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Episode reviews for Episode 9.21 - Frasier Has Spokane

Avg. Viewer Review: 76.4%
Number of Reviews: 8

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Sully!, May 21, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

An average episode lifted up by a couple of wonderful moments. The Seattle storyline doesn't elicit many laughs from me, with the Bananarama moments particularly falling flat. Daphne and Martin comparing construction work and terms is quite amusing, although I felt that the emphasis on comedic plot was pushed back in favour of simply letting the characters contrast each other. This was very much the approach in the weaker middle section of season 9, and I'm not overwhelmed by its return here. I didn't mind the Niles/Daphne tension, since again it speaks very truly to my feelings of being in close relationships with someone who has stronger skills than you, but ultimately it was a very middling plot.

Over in Spokane, meanwhile, things takes a fair while to heat up. Kenny has had a very good run of late, but this is a very weak episode for the character, who just has "early 2000s office humour" written all over him. The abusive reporters exist to set up a plot point but they come across as unlikely. I'm not asking for every moment of a sitcom to be credible but the decent concept of Frasier ousting a popular figure barrels over any notion of creating a realistic comic setup. Things do pick up, however. Any time Frasier intrudes upon a beloved institution has to result in a few funny moments, and the barrage of cruel calls (as well as the sympathetic but mercenary attitude of the Spokane station manager) feels more like the show I'm used to.

But what elevates "Frasier Has Spokane" a little above the average is the fantastic scene between Peri Gilpin and Kelsey Grammer. True, Roger himself only appeared in one episode as a reasonably sedate figure. But the notion of season 9 has very much been to build up characters over the course of the year. This has been proven throughout most episodes and it allows us to feel like Roz's relationship has existed, running alongside the series even if not always seen onscreen. So her ultimate breakdown with Frasier, particularly growing out of an initially comic moment of her hesitant attempt to "phone in", is made particularly poignant. Where "The Wizard and Roz" (my least favourite episode of the first nine seasons) went wrong was that it completely hid the cause of the emotional catharsis until the final scene, rendering the rest of the episode structurally obsolete. "Frasier Has Spokane" shows that you don't have to let your climax be the result of oppressive build-up; as long as it's woven into the episode a couple of times, we'll buy it. The clever way the Roz and Frasier storylines intersect makes this episode work, even if it's a shame that the script as a whole is far from spectacular.

Rating: 75%


This is a GOOD show!, Apr 23, 2012

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

I cannot understand the negative reviews of this episode. It has two
of the finest scenes : 1. a serious one where Roz - doing a 'dummy'
phone in from her desk in order to get the Spokane show moving on
from all the bitter calls - finds herself opening up and breaking down
over the end of her relationship with Roger (something we should
have seen in earlier episodes, by the way). Frasier responds in the
most human and affecting way he has ever done on any of his shows,
with warmth, sympathy, and good sense.

2. Pure comedy gold, where Niles (unsurprisingly) and Martin
(unexpectedly) show themselves totally impractical with DIY. Daphne,
of course, runs the show, enlisting first Martin then Niles to help her
assemble a coffee table. Her bossiness, the British-American confusion
over names of things, and Daphne's attempts to remain bossy while
affirming her love for Niles, lead to no end of laughs.

All in all, this is a good show that leaves a warm feeling.

Rating: 90%


Engaging Enough, Apr 09, 2011

Reviewer: Mel from Toronto

Although this wasn't a particularly great episode of Frasier (they could have used Jim Flaherty better), I rather enjoyed the Roz storyline which is in my opinion much more important than the fact the radio show is being broadcast in Spokane. It's true we never got to see much of Roger to really get a feel for their relationship, but that's not the point, Roz is often underutilised and her relationship with Roger actually seems quite true to her character. Although, Roz and Frasier have a great relationship, I think keeping them as friends makes much more sense than ever trying to get them together romantically. We see things like that all too often in other sitcoms just to create additional storylines, they didn't need that in Frasier.

