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Episode reviews for Episode 8.13 - Hungry Heart

Avg. Viewer Review: 86.2%
Number of Reviews: 5

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Out with Daph, May 17, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Frasier" sends Jane Leeves off to maternity leave with a very good episode for Daphne and Niles. Leeves has some real fun playing her manic chocolate addiction and finally gets to show her acting chops that so dominated seasons 6 and 7.

Mid-season pregnancies are phenomenally tough on writers, and the clever revelation that Niles' love has overpowered his ability to see Daphne's weight gain is just beautiful. I appreciate how her final fall and realisation is played with the series' trademark realism yet also has time to be very very funny. After all, the actress has put on weight but so has the character - and this show is never one to shy away from making fun of its own.

Kenny Daly, meanwhile, gets his best episode yet. While Tom McGowan is an amiable and talented chap, I found his character's recurring presence in season 6 a bit useless. The idea of a boss so lacking in dynamism is a funny one-off gag, but he never rose to equality with the other KACL loons. Somewhere in season 7, the writers found a better use for him and whatever else the writers have failed at this year, they've figured out how to make the best of the boss. Sadly, Martin and Roz are sidelined, but my philosophy is that each episode is only 1/264th of a larger series, so why shouldn't get Kenny get a single subplot?

Illeana Douglas puts in a star turn as Kenny's wife who leads Frasier into an unwitting farce. (And Roz may be sidelined but her terrified response to the power of the pheromones is very funny.) All in all, a standout episode for this season.

Rating: 88%


Hungry Heart, Jun 22, 2011

Reviewer: Jeremy from Dallas, TX USA

I have a bit of a soft spot for this episode since it is the first episode I ever remember watching, but even after repeated viewings and apart from my personal nostalgic feelings, I believe itís a unique and very funny episode. The quality here is outstanding and even though it doesnít completely live up to its potential, it very well nearly feels like an episode from season six or seven. Finally, the writers deliver a subplot for Daphne and Niles which, in my opinion, works. Although Daphneís weight-gain is still depicted in somewhat of a crude manner, the laughs the viewer gets from her situation far outweigh this criticism. Itís fun to see Daphne sneak around and attempt to quickly consume her hidden treats. I especially enjoyed the scene where Niles canít lift Daphne when she falls; I liked the way the writers used Nilesí physical shortcomings to complement Daphneís weight-gain. For once it actually seems as though Daphne and Niles have some chemistry in a season eight episode. I thought the subplot with Kennyís marital problems and Frasier accidentally going on a date with Kennyís wife was even greater than this subplot and contains some of the best material the show has come up with in season eight so far (with the exception of the material in ďThe Show Must Go OffĒ). Misunderstandings have become a hallmark for Frasier over the past couple of seasons and although some may have grown tired of the concept, I always found it to be a fun and intellectually refreshing concept. This episode delivers this farcical aspect of Frasier in a very interesting manner, and I think it largely contributes to how enjoyable this episode is. I especially enjoy the way Frasier uses Roz as a cover for Kennyís discovery of his wifeís purse on Frasierís coffee table and passionately kisses her to keep her quiet. Itís just a lot of fun. I know it seems as though Iím probably overestimating it, but thereís no disputing that this is an above average episode, showcasing some of the best elements from Frasierís unique repertoire of comedy. Maybe Iím biased, but (albeit, barely) I think this episode is a classic.

Rating: 86%


Hungry Heart, Feb 19, 2009

Reviewer: A pro-Opera Jungarian. from Santa Rosa, California, USA

This is one of my favorite episodes if not my favorite. It has the great three plots that all come together that make this and others like it comiedec masterpieces.

The story begins with Daphne eating excessivly and everyone noticing it with great lines like 'when Daphne is eating some cheese and chrackers
Frasier asks:Daphne, isn't Niles taking you to dinner?
Daphne: Yes, but if I don't eat now I'll make a pig of m'self later.

After that Niles comes to pick her up, walking in the door with some choclate.
Niles: They're triple choclate truffle bombs! And guess what? They're jumbos!
Martin: Well we knew they weren't for us.

Niles then realizes that Daphne has put on considible weight but waits to tell her and the two leave and go out to dinner. Kenny then comes by, revealing that he's having an affair with a womn called Jannes, and is going to eat dinner with her that night. Frasier warns him not to and tells him to break up with Jannes because he loves his wife more, but soon realizing by going down to tll her he might be tempted again and continue with is affair. Frasier agrees to go instead but arrives to late when Kenny's wife drives Jannes out after hearing her phone message left for Kenny. Frasier then arrives and thinks she is Jannes, and is attracted by her that he asks her out, Kenny's wife in revenge says yes.

