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Episode reviews for Episode 8.05 - Legal Tender Love And Care

Avg. Viewer Review: 59.0%
Number of Reviews: 5

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New standards, May 16, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

After a string of average episodes, "Legal Tender Love and Care" continues the trend. It's not a bad episode by any means, but it doesn't sparkle, and the characters rarely move out of their existing templates. John Mahoney gets all the best lines (literally), and Jane Leeves gets to close off the Donny chapter of her life that has been left hanging since the season premiere. I also enjoy Teri Polo who has a no-nonsense approach to her character.

I would say that this farce never elevates for many reasons. Frasier has a habit of sabotaging his own dates, yes, but here, it's really at the advice of Martin that he does so. On top of which, the episode seems to suggest that he's being a fool for sacrificing a hot blonde for money and morals - a suggestion the show would rarely have made in the past. Grammer and Polo play the email scene very well but I don't quite think it adds anything to the character, nor does it really fit with the previous (highly enjoyable) episodes of Frasier getting so close... yet so far.

All in all, I still enjoy this more than "The Great Crane Robbery", which took just one joke and ran with it. But it's a script that doesn't really engage with the characters on anything below surface level unfortunately, which lowers it a bit. I'm earnestly looking forward to reviewing Mr. Paterson's six other credited contributions in good time. For now though, this is just the sign of a first-time writer to the show. Not necessarily as ill-omened as some might think!

Rating: 66%


Frasier slump, Sep 10, 2012

Reviewer: Lucy from London

This episode was awful!
The premise for this episode was poor and flimsy. Frasier is dating an attractive lawyer, but feels she is unfairly racking up his bill as he endures a legal battle with Donny. I found this episode dull and boring. I felt there was no chemistry between Frasier and this woman. I didn't like the uncomfortable way he kept thanking her at the beginning.
It actually made me sad watching it as it suddenly became apparant to me that the quality in Frasier had taken an almighty slump.
It made me yearn for the episodes pre-season 8.
I hated the way Daphne and Niles were like two giggly school kids at the meal. It made me wish for the time when they were not an item.
I give this episode 30% and that's being generous.

Rating: 30%


Legal Tender Love and Care, Jun 20, 2011

Reviewer: Jeremy from Dallas, TX USA

This is the first episode this season where it is made obvious to the viewer that the quality of the show has indeed dropped. Not only that, but the viewer can clearly notice that the high level of wit the show is known for has almost disappeared. In addition to not being very well-written, there is little about this episode that is actually funny. I do like it more than a Frasier fan probably should, but I definitely acknowledge that itís not a very good episode. The material for Frasier is pretty lame and generic, and I thought something much better could have been written with regard to the exit of Donny. For me, this episode is just another example of how drama was beginning to be too overused in the show. I understand that we needed closure for Donny, but did the writers have to make his departure so melancholy? Another problem with the episode is that the ending with Abby and Frasier felt out of place; it just didnít feel like Frasier material. I will, however, give credit where credit is due; unlike many other fans, I thought the scene where Niles was sick on the elevator and kept getting stuck going up and down with Frasier, Daphne, Roz, and Martin (although contrived), was really funny and probably the highlight of the episode. Even though Iíve given a lot of criticism to this episode, I still enjoy it (in the most minimal sense of the word). This episode is actually rather entertaining, and even though it doesnít feel like a Frasier episode in places, itís still not nearly as bad as it could be.

Rating: 74%



Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

I was positively dreading re-visitng this episode, which I previously hadn't dared to watch for a second time, but overall, this episode wasn't half as bad as I remembered it. I've just looked up my original reaction to this episode on this site's forum, and I called it a 'Frasier's date goes wrong, goes wrong' and labelled the episode as quite simply 'crap'. Although its still by far the weakest episode of Season 8 thus far, I don't think its half as bad as a vast amount of other Saladin K Patterson episodes, such as 'The Wizard and Roz', 'War of the Words', 'Love Stinks' and 'Trophy Girlfriend'. Surprisingly I found that I was quite able to sit through it without losing attention/interest, and although it is very low on laughs, it was watchable enough.

However, there are still many flaws to this episode, such as the often cringe-worthy dialogue that Patterson excels at. Niles and Daphne were hugely annoying in the restaurant scene, babbling like little children (where's the old Niles?) and giggling. The punchline at the end was very limp 'You still can!', and the e-mail plotline felt a bit flat and clunky as well. Its nice to know that the Daphne/Donny plot is finally over, and Daphne arriving at his wedding and meeting his mother, although not very funny, served as an adequette wrap up to the plotline. Overall, it is distinctly below average, but its not the complete and utter stinker that I previously deemend it. Rather surprised that I'm giving LTLAC, a grade of 67%; something I never thought I'd write!

Rating: 67%


'Legal Tender Love And Care' review, Aug 19, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

With Mel now finally out of the picture, it falls to this episode to deal with the departure of Donny, as Frasier is surprised when he learns from his lawyer, Abby, that Donny has dropped the lawsuit against him - as it turns out, because he has found love again and is newly engaged. However, the main focus here is on Frasier fretting over the huge legal bills which Abby, who he has just asked out on a date, seems to be running up - although the most notable thing about this episode is just how dire most of it is. While Frasier and Abby's supposed mutual attraction feels woefully unconvincing (not least because guest actress Teri Polo looks about half Kelsey Grammer's age), the real problem is the poor quality of new writer Saladin K. Patterson's script, which is little more than a dull checklist of 'Frasier'-by-numbers moments. There's a token attempt at visual comedy with Niles trying not vomit in the elevator (as charmless as it is overlong), a token 'Frasier's date goes wrong' finale with Abby reading out Frasier's email (a joyless retread of the scene with Honey Snow which concluded 'You Scatch My Book') and, remembering that this is supposed to be an episode of 'Frasier', a token reference to classical music (via Roz making tapes for Alice), rather painfully shoehorned into the script in an attempt to appear 'highbrow', while Martin's jibes about Abby 'checking on the meter' can't help recall the far funnier situation with Niles being fleeced by Sabrina in 'Father Of The Bride'. On top of all this is some particularly toe-curling dialogue (Frasier's dreadful return compliments to Abby with 'Thankyou for being so ... noticeable/escortable' and the horribly twee 'spooky' byplay between Niles and Daphne) and the fact that some of the cast's performances feel so tired, as if much of the out-of-character dialogue were making them cringe (in particular John Mahoney's unconvincing delivery of 'He thinks we're celebrating' during Donny's arrival at the restaurant as well as Kelsey Grammer's embarrassed laugh following the feeble 'Dear Abby' joke in the final scene). The only real ray of sunshine is Daphne's gatecrashing of Donny's wedding which, along with her subsequent farewell to her ex-fiance, I thought was rather well done, but this is too little too late to save an episode which falls quite a long way below average.

Rating: 58%