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Episode reviews for Episode 9.19 - The Love You Fake

Avg. Viewer Review: 83.1%
Number of Reviews: 10

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I'm at war!, May 21, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

A consistently enjoyable episode that isn't to my mind a masterpiece, but is certainly the last true delight of season 9. Brian Stokes Mitchell proved a worthy adversary to Frasier in "Mother Load" and he's back to taunt Frasier some more (this episode was filmed last in the season for reasons that I can only assume had to do with Mitchell's schedule). He's really just a great addition to the cast, and one of very few men who can still look imposing dripping wet in a bathrobe. I still think it's a pity that we didn't get more Frasier/Cam episodes since their rivalry is a rare case of one where Frasier is on equal footing but their back-and-forth and endless negotiations are very funny. Emily Yancy also puts in a solid turn as Cam's mischievous mother. Her chemistry with John Mahoney is effortless but I understand why these two easily-suited characters didn't become a long-standing item at this point in the series' run. Frasier's laundry obsession does expose the hammier side of Grammer's performance, to be sure, but I must admit I roared at his "EXPLANATION PLEASE!". Overacting seems appropriate in this episode given how much it relies on the snootier side of Frasier's personality. Sure, this has never vanished, but in seasons 8 and 9, Frasier has certainly mellowed somewhat as a character, so I can see that the series wanted to remind us of just how pedantic and petty he can be.

The subplot with Niles on the Segway isn't much but it provides us with some truly iconic images. From his entrance (already clearly besotted with the machine) to his final undoing, David Hyde Pierce really sells the character's obsession. His boisterous, boyish delight coupled with his tiny figure (and jaunty hat) are hilarious. The Nervosa scene is probably the highlight. Any episode that features a line such as "Greetings, foot people! How are things back in the twentieth century?" can't go too wrong.

Perhaps a few points off for the quite opening (during the first Martin/Cora scene, I was worried we were in for some of the languid character work that closed out season 8) and for not doing much more with Niles' Segway obsession than just giving us some physical comedy. Yet still, "The Love You Fake" is a very amiable half-hour.

Rating: 89%


Well-paced, Jan 30, 2012

Reviewer: Nattie from Vancouver BC

I like everything about this episode.
It has a great pace, a very likable Cora Winston, and a seamless
rapport between Martin and Cora as they aim to disturb Frasier's and
Cam's smugness. Daphne has developed a more brazen presence in
the household, as she barely conceals her manipulation of Frasier via
his laundry, then tricks Niles off his Segway so she can have a go.

Rating: 100%


The Segway one, Feb 09, 2010

Reviewer: Alexandra Reed from New York, New York, USA

I personally think this episode is hilarious!!

I love the segway and the sheer pretentiousness of Niles and Frasier. As the show's BIGGEST FAN (and probably youngest at the age of 13, I think this is great for all the family. . .


Rating: 85%


Lamest in season 9, Apr 18, 2009

Reviewer: AJ from Ontario, Canada

This is the worst, and most boring, episode of season 9.
Forget the much-maligned War of the Words, the supposedly outrageous Guilt Trippers, the somewhat-unecessary Cheerful Goodbyes, or all of the underrated Kirbyfied ones.

All the plots are boring, the whole cast is on auto-pilot and it also has the most pointless closing credits sequence ever.

I didn't care about Cam and Frasier's "feud", I didn't care about Cora and Marty's "scheme", and I sure as hell didn't care about the non-plot of Niles's "Segway".


Rating: 20%


Fantastic Episode, Oct 05, 2008

Reviewer: Elizabeth from San Francisco, CA, USA

This is my favorite episode of my favorite show. Every plot piece is so well-crafted. The focus of the episode is on Frasier's ongoing feud with his upstairs neighbor, the handsomely elegant yet insufferable Cam Winston (Brian Stokes Mitchell). Marty Crane and Cora Winston (Emily Yancy), Cam's mother, pretend to be dating to irk their sons and to force them to patch things up to an extent. The resulting scenes, with Marty and Cora feigning a sleepover (first in Cam's apartment, then in Frasier's), and Cam and Frasier's intricate "peace treaty" at the end of the episode, are nothing short of hilarious.

