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Episode reviews for Episode 9.06 - Bla-Z-Boy

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.1%
Number of Reviews: 11

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That's going to be hard to get used to, May 20, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Bla-Z-Boy" is another great episode of season 9, following on from "Room Full of Heroes", although it still feels a bit wonky in terms of structure.

To list some of the most amusing moments: Martin trying to watch TV silently, a Daphne family story (now there's something we haven't had much of since she first got engaged to Donny!), the boys revising the list of shades of gray, Niles and Daphne giving up piano lessons for sex, Niles' erection, and particularly the gradual - slightly terrifying - revelation of Daphne's previous piano lessons. The A-plot has something of a typical structure, building off the delightfully recognisable symptoms of two people beginning to grow increasingly tired of each other as they settle into a potentially lifelong rhythm. After so many years, it's funny to have Martin's chair front and centre again; the image of the chair crashing to the ground makes it worth the slightly unlikely series of events that leads us there.

The piano subplot is a bit more scattered. Again, it's full of nice character moments like the women assuming they'll just start playing songs, and that of course Niles would be happy to teach piano without even a piano! Sometimes at this point in the series, "Frasier" feels like it's just checking in on the characters rather than necessarily creating a structure. While this can be the downfall of some episodes, it's proven to be a welcome approach so far in season 9. The ending may be more caring than funny, but "Bla-Z-Boy" is full of amusing moments and light character touches. It's a sure sign that the aims of the series may have changed somewhat (partly accidentally, partly deliberately) but it still knows just how its characters work and interact.

Rating: 91%


Hilarious, Jun 28, 2011

Reviewer: Wes Gasele from Studio City, California

This is my favorite episode! Especially when Niles finds out that Daphne is barely learning anything about playing the piano, despite his diligent instruction. Then finds out she has ALREADY had 8 years of piano instruction earlier in her life. And when she says (about her former piano teacher), "He wasn't a well man. I was the last person to see him alive." I love this one.

Rating: 100%


One of the better later episodes, Aug 25, 2010

Reviewer: Faster from Scotland

The first time I saw this episode it lifted it me out of a dark mood, and despite seeing it numerous times, it still has the same effect.

The tense exchanges betweem Marty and Frasier are hilarious as their character's personalities are in such contrast with one another. Kelsey Grammer and John Mahoney are great at their roles, and bring out the best in one another in this episode.

Another aspect that makes this episode work so well is that everyone can relate to how relations with a love one can easily sour, and just as easily be redeemed.


Rating: 95%


Bla-Z-Boy, Nov 24, 2008

Reviewer: Barney from Dallas, TX USA

This episode is amazing. Favorite parts of this episode "This is Malicious!!!!", Frasier's face when Martin is squirting him with oil, and the look on Martin and Daphne's faces when the chair falls down in front of them on the sidewalk.

Rating: 98%


Bla-Z-Boy, Jun 06, 2008

Reviewer: SummerIsK from UK

Never ceases to make me laugh this episode great from start to finish!! There are some great lines in this but the chair falling from the balcony in front of martin & Daphne is priceless their faces says it all!

Rating: 100%


Any Psychiatrist worth a salt knows there are no accidents, Nov 16, 2007

Reviewer: Brenda from Oregon, USA

Hahaha! I love this episode. I laugh so hard every time I watch that old chair fly over the balcony. The looks on everyone's faces, Martin retorting back to Frasier that he said earlier "there are no accidents!" as Frasier tries to defend destroying his father's chair! It's great.

Rating: 92%


Did you feel that earthquake!?, Apr 17, 2006

Reviewer: Mayday Malone from Marylebone, London

Genius episode. Genius...

From the moment Marty pours oil on Frasier and shouts "This is malicious!" to when the chair lands in front of Marty and Daph and beyond to the end I am in hysterics. Gradually this episode will wear on me but for now, like 98% of all the episodes I will relish it every time.

Rating: 98%


I love seeing him panic, Dec 18, 2005

Reviewer: James from London, UK

You cant beat this for me...

Everyone has there own favourite but this is mine - I almost p*ssed my pants when I first saw it..

dont get me wrong...Ive seen all of the Frasier episodes at least twice and am a big fan of the series but just watch this again for the look on his face as he finds the fire.... its possibly one of the most enduring images of Frasier of all time.

Rating: 99%


'Bla-Z-Boy' review, Sep 12, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Following a run of mediocre Season 9 episodes comes a reminder of why I started watching 'Frasier' in the the first place as, resembling an old married couple on their 'eighth anniversary' of living together, Frasier and Martin find themselves at loggerheads when Frasier accidently destroys Martin's beloved chair when it sets on fire and falls off the balcony. I found the main plot of this episode great fun and in places reminiscent of Season 1's 'Give Him The Chair' with some lively sparring between Kelsey Grammer and John Mahoney and some amusing visuals with Martin squirting Frasier with oil and the surreal sight of the chair crashing down in front of Martin and Daphne, although my favourite sequence comes earlier on when Frasier is trying to watch television while Martin slowly rocks up and down on his squeaky chair while eating a noisy packet of crisps. The subplot of Niles giving Roz and Daphne piano lessons dilutes things somewhat but is still pretty enjoyable and I liked the conclusion where Niles discovers that Daphne had years earlier recieved piano lessons which seem to have sent her tutor to an early grave. I also enjoyed the way Niles tried to counsel both Frasier and Martin in Nervosa to no avail while the ending where Frasier manages to track down the manufacturers of Martin's chair (but only after they admitted to having produced it!) and gets them to reweave an exact replica ends things nicely, leaving this one of the most enjoyable episodes in a good long while.

Rating: 80%


Review of Bla-Z-Boy, May 05, 2005

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, England

This may not fall into the 'classic' bracket, but it's certainly one of the shining lights in a mainly dull Season 9. I loved the main plot of Martin and Frasier's 'anniversary' causing a lot of resentment from Frasier, culminating in the destruction of Martin's beloved chair. Any episode which involves Frasier and Martin arguing gets the thumbs up from me. I remember similar exchanges in Space Quest, Dial M For Martin and Give Him The Chair in particular. This episode has an early season feel to it, which can only be a good thing. The subplot however, certainly has a season 8/9/10 feel to it (Niles teaches Daphne how to play the piano). Although pretty dull, it did contain some good moments, including the only erection gag I can remember in an episode of Frasier! All in all an excellent episode which *just* falls short of being that rarest of things - a Season 9 classic.

Rating: 83%



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