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Episode reviews for Episode 9.09 - Junior Agent

Avg. Viewer Review: 70.8%
Number of Reviews: 4

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Portia nausea, May 20, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

On rewatching, it's far easier to watch this episode objectively since I'd imagine most fans - on first viewing - were disappointed with the promise of a Bebe Glazer episode that failed to materialise. As her assistant/junior agent Portia, Kristin Chenoweth certainly brings her usual presence and perkiness to the series (at about this time, Chenoweth's unusual image was quite popular) but there's very little to make this stand out. I do like the meta-moment where Kenny talks about how a show that's been on the air as long as Frasier's is a waste of money from an advertiser's point-of-view, but even Kenny - who has been consistently well-written of late - is a bit lacklustre. Ultimately, "Junior Agent" is an episode without a structure (an increasingly common occurrence for this show) that just kind of ends. As a story about Frasier and Portia, this seems like only act one. As a story about Frasier vs the network, it's very small-scale. I'm not sure there's much going on here.

Over in the subplot, things feel quite drawn out. Daphne's story about her brother Billy is a welcome return to form (particularly with Niles and Martin so used to it) and I don't mind the conclusion to the Niles/Martin rivalry. In fact, the pair have been increasingly tasked with these light little buddy/rival stories of late. As always, this one is lightweight and a little drawn out, but the actors play it well.

Rating: 71%


Not as bad as it's painted!, May 15, 2008

Reviewer: Frasier Tid from England

This may not be a classic Frasier episode but it is not that bad. It is true that Bebe gets short-
changed, which is a total waste of her character, and it is also true that Portia's voice is
INCREDIBLY annoying on first hearing.

But the show has three good laugh-out-loud moment in my opinion: one, where Daphne is
wittering early on about her brother - the look on Martin's face as he wonders "did she finish
yet?", and then Niles' response; two, the scene in the car where both Martin and Niles think
they got one over on the other; and three, the scene in the locker room where Kenny is vainly
trying to inform the suddenly-Bebe-like Portia that he is naked ...

So, on the basis of the reviews I was going to watch-and-wipe but ended up keeping it.

Rating: 77%


Review of 'Junior Agent', Jul 28, 2006

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, Engalnd

Harriet Sansom Harris, who plays Frasierís conniving agent Bebe Glazer is a source of constant joy throughout the series. Sadly, this is possibly the weakest of her episodes, focusing as it does on her squeaky-voiced assistant Portia. Her character becomes more annoying as the episode wears on, and the regular cast struggle to shine. Poor episode.

Rating: 65%


'Junior Agent' review, Sep 15, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

After a long absence, Harriet Sansom Harris makes a welcome return appearance as Bebe Glazer when Frasier finally decides to do without her services and become his own agent, only to be bombarded with offers from Bebe's assistant, Portia. It's certainly nice to see Bebe again but rather disappointing that she disappears after the first half, leaving the remainder of the episode taken up with the annoyingly persistent Portia, whose helium voice made parts of the episode hard to watch. Rather better is the subplot of Martin's attempts to get Niles to write out a prescription for cholestorol tablets, which ends amusingly with Martin thinking he's set his son up by pretending to relieve him of a parking ticket only for Niles get one over on his dad in return. Despite generally good performances from the cast, I found this episode lacked a single laugh out loud moment and, with a feeble non-ending with Portia confronting Frasier and Kenny in the locker-room of a spa, it makes little lasting impression.

Rating: 70%