Of course, the half-hour is made at least in part by Niles' antics on his Segway. His interactions with Martin and Daphne over their use (or lack thereof) of the machine, and Frasier's reactions to the attention he gets with it, are absolutely precious.

In all, I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching this episode. It's really a gem among gems.

Rating: 100%


The Love You Fake .... my thoughts on this episode, May 12, 2008

Reviewer: Scarlett from North Jersey, USA

With Cam Winston infuriating Frasier once again, Martin and Cam's mother deciding to try and put an end to the ongoing "feud" between their sons I found to be as usual, quite amusing. But far and away, what makes this episode so special is Niles on his experimental Segway!
It's certainly not the main story line, but as often seems to happen on Frasier, David Hyde Pierce steals the show with his perfect comedic timing. I just laugh and laugh and the mere thought of Niles "segway-ing" in and out of the apartment, Nervosa (the coffee house they all frequent) and in the end, the Lobby!
This is one of my favorite episodes solely due to Niles riding about on this contraption and the as always simple lines that Hyde Pierce seems to say in such a way that become hilarious! A must add to your collection of Frasier seasons!

Rating: 99%


segway fun, Apr 11, 2008

Reviewer: Briana from NY

Hi everyone! I find this really cool that you all are from England! Anyway, my favorite part was when Niles rode out of the cafe, saying something about the future, and everyone starts clapping. I laugh hysterically everytime I see that. I also laugh when Roz askes Niles if she can ride it, and he says, "No, go away." Why do these simple things make us laugh so? I love it!!!!

Rating: 100%


The Love You Fake, Mar 19, 2008

Reviewer: Jason Cook from Sheffield, England

In this episode Frasier continues the feud with his neighbour Cam Winston while Martin and Cam's mother fuel the situation by pretending to be an 'item'. Personally this is one of my favourite episodes. However, this episode has come under attack for Frasiers "overacting" but to me this is what makes the episode so funny! His dramatic booming voice when he says things like "Have you ever heard of anything more fury inspiring?" and "EXPLANATION PLEASE!", when he only has one sock, I find hilarious and watch the episode sometimes just to hear it.

Rating: 90%


Review of 'The Love You Fake', Jul 28, 2006

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, England

The final outing for Frasier’s arch nemesis Cam Winston produces another rather fun episode. The bickering (and subsequent ‘peace treaty’) between Frasier and Cam add to the enjoyment, as does the sight of Niles on his rather curious ‘Segway’ device. The Martin/Cora relationship is nicely handled and one wonders why this never developed into a regular relationship for Martin, they certainly seemd to have good chemistry. All in all, an entertaining episode.

Rating: 75%


'The Love You Fake' review, Sep 22, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Following an amusing appearance in 'Mother Load', Brian Stokes Mitchell gives his second and final performance as Cam Winston when, once again, he and Frasier find themselves at war with one another when Frasier discovers that a leak in his apartment is down to Cam's washer-dryer, prompting Martin and Cam's mother, Cora, to pretend to be an item in order to try and persuade their children to bury the hatchet. On the whole this plot is enjoyably played out with Frasier and Cam's horrified reactions to their parents' new 'relationship' proving quite funny, although generally I began to find Frasier's constant foul-tempered outbursts became rather overbearing after a while, with Kelsey Grammer's performance seeming much too hammy and over the top in places, not least his roar of 'Explanation please!' when complaining to Daphne about the state of his laundry. The scenes with Niles on his Segway don't add up to much and feel a bit too much like product placement, although his repeated refusals to let anyone else use it are quite amusing. With an ending that sees Frasier and Cam attempting to settle their differences once and for all by drawing up a 'treaty', this is an episode that's quite fun to watch for the most part but overall is nothing special.

Rating: 73%