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Episode reviews for Episode 9.10 - Bully For Martin

Avg. Viewer Review: 73.4%
Number of Reviews: 5

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Enervating, May 20, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Hmmm. "Bully for Martin" is another thoroughly average episode that at least tries to tackle a new plot. Martin is facing bullying at work from his supervisor (played by the fantastic M. Emmet Walsh) and the boys step in to try and fix it, in increasingly invasive ways. Things take a long time to get going, with the set-up not particularly funny and Robert Picardo wasted in a thankless role as the goon's son. An odd aside scene, in which Frasier messes with Jay Karnes' corporate honcho, is really very funny, although its disconnection from the episode makes me think the writers just wanted to make it clear which part of the episode would be cut for syndication. Still, things pick up considerably at the climax when Frasier and Niles get stuck in a closet at Martin's work, and the two older men bond over their idiot children.

The subplot with Roz obsessed with Roger takes a funny-enough idea and then hammers it into the ground, despite some game acting from all involved. Really though, both plots just sort of end. There's no climax at all to the Roz plot and the ending of Martin's storyline eschews the usual emotional confrontation, or even really a satisfying comedic pay-off where Martin catches the boys. Given that this has recurred a bit this season, my main assumption is that the writers this year really embraced the idea of an entire season. They opened with a string of character-centric episodes, and there's more to come with the Daphne/Niles relationship taking the next step in next week's "Mother Load". In light of this, at least it makes sense that this episode feels weaker when standing alone than as part of a series. Still, it's a weak outing overall.

Rating: 69%


Look closely, Jan 29, 2012

Reviewer: Nattie from Vancouver BC

My taste is often at odds with other reviewers, loving what is
considered mediocre and not liking some of the better-loved episodes
and this is no exception.
Some things I enjoyed in this episode: Niles' face in the storeroom as
Frasier pretends to be ordering a meal in a restaurant. You can see
the wheels turning in his facial expression, as he mentally joins in
Frasier's ruse before mawkishly participating. I love Sanchez's body
language in the closing credits, as he submits to Roz's enthusiastic
monologue and photo-sharing about Roger. Daphne and Niles
wonderfully convincing, tender looks. While Daphne was never my
favourite character, I've come to appreciate Leeves, who does an
excellent job when the story centres on Daphne.
The clever acting in the sitcom, plus some of the daring (borderline
silly) jokes are amongst what I most enjoy.

Rating: 95%


Not that bad, Jul 31, 2011

Reviewer: Matt from UK

I think other reviewers are being overly-harsh about this episode, and
believe me, I am no fan of the later seasons of Frasier. There are
some good elements and moments about this episode.

1. the wonderful M Emmet Walsh playing Martin's boss. He's a
seriously good actor who doesn't hold back in his role, and it was a
coup for the show to land him.

2. a humorous little aside involving Frasier and a city slicker; Frasier's
final response to his irritating attitude is inspired.

3. Martin's macho dual with his boss involving the "Better." line.
Cracks me up every time.

4. the payoff scene at the end with Niles and Frasier in the closet
which, as others have intimated, is the highlight of the episode.

5. the bodyguard!

Sure, Roz's storyline is annoying, and this is not a vintage episode by
any means. However, it is certainly one of the easier, more diverting
episodes of seasons 8-10. Unlike others it doesn't involve the twisting
of established characters, or any soap opera moments.

Rating: 76%


Review of 'Bully For Martin', Jul 28, 2006

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, Engalnd

As the title suggests, this episode centres on Martinís struggle with his bully of a boss. There are some amusing moments but its hard not to think the writers were struggling to come up with decent plot ideas at this point. Below average episode.

Rating: 63%


'Bully For Martin' review, Sep 16, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A weakly scripted episode that suffers from a rather trivial main plot - Frasier's concern at Martin's harsh treatment by his new boss, Richie - the only real point of which is to have most of the characters behaving like children. Nor is it helped much having Roz wittering on and on about her love for Roger; as amusing as the other characters' attempts to escape her constant droning may be, Peri Gilpin really deserves more rewarding material than this. The only real highlights are the menacing appearance of Frasier's bodyguard in Nervosa and the closing sequence where Frasier and Niles find themselves locked in the storage room - I liked their pretence that they were in a restaurant, unaware that Martin and Richie were watching them on the security monitor - although much more could have been made of this promising situation rather than just leaving Frasier and Niles locked inside. Overall then, another limp and forgettable Season 9 episode.

Rating: 64%