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Episode reviews for Episode 8.07 - Mary Christmas

Avg. Viewer Review: 70.5%
Number of Reviews: 4

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I love a parade, May 16, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Mary Christmas" is a thoroughly average episode of "Frasier" bolstered by a few good scenes. Frasier's love of the Christmas parades is an endearing new element to his character... and of course he's destined to botch it up! However, in some ways I feel as if the return of Dr. Mary gets in the way of this plotline. Frasier ruins Christmas because of Mary instead of because of his own flaws, which just doesn't seem right. I'm happy to have the Mary character back, because Kim Coles is really a breath of fresh air (and, truth be told, since we've already seen the Mary/Frasier conflict, it's nice that at least a part of this episode is more about Frasier's internal dilemma). Yet it seems like two stories merged together unnaturally.

There's some good material here. The scene where Frasier's callers refuse to be squeezed into the pre-news timeslot is hilarious, and Frasier's scenes with Kelly Kirkland have a real sparkle. Kenny is also written very well this season which I very much appreciate, and the sweet ending with Mary proves again that people are often better than we give them credit for. But the parade itself never quite takes off, and the more dramatic elements of the storyline don't feel earned. This could have been an episode about Frasier and the parade, or an episode about Frasier and the spotlight. Instead, it tries to be both.

Rating: 70%


Bob Vernon, Nov 26, 2012

Reviewer: Gary from Michigan

Well little do most of you know this story line is not that that far from
the real truth here. You see "Bob Vernon" is a real person, Bob did
afternoon drive time radio, back in Cleveland and New York back in
the 70's with Don Imus. Some of the lines used in this episode did
come from Bob's radio show from WGAR & WNBC. This was a small
tribute to Bob, from one of the producers of the show. Bob gave him
encouragement to follow his dreams, little did both know they would
end up not working, but doing what they love everyday! Bob got a
call to watch the show, he had no idea why, needless to say he
enjoyed the nice complement. Bob passed away suddenly this year.
How do I know all this, I'm his brother. Our family enjoys this
episode each year and we love sharing the story. We hope you do

Rating: 80%


MARY CHRISTMAS, Jul 16, 2006

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

In my opinion this is probably the weakest episode of Season 8 so far, (although I love the title) which is doubly disappointing because I generally love festive television and 'Something About Dr. Mary' was one of the highlights of Season 7. For me a Christmas episode of a comedy series should be light-hearted, cheerful, festive and make you feel good, but 'Mary Christmas' felt drawn out, lifeless and had an ending that made me yawn (as if trying to preach a moral to the viewer). Kim Coles seemed to lose some of her spark and colourful in this episode as well, and much as I enjoyed the Mary Thomas character in Season 7, I think she was a protagonist that didn't need to make a return because 'Mary Christmas' followed a very similar, repetitive pattern to the former Mary episode, except it wasn't one tenth as good.

Things I liked in this episode? Well I suppose my favourite scene probably came with Frasier's encounter with Kelly Kirkland, and although some of the dialogue was a little cringe-worthy, I liked the Hobo jokes by Niles nontheless. Negatives - well, Peri Gilpin was given hardly anything to do (again), and Martin, Daphne and Niles came across as childish and immature (opening every present and then attempting to wrap them up again). However, it was a nice moment when Martin unwrapped the Balentine. The ending felt very heavy-handed for a comedy show, and Frasier asking the old parade host to do 'banter' with him was a pathetic conclusion to a fairly poor episode. The worst Christmas episode the show ever did.

Rating: 66%


'Mary Christmas' review, Aug 21, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

It's a sign of the paucity of fresh ideas in this season that the producers had to resort to bringing back the character of Mary Thomas, who had appeared earlier in the year in the excellent 'Something About Dr Mary', one of the standout episodes of the previous season. A dull second outing for the character, it's hampered by yet another weak script from another new writer, Eric Zicklin, which sees Frasier co-hosting the annual Seattle Christmas Pageant with Mary, after original co-host Kelly Kirkland comes down with food poisoning. While it's nice to see Mary again, and in an episode in which her colour isn't an issue, the episode doesn't add anything new to her and Frasier's working relationship which hadn't already been done much better in the earlier episode. The first half is fairly enjoyable, save for the slightly cringeworthy scene with Frasier and Kelly rehearsing their 'banter', while the second half is taken up with Frasier and Mary hosting the pageant which all feels rather flat and lacking in genuine laughs, with only the cutaway to Martin, Niles and Daphne enjoying their prematurely opened Christmas presents providing any real sense of fun. The poorest Christmas episode.

Rating: 66%