier since Roz & him are so close at this
point of the show. I did kind of hate that they slept together and
thought the episodes afterwards would be a lot more awkward, but
it is what it is. I don't think it's completely unlike them though
because men and women throughout history have hard times just
being friends without some kind of attraction. Besides, Roz was
vulnerable at the time because of her break up. (P.S. I'm aware they
are just tv characters) Anyways, huge fan of the show and this

Rating: 90%


Big Mistake, Jan 30, 2012

Reviewer: Lilly from California

The script and its deliverance are well done here, but I cannot accept
the fact that Roz and Frasier would have sex together. I know they're
great friends, but there's a natural distance between them that could
never allow this moment to occur, such as siblings have. So I guess
this event seems incestuous and disgusting to me and it lowered my
esteem of both of them. (Yes, I know they're fictional.) I never even
accepted the scenes of their mutual attraction in previous episodes.
One reason they get along so well is that they know they're immune
from sexual attraction to each other, so they feel safe to be intimate
with each other as friends.
That aside, the rest of the episode is well done and very enjoyable,
despite the far-fetched idea that Roz's family could believe Frasier is

Rating: 80%


Minor oversight, Jun 08, 2011

Reviewer: Kelli from Utah, USA

I just saw this episode again this morning and loved it, but had a hard time believing one thing - how in the world could Roz pass Frasier off as Roger, when you know her whole family knows exactly who Frasier is. If I was the producer for even a minor radio celebrity, you better believe my family would know what he looks like!

Rating: 92%


I liked this episode, Jan 29, 2010

Reviewer: Chris Dee from Roehampton, London, England

This episode may not be the best, but it is certainly not the worst. My criteria for judging any episode of Frasier is does it make me laugh. This episode made me laugh when Frasier was sitting on the couch with Roz and he had to come up quickly with an answer, as Roger, from Roz's family concerning what he did for a living, great line. Many smiles and some tender moments.

Rating: 90%


Not the Best, But not this bad, Jul 12, 2007

Reviewer: Jen from Dallas, TX, USA

This episode really did rather disappoint me if you were going to do something as crazy as put Frasier and Roz in bed together. But, I think the reviews are quite harsh.

While the first half of the episode lacks humor and is rather dull, it is very heartwarming to see Frasier travel to see Roz and be a true friend. Take a potentially friendship ending situation, and not run from it, but save the day for Roz in front of her family.

When they sit on the porch, you really get an idea of what their friendship is. Something that not even that big of a mistake could ruin.

However, even the heartwarming part of the story cannot make up for the lacking plot of Niles, and I was disappointed to not get any flash references to the vacation with Daphne and mom which could have injected much needed humor.

Overall, a lesser episode, but not one of the three worst.

Rating: 65%


Review of 'The Guilt Trippers', Jul 28, 2006

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, England

Completing a hat-trick of stinkers, this episode takes the Frasier/Roz relationship somewhere it should never have gone Ė into the bedroom. Mild amusement is provided by the argument between Rozís sister and her husband, but that really is clutching at straws. A very poor episode which highlights just how bereft of ideas the season 8 to 10 writing team were.

Rating: 54%


'The Guilt Trippers' review, Sep 23, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

After teases in earlier episodes such as 'Frasier Loves Roz' and 'Hot Pursuit', this episode finally takes Frasier and Roz's relationship to another level when, following a night alone together in Frasier's apartment, the pair wake up next morning to find themselves in bed together. Such a drastic move is something that should only be attempted in a particularly good episode, so it's disappointing that this should prove so dull and low in humour, with Martin's way of revealing that he knows Roz stayed the night providing the only really big laugh. Frasier's decision to follow Roz to her family home in Winsconsin is a nice idea but proves rather dull, with Frasier pretending to be Roger in front of the other family members. Niles' storyline is rather better if no funnier with a good, if very brief, ending that sees him coming face to face with Daphne's father, Harry, when he travels to Manchester in an attempt to reconcile Daphne's parents. Generally though, I found the whole Frasier/Roz plot a bit desperate, as if the producers were having to resort to such a storyline in order to boost ratings and as such, I found the episode a rather depressing viewing experience.

Rating: 61%