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Episode reviews for Episode 9.08 - Sharing Kirby

Avg. Viewer Review: 75.0%
Number of Reviews: 3

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Le vin fou!, May 20, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

I like Kirby. There, I've said it. I've heard claims that he's an appeal by the network to teens but, come on, what teen is going to watch a show like "Frasier" for a deliberately dim character like Kirby? (As a teen who watched "Frasier" myself, I can attest.) Contrary to any idea that he "dumbs down" the series, Kirby - like any previously dim characters like Bulldog - is a different type of humour not found by the characters. As seen in this neat contrast between himself and the brothers Crane.

Throwing Kirby into the mix is a nice twist on the quintessential Frasier/Niles rivalry episode, with this one giving us a peek into both Frasier's current position in the KACL food chain and Niles' obsessive library. This is probably Brian Klugman's best appearance as Kirby: he's adorable when having Niles handle his phone calls, and it's fun that he catches on to the battle raging around him. He's a character with more room for growth than some of the other funny-but-one-note characters introduced in the last few years (Simon, for instance) but I can also appreciate that the series decided to phase him out shortly after this. He could've served a fun purpose as the KACL intern, given that all of the regular KACL staff except Kenny have faded away to some extent. Still, I guess it would be hard to keep him around, and he does lack the witty banter that we expect from this show.

(Incidentally, the phrase "barring any unforeseen circumstances" - which Frasier says to Lucius the non-intern early in the episode - was a recurring gag amongst the "Seinfeld" cast after it was used a couple of times in early episodes of that show.)

The Martin/Daphne sideplot, unfortunately, lets the episode down. Despite the funny initial gag that the blood pressure indicator is "sending" information at intervals of its own choice, the storyline feels like a waste of the actor's talents, particularly as it builds to nothing. Martin gets the all-clear but secretly likes chick flicks. No-one finds out, the chick flicks aren't even particularly built up. It's just... that was all they had time for. A bit of a fallback.

Rating: 75%


Review of 'Sharing Kirby', Jul 28, 2006

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, Engalnd

There are two schools of thought on Kirby’s character. One believes he was created to pull in a younger audience and represents everything that was bad about Frasier during the O’Shannon years. The other feels he was an easy source of laughs during a difficult time for the show. I believe the latter. This episode involves Niles and Frasier sparring for Kirby’s favour, who can get them into a reclusive wine collector’s home. Whilst not being particularly original, it nevertheless provides a good source of laughs thanks to Frasier and Niles' sibling rivalry.

Rating: 77%


'Sharing Kirby' review, Sep 14, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

The first of many episodes written by 'Cheers' veteran Heide Perlman, who would remain on the writing staff until the show's end, this sees the return of Lana's son Kirby who applys for an internship at KACL only to be rejected and find himself with an unlikely offer from Niles, who employs him to tidy up his vast library. A typical Frasier/Niles rivalry plot ensues with Kirby's revealing of his girlfriend's grandfather's famous wine cellar prompting the pair to resort to bribery. It's nothing we haven't seen before and with only one of the brothers allowed to the cellar, reminiscent of Season 2's 'The Club' in particular, but the Frasier/Niles sparring is still quite enjoyable and there's a amusing scene towards the end at Nervosa where Kirby has Frasier and Niles bidding increasingly high amounts of money, while the subplot with Martin's blood pressure monitor is mildy amusing if nothing special. Overall, an episode with a few fun moments but, as in 'Don Juan In Hell', I still found the nature of Kirby's character rather annoying and, with the earlier departure of his mother leaving no real reason for his remaining in the show, I can't help feeling that either the producers or the network decided to keep him on as a semi-regular in a shallow attempt to make the show seem more appealing to a younger audience.

Rating: 73%