Rating: 69%


an important and 'best of' frasier, Aug 10, 2010

Reviewer: justanotherfrasierlover from spaceneedletown, usa

wow - anybuddy who's a fan of frasier is a friend of mine
but sometimes the best you can do with a friend is agree to
and boy oh boy do i disagree with the low ratings given this ep

one of the things about frasier that made it truly worthy of its
classic sitcom status had nothing to do with comedy
what made frasier so exceptionally wonderful were those scenes that werent comedic at all but serious - scenes where we watched characters we had grown to care about and love really bared their hearts

and if there's a more powerful example of this than roz' 'sample'
call to spokane's newest talk show host i can't think of it as i write this review just after watching a recast of it

in my view that is why 'frasier has spokane' must be included in the top 23 episodes list (one season's worth of shows)

besides that the 2nd storyline - daph wears the pants in the family - builds (ugh bad pun) nicely on top of the main one
and brings the episode back to the laughs we expect - and need -
after the seriousness of the heart tug roz' phone call has laid on us

finally the great second city tv show alum joe flaherty's guest spot
as spokane's version of station manager kenny daily (sp?) is good for a bunch of laughs too (no surprise there tho to anyone familiar with sammy maudlin or count floyd from the way back when of those sctv laughfests)

so all in all this is a stand out from season 9 a time by which frasier had grown a bit long in the tooth and somewhat hit or miss
with not every entry quite up to the non stop quality of the earlier seasons

but to the upside of that tho by the ninth year we'd come to know the characters like old friends and with real friends (even if they are only make believe tv characters! ) life isnt always fun and games - and laughs - sometimes it's serious and difficult and heartbreaking

and the 'frasier has spokane' episode of is a perfect example
of how and why this sitcom is so legendary

ps peri gilpin should have won an emmy for this performance
i dont think she was even nominated

Rating: 99%


I actually enjoyed this episode, Nov 25, 2007

Reviewer: Nick from Australia

I have to say I quite enjoyed this episode. All I read in the newspaper was "Frasier takes on and replaces a previous station announcer". I didn't know what to expect and I thought it was quite clever how he got Roz to open up on the air in order to encourage more callers to phone in and chat.

Frasier giving Roz that hug of encouragement and reassurance just showed what a true and loyal supporter he is to her, the closeness between the two of them as colleagues, and as best friends.

I love Peri Gilpin as Roz and as always Kelsey Grammar never fails to deliver as Dr Frasier Crane

Rating: 94%


Review of 'Frasier Has Spokane', Jul 28, 2006

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, Engalnd

Poor Peri Gilpin! Reading the script for this rare Roz-centred episode must have had the talented actress in tears. Her chance to shine is completely ambushed by a dire script with cringeworthy dialogue. The only source of amusement is provided by Spokane broadcasting legend ‘Sully’, whose timeslot Frasier has just inherited. The scene where Frasier is introduced to the Spokane media is the one true highlight of an otherwise dire episode.

Rating: 55%


'Frasier Has Spokane' review, Sep 23, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A pedestrian and at times rather boring episode, which sees Frasier's radio show being picked up in Spokane, with he and Roz being invited to host a one-off show there. What few laughs are on offer here centre around the locals' disgust at Frasier replacing broadcasting institution Neil 'Sully' Sullivan, with the subplot of Daphne bossing around Niles and Martin when the trio attempt to put together a table amounting to little more than tolerable filler. What sinks this episode though is the unwelcome return of the tedious Roz/Roger storyline. Quite why the producers thought this was an interesting or engaging enough plot to drag on throughout the season is hard to fathom, with the sequence towards the end of Roz lamenting her break-up with Roger when pretending to be a caller on the radio show coming across as horribly leaden and sentimental, while it's hard to care about Roz's relationship with a rather bland character who had previously appeared in just one episode. Not much fun at all.

Rating: 59%


'Frasier has Spokane', Jun 07, 2005

Reviewer: Stratman from Australia

Whenever I watch this episode it always seems to drag, yet whenever that episode comes to mind, I have nothing but praise for it. This is largely due to the wondefully written and acted second last scene.

I quite enjoyed the sub-plot, as well. And I was quite suprised to learn that Martin isn't a very good tradesman. Seeing Daphne decked out in her old concert-going clothes was a laugh, too.

Rating: 70%