It goes back to the apartment where Daphne and Niles came back from dinner with some leftovers, stating 'I don't know why thise people were so angry, they barely touched that porkchop.'
He comes into the living room to find Daphne on the floor, unable to get up, and Daphne addmits she's overweight. Niles tries to lift her but to no avail and then it takes Martin, Niles and Frasier to lift her where Martin says one of the greatest lines in history

Martin: Hey Daph, thought of somethin funny, it took three Cranes to lift you.

The next scene is with Daphne and Niles who begin dieting and working out.Then Kenny comes to Frasier's apartment to say he thinks his wife is having an affair. Frasier has a date with Jannes that night so Kenny flees into Frasier's bedroom to hide until Jannes leaves. Daphne meanwhile continues to eat while she hides choclate everywhere, in bookcases and even a telascope!
While Daphne is eating one she hid in Frasier Chihuly, Niles comes in and asks what she's doing. She pretends that Frasier told her to clean the house where Niles blows up at a bewildered Frasier saying that she's not his slave followed by the greatest single word in Comedy history, when Daphne turns to Frasier and says 'Tyrant!'.

Meanwhile Roz comes by, on her way to a date. She is wearing a perfume called mantastic that arouses men's hormones. Daphne says she can't smell t so Roz pops into the bathroom to put more on. In Frasier's bedroom, after seeing a picture of Kenny's wife he realizes that she's who he thought ws Jannes and sends Kenny's wife out of the house, assuring her that Kenny loves her and this is only a minor problem. Kenny, who doesn't know that his wife was in the same apartment, goes to leave and go home until he notices his wife's purse on the table. Frasier then says he was not on a date with Jannes and right about to tell Kenny the truth when Roz pops out of the Bathroom and Frasier says he's on a date with Roz and says that's hew purse and kisses Roz passionetely resulting with Roz saying 'Wow, that stuff is strong, maybe I should take some off...'. Kenny then leaves and Daphne and Niles are on there way out when choclate comes out of her sleeve. she reveals that she was eating this whole time and then leaves to go to a spa to work the weight off.

The episode is one of my favorites, it has a perfect balance of humor, great usage of characters and is one of the best ever.

Does it rely on the main plot-No

Does it rely on the story-No

Does it have a great balance of humor-yes.

Does it use the Characters well-yes.

Does it have good subplot?-yes

Rating: 100%


HUNGRY HEART, Jul 16, 2006

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

Another very enjoyable episode here, and one that definitely ranks among the best of the eigth season thus far. Like I said when I reviewed 'Daphne Does Dinner' from Season 10 last year, if you can forget that its not in the same league as some of Joe Keenan's peerless farcical masterpieces, and judge it purely on its own merits then its a very entertaining and fun episode indeed. I really liked the climaxing scenes, with Roz in the bathroom, Daphne sneeking about eating chocolate, Kenny in the bedroom, and Frasier having a blind date with his wife in the living room... it all worked very well and came together in a nice way.

I know that a couple of 'Frasier' fans felt that this episode was a bit tasteless regarding the issue of Jane Leeves' pregnancy and hence her weight gain/spa story arc. I can see where he's coming from, but I confess to liking Martin's line 'It took three Cranes to lift her!' Daphne's voice was hugely annoying in this episode though, it kept changing and altering in pitch and tone, and I think its this episode where her voice completely alters from her Season 1-7 tongue (of which I preferred). Kenny Daily is never a character I liked that much (nowhere near as funny as Gil), but he wasn't too bad in 'Hungry Heart'. My favourite scenes were basically all the farcical moments, such as Frasier meeting Kenny's wife at the restaurant, and the scenes where everyone was stuck in the apartment with Frasier desperately trying to conceal the truth from Kenny and his spouse. A nice fun episode.

Rating: 79%


'Hungry Heart' review, Aug 27, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

An enjoyable episode which puts Kenny centre stage for once, as Frasier becomes caught up in the station manger's personal life when he unwittingly starts dating Kenny's (unnamed) wife, believing her to be another woman, Janis, who Kenny had met the night before. Lacking the quick wit and pacing of earlier episodes, it's far from the best attempt at farce in the show's history but it's good fun nonetheless, with the rest of the episode taken up with Daphne's increasing weight gain causing her to collapse to the floor, which persuades her to book herself into a spa - hence giving an excuse for Jane Leeves' absence on maternity leave. Her fall is the cause of some good laughs such as Niles displaying his feeble strength again as he tries to lift her up off the floor while I love Martin's immediate reaction to her fall as he panics when he thinks she may have landed on Eddie (!) as well as his insensitve quip with 'It took three Cranes to lift you!', while further humour is derived from Daphne's inventive ways of hiding various snacks around the apartment, with Martin happily finishing off a half-eaten eclair making me laugh. Both the main plots fit together surprisingly well, with Frasier's supposed reaction to Roz's theromone spray adding another nice touch, and you have to give credit to Jane Leeves for being such a good sport in what must have been a physically uncomfortable episode to perform in.

Rating: 78%