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Episode reviews for Episode 9.13 - Juvenilia

Avg. Viewer Review: 76.0%
Number of Reviews: 5

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Hoot and holler, May 20, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Juvenilia" is an average episode of the series with the most bizarre laugh track in the show's eleven-year history.

Brian Klugman's last appearance as Kirby Gardner is a good one, further developing the character and suggested he could've been good fun appearing on occasion at KACL. His slightly awkward relationship with Roz, and Frasier's reluctant mentoring, are both amusing little character interactions. As a whole, the Teen Scene plotline has some laughs: Frasier sending autographs to the hospice, the bemused moderator Andy McNiff, and Frasier's ultimate revenge. Still, I'm not sure I understand why the Teen Scene kids act the way they do, regardless of how amusing it always is to have a character questioned from a slightly meta point of view. It's definitely satisfying to see Kirby provide Frasier with the answers he seeks, but it's not much.

There are two other plots but neither comes to much. Niles seeks Roz's help in his endless cavalcade of gifts for Daphne, but there are very few original laughs and nothing really comes of it. Of course, as a C-Plot that's to be expected. But moreso, it gels with my idea that season 9 is planned more as one long piece. All these little plots that don't really climax are designed to just add layers to the character from "Don Juan in Hell" through to the finale. It's admirable, definitely. It just doesn't add up to much on this occasion. Martin, meanwhile, pursues a security guard at work in a well-constructed little piece where he goes from being super-casual to forlorn. Still, it doesn't really go anywhere either.

My main issue with this episode, though, is that the studio audience are incredibly obnoxious! Their laughter is over-the-top from moment one, and sometimes it intrudes on places that seem like they should be at least a little serious (like Martin staring forlornly at the phone). Their hoots and hollers during Martin's chat with Peg just seem inappropriate, frankly. Of course, this isn't the show's fault. The makeup of any studio audience may vary - in fact, often tour groups make up a fair portion of an audience. That is, by its nature, a group of people who don't regularly watch the show. They're less likely to get character-based humour, instead going for whatever they think stands out as a joke. I'm not sure if that's what happened here, but it sure is an unusual response throughout the episode. All in all, then, another average episode in a string of them. Season 9 started out quite strongly, but it's begun to recede a little into, well, not disappointments, but uneventful offerings.

Rating: 72%


quite the funny, Sep 14, 2011

Reviewer: barbara from buffalo, ny, usa

this was one of my favorite episodes. the brats got taken down a peg, and andy mc niff cracked me up! the end was cute, showing niles' mug shots as a gift for daphne

Rating: 99%


Hey - not a bad episode!, May 22, 2008

Reviewer: Frasier Tid from SW England

Perhaps I'm bucking the trend here, but I thought that this show was, on the whole, very
good indeed although not a classic. Its weakness stems mostly from the basic premise :
Frasier's appearance on the Teen Scene show is rather a contrived plot device, and I found
that somewhat unbelievable.

But his actual appearance, with the 'bratty' presenters getting their come-uppance, and the
nicely-drawn character of the chain-smoking Andy McNiff, was deeply satisfying, while Kirby
was redeemed by the end and rather less annoying than usual.

Eddie's contribution to Niles' attempt to steal a street sign, had me in hysterics - I literally
wept with laughter.

On the whole, I found this show maintained the upward trend demonstrated by the
previous two Season 9 episodes.

Rating: 76%


'Juvenilia' review, Sep 18, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

This is basically a retread of 'Dr. Nora' with kids, as Frasier agrees to guest on KACL's 'Teen Scene' show where his three teenage inquisitors initially appear all sweetness and light and fawning towards him, only to turn into monsters once the show goes on air, leaving Frasier to exact revenge by digging up information about his tormentors. A rather tepid episode in the main, the only amusing aspect of the main plot is the grumpy character of put-upon moderator Andy McNiff. As with another Sam Johnson/Chris Marcil episode, Season 8's 'Docu. Drama', the only real highlight here is a brief bit of visual comedy from Niles and Eddie - in this case Niles' doomed attempt to steal a street sign for Daphne, although Martin's subplot is far too underdeveloped to warrant much interest. Thankfully the episode sees the last appearance of Kirby, here more irritating than ever, and there's something ironic about the theme of Frasier having to appeal to a younger demographic to increase ratings as much of this season could stand accused of doing the same thing.

Rating: 65%


Review of Juvenilia, May 11, 2005

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, England

This is a rather dull episode with the best part going to Andy McNiff, the moderator for 'Teen Scene'. I liked the exchange where Frasier asks him if he's going to smoke all night and he simply looks into his cigarette packet and says 'Yeah' with a resigned look on his face. There aren't many highlights though, with possibly only the scene where Niles is stranded hanging from the 'Daphne Lane' sign the only other LOL moment. A below average episode.

Rating: 68%