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Episode reviews for Episode 1.19 - Give Him The Chair

Avg. Viewer Review: 85.3%
Number of Reviews: 7

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Back to form!, Jul 04, 2012

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

After the disappointment of the SeaBea excursion, this is a hugely
welcome return to form. There's hardly a disappointing moment, and
every scene has its gems : Frasier's published psychologist phone-in
guest hitting on Roz; Niles and Daphne and Maris' emerald necklace;
Martin's poignant speech about the memories associated with the
chair; Frasier and Niles in the chair shop; the delivery of the chair and
what came after including Daphne's response to the massage; the
superb comedic performance given by the Junior High drama teacher
... so much to enjoy.

Another Frasier gem.

Rating: 90%


Sweet, Jul 09, 2009

Reviewer: Sammy J from Canberra, Australia

A nice little episode which continues to examine the Frasier/Martin
relationship, focussing more on Martin's side. Frasier's decision to
get rid of his father's chair leads to some soul-searching on both
sides, and gives some great moments to John Mahoney, who never
fails to impress. Martin's speech, and Frasier's participation in a
school play, are great moments in this funny and sweet episode.

Rating: 87%


Give Him The Chair, May 02, 2009

Reviewer: Warren Lancaster from Toronto, ONT, CAN

What I loved about this episode was really the scene when Frasier and Niles are at the furniture store, shopping for a new chair. I also loved John Mahoney's acting when Martin gives that very emotional speech about how much the chair means to him. As a whole, though, there is just some little element that is missing from this episode. I just can't quite put my finger on it.

Rating: 74%


review of 'Give Him The Chair', Sep 08, 2008

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

This is an episode where the dialogue at times comes so quick and witty, you
have to really concentrate hard not to miss anything. The scenes with Niles &
Daphne, then Frasier & Niles in the furniture store, and the repartee with Leo,
are particularly hilarious.

What makes the episode especially memorable though is the poignant scene
where Martin tells Frasier of all the 'special moments' that make his chair the
only one he wants - and it prefigures all the 'chair' jokes and references that
will be seen over the whole run of the show.

The second half, in the school, is rather less satisfying and consistent, but on
the whole this is one of the standouts of Season 1.

Rating: 90%


Review for 'Give Him The Chair'., Feb 09, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

An episode that would have been memorable for the sight of so many primary school children wearing sideburns and moustaches alone is also curiously touching as we learn the reason for Martin's fondness for his chair. His feelings as a widower are dealt with sensitively as always and it's the serious nature of the show along with the fine comedy that raises Frasier above other sitcoms.

Rating: 80%


'Give Him The Chair' review, May 20, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Great fun as Frasier does the unthinkable by accidently throwing out Martin's beloved chair. There's a great scene early on where Frasier and Niles go shopping for a new modern chair but it's the interplay between Kelsey Grammer and John Mahoney which sparkles the most here. I love Martin's reaction to the vibrating massage setting ("That's disgusting!"), something which also prompts a particularly funny line from Daphne. Frasier covering the new chair with duct tape, crumbs and dog hair is also hilarious but there's poignancy here too as Martin explains why the old chair means so much to him. The closing sequence where Frasier ends up taking part in a school performance of 'Ten Little Indians' in which the chair is being used as a prop is most notable for the great performance by Valerie Curtin as the despairing Mrs. Warren and although I feel the shot of Frasier on stage taking a bow seems like a rather rushed ending, this still ranks among the best episodes of Season 1.

Rating: 84%


Review of Give Him The Chair, Apr 18, 2005

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, England

This episode has almost everything for me. The laughs come thick and fast, especially during the scene at the school play when Frasier attempts to retrieve Martin's chair. I particularly enjoyed Valerie Curtin's performance as Mrs Warren. The manic look she gives Frasier as she tears some duct tape from the chair is priceless ("It would be a shame if something were to *rips tape* HAPPEN to this chair!"). What really lifts this episode to "season's best" for me is the element of pathos - Martin's speech about his emotional attachment to his chair gave us a real insight into his character. The scene where Niles tries out the 'Swedish massage' on the chair Frasier attempts to buy for Martin is the funniest moment of the entire season. "I'll just rent it an apartment and visit it on the side!" Wonderful.

Rating: 92%